Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday madness

Here in the good ole southwestern part of Missouri, there is no such thing as a true redneck in regards to the television world

couldn't find the New Hampshire NASCAR race on any of the local tv stations.
Alas I don't have cable, so maybe thats part of the problem, I ain't a true redneck cause I don't have cable and 4 junk cars in my front yard......

So this afternoon, weather is perfect, better than florida, nice easy breeze blowing and I decide that the Barngoddess and I should proceed to the local Honey Creek Golf Country Club to endulge in a few rounds of my favorite game (next to drinking rockie mountain highs or earnest hemmingways favorites).
So we proceed to the Country Club and I pay for a bucket of balls (to warm up on) and eighteen holes of golf with a cart so we don't ahve to walk. Now it's Sunday and you are supposed to rest, so riding the cart is resting.
Barngoddess and and I head out following a three some (they teed off on the blue tees, and poor little me out drives them from the white tees, so after two holes they let us play through.
Enough said, on the first hole, the Barngoddess is talking on the cell to "Auxarc" (little did I know who auxarc was until this past week), anyway The Bus was trying to get ahold of me, to no end.
Then one of my coworkers calls, wants to know what I am doing, Barngoddess tells him and that's the end of that story.
Sometime around hole three, as I make that beaut of a drive (225 straight down the middle of the fairway) the Jeep calls and gets on my case for practicing. Now how the hell did he know I was on the course -- I didn't tell Longroof where I was going. Ah esp??? anyway I couldn't hear what he was saying, there were too many girls in bikinis around for me to accurately hear what was being said (ie the Jeep must have been on the beach). I hope he was practicing his sand shots, cause the course we are going to play the
'HAVEN LEE FARM ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF TOURNEYMENT" on has plenty of beaches for the Jeep to feel right at home. Also has lots of water so if the Kid joins us, he'll want to bring his surf board to rescue all the ball the Jeep will feed the surf with.
Now this golf tourney is open for various states and times of the year, so should I venture to Florida, we shall have to endulge the Florida crowd with a local course of their own. Might even talk BBB and Long Roof in going along to man the Beverage cart and snack bar cart.

So play the front nine six greens in regulation, too bad my putting was terrible.
Good drives right down the middle of the fairway, everything going great, except putting... 3 putted more greens than were on the front nine.
Go to the back nine and gets better. Drives are straight until #14. Course Marshall comes up to us and askes how many holes we are going to play? Seems I only paid for nine with the cart (damned my memory is going), barngoddess coughs up 8 bucks more and we continue the back nine. Could have sworn I paid for 18, and in fact I did, but only 9 with a cart.
#15 is a par 5 hole, straight and long. In three shots I was even with the green... too bad all three shots went out of bounds to the left into some guys cow pasture. mean looking bull out there with his girls, so I didn't climb the fence and look for the balls.
16, 17, and 18 are water holes. Water to the left, water across the center of the fairways..... honey creek runs thru these holes.
So I end up parring the final three holes, on the greens in regulation, but two putting every green.
Come home exhausted. Pain pills ran out about hole number 14, so just struggled thru the last few holes.
Home is sweet, had a beer in the garage, girls pulled all kinds of carrots from the garden, (if I ate them all, I'd be Buggs Bunny).
Life is sweet. Watched the LongRoof's video with pics of the family from better days, and know what.... we just

Celebrated Life today.... hope you did too.

The newest hay hauler on the farm

So my noble assistant and I got the haybarn cleaned out yesterday. Moved a bunch of last years round bales outside, moved lumber pile and alfalfa hay bale and generally got the barn ready for this years hay.

Yesterday it was a little hot (100 in Republic, 103 in Billings, 104 on the back porch). For those of you who think it was too hot yesterday, I post this picture to "cool you off"

Tuesday after work we go after 400 small square bales of alfalfa to put in our little barn. One redeeming factor, got a crew to load the truck and trailer, so all I have to do is unload into the correct space in the barn.

A tunderstorm came through about 3 this morning soaking everything good, means the garden will grow anothe couple feet today.
So this week sometime, we will try to get the weather to cooperate so we can bale the front and put those round bales in the barn without getting wet.

Had my noble assistant take a pic of the new hay hauler we have:
thought you would chuckle about the little golf cart --
hay wagon truckster wanta be.
{Stole that term from the Long roof}

So enjoy and celebrate life

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where have you gone

While working on the show cart tonight, the thought that I haven't posted in quite awhile got me to thinking of that famous song from my younger days "where have you gone Joe Damagio"
I know that wasn't the name of the song, but guess what the true name of the song was, and what movie it was from, and you might win a prize.

So my last post was on my birthday.

since then it has been hectic city around here.

We attended a miniature horse show in Carthage, MO.
Several blue and red ribbons, along with a bunch of 3,4,5 and 6 places. Seems every class the Barngoddess and the Little Princess entered, they came away with a placing.
Little Princess was in Showmanship and several halter classes.
Barngoddess drove in one class. When the two of us entered in a class, one of the team got spooked and started kicking and bucking. Barngoddess kept a handle on the team preventing a run away until several people came up to help, hell came running up to help. I was stuck on the stagecoach until someone from the stands came out and asked if she could hold the team while I went and checked on the horse. Barngoddess was driving Sugar and Dandy in her new little runabout buckboard wagon, and I had Carlos and CD on the stage coach. Long story short, Sugar is now retired to be a broodmare and will no longer be driven. So we are looking for a mate to Dandy, Carlos and CD. But no one got hurt except the horse, and she is ok now.

We have also been swamped with the garden. Corn is as high as an elephant's eye, and it seems to be growing clear up to the sky.... another song and another movie.

Barngoddess put up 4 quarts of green beans last night, while the appliance repairman fixed our ice box. Yeah, this 3 year old refrigerator that was top of the line is on it's second repair visit in as many years. Didn't loose any food because of the garage ice box and the kid's ice box, plus the freezers in the garage. Just a pain in the arse if you know what I mean.

Coming back from the show (Barngoddess and I spent Sunday night downthere on a get away from everything evening, so at 10 in the morning just outside Mt Vernon, one of the trailer tires decides to fall apart. You know those alligators on the highways and byways that trucks leave? we left some too. So to the local tire place in Mt Vernon, and find that two other tires are full of dry rot and ready to go at any time. But the computer says they have 4, can only find 3, so 3 it is. Now waiting for the 4th to arrive so we can head to Columbia for another show Independence Day weekend. Barngoddess will be driving, Lil Princess will be in Showmanship, color and halter classes. I get to the job as gate keeper for both days. So I won't be able to help either one, they are on their own. Sharks angel gets to stay home and mind the homefront, protecting the farm from Communists insurgents, redneck cattle rustlers, etc. She is getting pretty good with that twelve guage, so I wouldn't test her if I was you.

Working on the Broncs and all the other things that have to do with farming. Still haven't put our hay up yet, but finally got the barn ready to accept whatever is produced. I figure at least 45 bales of good grasses, if not more.

So that is what we have done. Didn't get any pictures, oh well the Gentleman Farmer would yell at me for that. "What good does it do to have a camera if you don't use it?" I won't say where the camera was... my back pocket part of the time.

so we continue to be busy, show practice and all the necessary prelims to doing it.
I also have been busy with the new golf clubs the Barngoddess found for me, including a new bag and a close friend gave me his pull cart. I like to take off after work and play nine. Watch out Jeep, you better start practicing now to even get close to my score.

so as we go about the daily duties and responsibilities....
oh yeah, probate said for me to send the checks, so Barngoddess will be dropping them off at Attorney Miller's tomorrow to be mailed to the ten (cash them quick)....

Celebrate Life

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to spend your Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. 59 big ones and getting older.
Nice thing about hitting 60 next year, my annual golf fees will drop from $475 to $350. Great..

So Friday morning I get up at 6:30 and am at the VA Clinic at 7:30 to get my blood work done. 8 am doing the annual eye exam, and 8:30 doing the annual physical thing.
So I am healthy, wise and not so wealthy after all that.

Come home and want to go to the golf course and play 18. Think I could sneak out?

Yeah right after I get the lawn mowed. So 5 hours later... yes 5 hours later...
see our lawn is not only the small front yard, but also both sides of the drive heading down to the highway, across the front of the property in the ditch that MO DOT only mows once a year (can't blame the guys, budget cuts), then got to mow the paddocks so the horses don't get too much of that long great eating grass, and finally the Barngoddess's path around my big hay field.

Got all that done. Someone once asked me why I cut all that grass instead of making hay out of it.


Makes sense to me!

Anyway, sitting resting under the portable canopy I was about to have a long cold one when the Barngoddess says she needs my help.

So for the rest of the afternoon, I clipped out little white horse "Fabio", getting him ready for show time next weekend.

Spent an hour after finished clipping, spitting short white hairs out of my mouth, brushing them off my body. Finally gave up and took a shower.. then the hot tub was calling. Got in the hot tub and finally had one of those long tall cold ones that come from the Rocky mountains.

Ended up in bed asleep before the news came on... I must be getting old when I can't stay awake to watch Leno, ooops watch Conan.

So that's how I spend my day. and in doing that I sure did


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's a coming round the field, here she comes

As promised, here are a few photos of the maiden voyage of the Barngoddess1's newest addition to her stable....


another reason I don't live in the city, check out the length of the grass in my front yard (hint: look behind horses and wagon)

and one last one where she is finally relaxed at this "driving" thing

It's cold and wet and dreary today.

How cold is it???

having clam chowder for supper so we can warm up and soon

Celebrate Life

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The Barngoddess is bouncing off the walls tonight. We finally got the new wagon finished and it is ready for it's maiden voyage tomorrow morning.

I made my noble assistant (Little Princess) promise she would take pictures of Grandma driving it so we can post here.

Would do the driving tonight but the clouds are threatening and we sure don't want the Barngoddess to get wet.

So more pictures tomorrow and I am happy to say we sure did

Celebrate Life

working on that creation.

All from a casual trip thru Craig's list, followed by a phone call.