Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day, 2011

So the Barngoddess1 and this ole Horsefarmer left our cozy home in St. Augustine and traveled the long journey to the Birthplace of Speed this past Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, 2011. Other than a bit windy, it was a perfect Chamber day...

We are really becoming bluehairs. While traveling along on A1A (the beach road), we were talking away when I noticed a few cars behind us wanting to pass. I looked down and here we are traveling at the great rate of speed - yes a whopping 45 mph. OOPS.......... quickly pull over to let them pass. Then while stopped, start laughing at ourselves.

On to the Longroof's house - coming into Ormond Beach, we saw an early 50's GMC cab over probably a 3 ton, with nice wood stake bed headed in opposite direction.
Arriving at his house, I mentioned the truck

TOM IT'S TURKEY TROT WEEKEND, DUH......................

Seems every old car that exists in the Southeastern part of this good ole USofA is in Daytona Beach for the weekend, using the Daytona 500 race track as home base.

So picked up the Oldlongroof and enroute to the Jeep's for dinner, we went to Belview Plaza.... see the Olelongroof's post for some pics.
Vi,John and I drove thru the cars. Quite impressed with the quality, but not the price...

Quick trip to the Jeeps for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day dinner. Jeeps wife put on a perfect spread. then it was time for the trek

A trek to the Racetrack, yes 'THE DAYTONA 500 RACETRACK' to view the cars......
The entry way for us to drive under the track and to the infield...

As usual, the Jeep was kind enough to get an infield pass so I wouldn't have to walk a mile to get there.

And three hours later it was time to go. We had walked and walked and walked and yet only saw about 1/10 of the cars and parts...

Here are a few pictures...........double click on picture for a larger view.

Race track, standing on front just after turn 4, pit row entry to left just after those trailers.

Barngoddess's Taurus parked on the track, just coming out of turn 4, large paved area to spin out on. When they go straight into the infield, that's the entrance behind the Taurus.

Parked in the infield, this is where campers are set up.

and of course I would have baught this for my Noble Assistant, but was unable to catch up with the driver ................

and one for the Bus..... one for his Europe days, one for his present days

and now some of the cars, randomly of course.....

I remember as a kid on St Charles in Shrewsbury MO getting ice chunks from trucks like these... really had to beg the Milkman for a chunk.

I remember have Tootsie toys of this model

A girl in Springfield has one of these Beemers, but she needs the trailer to go with it... including wine bottles that are full..

and of course one for the Jeep and the Bus...

This is my next new tractor for the farm... even had pto on the back

This is a standup bakery delivery truck, check out the sign for how many are known to exist...

and to remind me of my younger days as a bolance driver....

Now I don't want to hear someone bitching about me saying bolance driver instead of EMT.... if you were driving an ambulance, you are a bolance driver...... ego heads

I got a few more pics, but they are the same as above....... plenty of cars of every make and size and year and type. Next year, I hope to take Friday after Tday and spend it and Sat at the track, but will get me one of those scooters to ride... the Jeep and Longroof took two steps to every one of my three... so I was tired.... but the eyes kept looking.

Hey Bus, maybe next year you and the Private RN can come down for it also.

So for now, it's 1:30 am, (took me that long to up load all these)

Celebrate Life by doing what you would like... lifes too short to regret it later.

tom and viola

Friday, November 18, 2011


So today I get an email from my Noble Assistant.
Boy did I hear it from her.
Seems I haven't blogged for awhile and she is quite upset.


Well, I have been doing just that, no more no less, no more often
and especially no more later.

I haven't been doing anything for the past two weeks.

Just work, ride bike home, and go to bed around 6:30 pm. Up at 5:15 am and to work again.

But tomorrow is the 72 mile long garage sale. Yep, US A1A is site of a garage sale that is boasting to be over 72 miles long. I am sure we'll see.

Until then, I think I'll go home and take a nap.........

Love ya all

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, 2011

I guess one could say I'm acclimated to warm weather.

It's down right cold down here. Temp was in 50s and with a high in 60s yesterday.

With a wind blowing at 20 knots, well you figure the wind chill....

I just know I was freezing. Had jeans, tee shirt, heavy long sleeve
shirt, and coat on. Was about ready to get the carharts out.

This week highs in low 70s, lows in low 50s, and I saw a 45 night time high on this coming Friday.

I may have to move further south.............LOL

Yesterday we picked up the Barngoddess1's new horse.
Sorry Longrooffan, but since she now has a horse, and it's too danged cold to go to the beach, we've changed her name back to Barngoddess1 from Beachgoddess.

Anyway, trip to place to pickup horse was uneventful. Barngoddess did tell me I am just like a Floridian.....

I asked what does she mean, her reply "Look at the speedometer".

I have to put the setting in place. I95, great interstate system between St. Aug and Daytona Beach, three lanes, smooth, wind at our back.

I was running with the flow of traffic. So glancing down, I am doing 80. No big deal right! It's beginning of month, you go 10 to 15 over speed limit. Now towards end of month, it's only 7-10 over that's allowed.

Picked up her horse, put in back of her Taurus and headed for Daytona. Now that we are headed into the wind, driving was totally different. Had to drive, not just steer.

Anyway after a great dinner with the Longroof, too bad the Jeep had other plans.

We got home and soon had the horse in place.

Vi and her horse

she named him copper cricket, after the one we used to have

and he has the place of honor in our front yard.

and being unable to do anyother yard work 'cause it's soooo cold, I am going to lay around and watch football.

Later all, and continue to celebrate life

even if it's cold

tom and viola