Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where have you gone

While working on the show cart tonight, the thought that I haven't posted in quite awhile got me to thinking of that famous song from my younger days "where have you gone Joe Damagio"
I know that wasn't the name of the song, but guess what the true name of the song was, and what movie it was from, and you might win a prize.

So my last post was on my birthday.

since then it has been hectic city around here.

We attended a miniature horse show in Carthage, MO.
Several blue and red ribbons, along with a bunch of 3,4,5 and 6 places. Seems every class the Barngoddess and the Little Princess entered, they came away with a placing.
Little Princess was in Showmanship and several halter classes.
Barngoddess drove in one class. When the two of us entered in a class, one of the team got spooked and started kicking and bucking. Barngoddess kept a handle on the team preventing a run away until several people came up to help, hell came running up to help. I was stuck on the stagecoach until someone from the stands came out and asked if she could hold the team while I went and checked on the horse. Barngoddess was driving Sugar and Dandy in her new little runabout buckboard wagon, and I had Carlos and CD on the stage coach. Long story short, Sugar is now retired to be a broodmare and will no longer be driven. So we are looking for a mate to Dandy, Carlos and CD. But no one got hurt except the horse, and she is ok now.

We have also been swamped with the garden. Corn is as high as an elephant's eye, and it seems to be growing clear up to the sky.... another song and another movie.

Barngoddess put up 4 quarts of green beans last night, while the appliance repairman fixed our ice box. Yeah, this 3 year old refrigerator that was top of the line is on it's second repair visit in as many years. Didn't loose any food because of the garage ice box and the kid's ice box, plus the freezers in the garage. Just a pain in the arse if you know what I mean.

Coming back from the show (Barngoddess and I spent Sunday night downthere on a get away from everything evening, so at 10 in the morning just outside Mt Vernon, one of the trailer tires decides to fall apart. You know those alligators on the highways and byways that trucks leave? we left some too. So to the local tire place in Mt Vernon, and find that two other tires are full of dry rot and ready to go at any time. But the computer says they have 4, can only find 3, so 3 it is. Now waiting for the 4th to arrive so we can head to Columbia for another show Independence Day weekend. Barngoddess will be driving, Lil Princess will be in Showmanship, color and halter classes. I get to the job as gate keeper for both days. So I won't be able to help either one, they are on their own. Sharks angel gets to stay home and mind the homefront, protecting the farm from Communists insurgents, redneck cattle rustlers, etc. She is getting pretty good with that twelve guage, so I wouldn't test her if I was you.

Working on the Broncs and all the other things that have to do with farming. Still haven't put our hay up yet, but finally got the barn ready to accept whatever is produced. I figure at least 45 bales of good grasses, if not more.

So that is what we have done. Didn't get any pictures, oh well the Gentleman Farmer would yell at me for that. "What good does it do to have a camera if you don't use it?" I won't say where the camera was... my back pocket part of the time.

so we continue to be busy, show practice and all the necessary prelims to doing it.
I also have been busy with the new golf clubs the Barngoddess found for me, including a new bag and a close friend gave me his pull cart. I like to take off after work and play nine. Watch out Jeep, you better start practicing now to even get close to my score.

so as we go about the daily duties and responsibilities....
oh yeah, probate said for me to send the checks, so Barngoddess will be dropping them off at Attorney Miller's tomorrow to be mailed to the ten (cash them quick)....

Celebrate Life


d5thouta5 said...

Paul Simon..Mrs. Robinson....late 1960's.....Oklahoma...1970's....
sorry to read about the miss behaving team.....sometimes enough is enough....Joan's mare took to rearing this past month....hope you are going to be around immediately after the fourth....haven't taken the clubs out of the bag yet...but I'll be ready...see you soon....

auxarc said...

You forgot to mention you took time to help out your niece by mowing her back field. Thanks for being such a good uncle. Ganey

Horse-farmer said...

I just now realized who
AUXARC is...... duh........

I got something from you and couldn't for the life of me figure out who you were... send it again