Monday, September 29, 2008


The best thing about living in a small town is the annual fall festival that brings the town together. The community spirit at the festival is an enjoyment to see and be part of. I joined the community Apple fest committee this last spring and have enjoyed every minute of it. This weekend we enjoyed the 20Th annual Apple fest. We all had a great time and enjoyed visiting with friends and family.

Horsefarmer and Barngoddess entered two of their horses pulling the miniature Springfield wagon in the parade. Two of our young friends, Fred and George, sat in the drivers seat and threw out candy. Actually I think they spent more time eating the candy then they did throwing it. However their aim was true, hitting Barngoddess and Horsefarmer in the back, to the delight and humor of the crowd. They won First place in the wagon team division of the parade. Great Job boys!!!

I am sure there will be more pictures to follow, but wanted to surprise Horsefarmer with this one ;)

I had the privilege of walking with the Mighty Mite cheerleaders, of which I am assistant coach, in the parade. The girls yelled their heads off. We then had the honor of performing on the stage in front of the whole town. The girls were amazing.

We all had a great time and enjoyed the days spent working towards the festival, but the festival itself was pretty cool.

Love ya'll


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coffee time on Saturday

I got up late today, about 6 am, but did get the morning chores done in time to spend a little coffee time on the computer and this blog practicing.

I'm not as good as the Bus, Longrooffan, 8thouta10 or Jason, but will learn. Steph is a good teacher. But we laughed so hard last night we were crying. Bus remember when Dad got his first computer and we would spend quite a bit of time helping him. "Just make it get where I want to be" was one of Dad's phrases. My first time with blogging, "Angel" was next to me, and I came out with "just get me where I want to be"......... looked at each other and said "Thanks Bob Lee". Good memory. Like Father like Son.

This is the Bus, learning how to move piles of horse and cow and bull ......... so he will make a better politician. I let him practice on gravel so I wouldn't have too big of a mess here at the farm. Notice the mini tractor, it's bigger than BBB's, but is perfect for our mini farm.

Was practicing adding pictures.

The Jeep junkie has a post on his blog 8thoutof10 (linked thru our chicken coup) and he talks about all the exotic animals they have in Florida. One he seems to ..... well his bride seems to dislike. ... geckos.

But hey .... the Jeep junkie and longrooffan are long term blue hair wantabees, anyone who lives in Florida most of the year but yearns to be in MO can be called a blue hair wantabee. Gotcha Jeep and Longrooffan. BBB is already over the hill, so he don't count. #s 4,5 and 10 don't count - they get to dye their hair.

But: them geckos are good luck, when we lived in Guam and Hawaii they would eat the cockroaches and other bugs that wanted to live in our house. Of course we didn't have over grown cockroaches like they do in Florida.

We even have them here at the farm, although ours are only miniature sized, not big 2 inchers.but then,

We just ignore some of those weird sounds, after all, dogs are presently running and growling at each other - just playing- cows are happy, except the weaned ones who are bawling, horses are grazing, big cows are contently chewing the cud, Barngoddess1 is in the hot tub, and I am on the computer making lots of noise with the keyboard.

Speaking of keyboard noise: I spent quite a few years in the Navy, first with the Marine Infantry and then submarines, I seem to have a hearing loss. Not a big problem, just like Dad, I had learned to read lips and got by without too much trouble. About a year ago, one of the Hearing Docs at work had to interact with me on a project. We got thru the project, but I found myself in an Audio Booth getting a hearing test, yep, can't hear much of anything.

Now I enjoyed that not hearing much of anything, watching TV I could just ignore the policital ads and not hear them.... sometimes helpfull, but TV was too loud at other times. So like my Dad before me, I was issued a pair of hearing aids.

WOW WOW I didn't know there was music in elevators, I didn't know that my little mule (F250 diesel super duty) made so much noise, AND I didn't know that when you type on a computer keyboard, it makes a bunch of noise, clicking, clacking, etc.

So now when I type a lot, guess what, hearing aids stay in their case. The other thing about having these fancy hearing aids, I can have them in, but can turn them off. That is the greatest invention since Adam and Eve. Now when I am tired of listening, I just turn them off and take a siesta.

Of course if I really want a siesta, I turn the aids off, take off my glasses, can't see anything, can't hear anything, nap time. I guess I am just getting older. Longroof got me the other week, I had to put my glasses on so I could hear him on the phone. Haven't figured that one out yet????

This started as an answer to Jeep Junkie and his gecko, and now twenty minutes later, I'd better hang up my keyboard, and start the process of getting the team into the trailer and the little mule and trailer (I'll include a pictures of them someday) and head to town for the annual Apple Fest parade.

Thanks again to my Daughter, "Angel", for taking the time to set up this blog, and teach the old man how to use it. Too bad we didn't have this 6 to 7 years ago, Dad would have had a hayday, writing all day long. Good memories stay with us.
Love ya Mom and Dad, hope you are enjoying being together.


The Horse-farmer

Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch out for the Barngoddess1

It's Friday and the Barngoddess1 has been babysitting friend's little girls. Been a regression back to our younger (and I mean younger days). Glad we don't have 4 and 1 yr olds running around here anymore.

Of course we still have 2 week and 3 week and 3 month old animals, but that is a little different.
So the Barngoddess1 sells another calf today, and dang if she didn't get her price. Of course she then had to go to the Vet and spend $85.00 US for a bottle of injectable antibiotics for #14 who has pneumonia. But after shots and hand feeding #14, at least he now holds his head up by himself.

Dinner time brought two more women - drop ins - wanting to know about miniature horses. I let the Barngoddess1 give them the tour while I babysat. Well I sat in my chair and told the youngest - no, no.... no no, yes, yes. nono............... get the drift?

Tomorrow at 9 am the Marionville Apple Fest parade starts. The wagon is decorated and loaded in the trailer, harness is ready, and all that is left is finding the team and loading them. Of course Jaycee is in the parade with her cheerleading group, Steph is the co-coach, so she is with cheerleaders. That leaves Barngoddess and myself, so we recruited two young friends of the family to go with us. Will try to get pics and learn how to post.

The Bus, Barngoddess1 and I had dinner last night at the Steak and shake, good visit, enjoyed the company and the idle chatter of who is doing what and where. Hope the bus gets elected.

Anyway, I am visiting my friend, Humprey Bogart, and his favorite beverage in Africian Queen, and will probably watch the debate, or better yet, let the Bus watch the debate and give me a brief sanapsus(sp) later. I want to see the VP debate - that should be good.

I do notice the Olelongrooffan has again been jog hunting and slacking in his blogging, but alas we must let him find some kind of employment so we can get him off those unemployment rolls.
After all, McCain said there was no problem with the economy of this great USA.

later all
the Horse-farmer

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just a day at the Farm

My first attempt at blogging using my daughter's assistance, my wife's encouragement, and my will to learn something new. Boy is this going to be an adventure.

My brothers three, all have blogs, and I feel left out if I didn't contribute something.


are the blogs of my brothers.

We are simple people who have a desire to make life better for our friends.

more later