Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday VS Sunday Weather

Saturday was a perfect day. AS the Longroof would say - A perfect Chamber Day.

Sunday was great until around 5 pm, then all hell broke loose. We spent a hour in the tornado shelter as the storm that nailed Joplin passed overhead and went off to the southwest.

St John's Hospital in Joplin took almost a direct hit, and judging from the pictures on the Weather Channel, the whole area around St John's has been devastated. Joplin is calling for all Doctors, Nurses, Fireman and Medics to come and help out.

We are staying here to help out the mid Ozarks if needed. As I type this, more tornadoes are breaking out along the MO Ark line heading east.

The Bus is in Rockaway, hope the storms go south of him.

After exiting the shelter, I grabbed the camera and shot a few pics of the weather.
Here they are>


looking northwest:

Same group northwest:

these are all looking southeast, notice the rainbow?

It was perfect!!!!!

Can't say enough about today.... It was just perfect!

To the Longrooffan and the Jeep down there in Blue Hair land - well you both missed a perfect chamber day here in SW MO. Dawned perfect, temp was perfect, people around us were perfect.....
just one of the best days I've had in a long time.

Kevin and Michelle, along with son Travis, came down from KC area last night, and we had a great evening.
Then this morning, awoke around 7:30, and hit the ground running. Finally at dusk today I collapsed, exhausted, but happy.

The barngoddess1 put on a heck of a country farm breakfast...

Got the wiring from Steph's house to the stable fixed. Kevin and Travis were the instigators of that project ... we three even made a trip to my favorite home improvement store "Lowe's", with a stop at my favorite home farm store "Orschleins", and then back home.

Got the disc moved from the pond area to the back yard, and then onto the trailer. Kevin was nice enough to bring my trailer back and we sent it back to KC with the disc firmly chained down.

Now my trailer and my chains and my chain boomers are in the KC area. Sounds like an excuse for the Barngoddess1 and I to take a trip to KC.

Then in the midst of the above.... some how I got JC and her friend Isik (Heck I can't remember his name more less how to spell it, but ISIK is close enough) to power wash the inside of the horse trailer. Seems Derek and I took the cows to the vet last weekend and did the dehorn and castrate thing, but failed to clean up the mess thereafter. But ISIK and JC did a great job cleaning out the trailer.
Thanks to the Bus for the use of his spare power washer - I think).

This motley crew was great in helping all day

if you noticed correctly, everyone was up and working, except this ole Horsefarmer, sitting down on the job again.

Oh forgot to mention... while Kevin and Travis and I went to Lowe's, Derek and Steph were busy moving this pile of tin to the trailer, and then on to the scrap yard. I had advertised it for sale on Craigs, and D & S gave me the best price.

Now let it be known that I did sell my grand-daughter's Super C farmall tractor. Unfortunately the motor had seized up, with water in the oil, and a number of other problems, it was deemed the best place for the Super C was somewhere else. So poor JC, who is seen driving her rig, isn't sad, she got part of the profits.

Anyway, JC and ISIK were done with the trailer and looking for something to do, so you now me....DELEGATE....

So the two of them went to work powerwashing the back of the homestead. They both did an excellent job.

And when they quit, this ole Horsefarmer went to work powerwashing the concrete patio, so they could go to the drivein movie... chaperoned by her mom and Derek and his two boys of course.

So thanks to Derek and Stephanie, the metal is gone, the pallets it was on is at the burn pile. The stable again has lights thanks to Kevin and Travis. The back of the house, along with the horse trailer, is now clean, thanks to ISIK and JC.

OH yeah, the PTO generator that powers the farmstead in case of power outages, now has a new power board ($750) and is fine tuned to the tractor ready for any outages we might have, thanks to Mark.

Oh yeah, Derek and Travis also found time to mow the grass. I even stole some time on the mower to mow around the front of the place.... although I now realize the two of them left me the mowing where the water was..... I got splashed good a couple times... but that was fun too.

And it is 12:55 am, and I awoke with the shoulders on fire, the back feels like a vise is turning on it, and generally having too many aches and pains.......
but it sure was fun getting everything done today.

I now know what the Gentleman Farmer meant when he said he was having a slow day....
it was the day after a great day of getting things done.

So thanks to all, and to all,

well, I'm going to try to get back to sleep so later today I can accomplish a lot more that need to be done.

OH I almost forgot.......
earlier this week was a full moon and JC and I were busy playing Mario when we realized it was a full moon. So we stopped mid game, got her telescope and went to the back deck to take a viewing. Well we had a blast. Telescope that cost $20 at a flea market, and cost of two batteries, worker flawlessly. JC and I got to see the moon full blown That's the moon over the telescope (not a reflection of the flash) AND I think I saw footsteps, but that is a different story.

So we await the next full moon to verify whether I saw foot prints or not>......

Later all, and we sure did Celebrate Life today.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Just a little trivia to spice your day. I came across this info while searching for something else, and now my day will not be complete without passing it on:

Motto: Ne Incantus futuri
Not guarded against the future

Arms: Gules, a fesse chequy orange and azure between ten billets argent, four
in chief, three, two and one in base.

Crest: On a staff raguly, lying fesseways, a squirrell sejant proper cracking
a nut, from the dexter end of the staff a hazel branch vert, fructed or.(sic)

The origin of the Lee family stems from Reginald de la Lee who was of Norman ancestry and made his home in the English village of Scropshire in 1195.

Members of the Lee family attained distinction in the important posts they held through the centuries. Among them were no less than eight High Sheriffs of Shropshire from 1201 to 1639.

One of the early settlers bearing this name was Richard Lee of Shropshire who established his home in Virginia in 1640.

Persons bearing this name can be justly proud of their heritage. Among the prominent people of the family who have played important roles in our history were Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee who were signers of the Declaration of Independens. "Light Horse Harry" Lee for his brilliant military exploits during the American Revolution and last, but not least, General Robert E. Lee, beloved Confererate General during the Civil War.

Their descendants can be found today in all parts of our land and are well represented in the arts and professions as well as in the world of business.

This was behind the family crest that Mom and Dad had hanging in their house for years.

So Lee Family... be proud and enjoy today.