Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bronco Torture

Uncle jon-jon, today it was over 50 degrees here on the back porch. yes!!!!!!!!!!! We had the garage doors open as we worked on the white bronco.

Sure we got the bronco to start and run, we just couldn't get it to turn off. Ughhhhhh! Grandma asked if she had to lift the hood up when she wanted it to turn off. No way! All we had to do was play mix-match with some wires. No biggy. After a while of being dumpstruck we got the turn-signals to work along with the brake lights, the head lights too work with the new switch.

And guess what?

The people we got the white bronco from put a GM ignition switch on a Ford Bronco. Thats OK it works.

And so after a ten minute break we got up to work on the defroster. Yeah, we ended up doing this...

I'll describe it to yall. First we realized that the screws to take this thing off were facing the windshield. We then started to take all the nuts and bolts holding the roof on off. Easy right?

Wrong!!! There was like 20 of them. And guess what, we just put them on last weekend!!!!!!!

Jay was typing the above, and her hands now hurt from so much typing... so I get to take over.
I of course got my hand smashed in taking off the bolts, but Jay was helping me so it went pretty fast.

Soon we had the roof off and pushed back on the bronc, the windshield down on the hood and the grinder out cutting off screws that were rust welded to the dash. Of course this was after we spent some time trying to drill them out.
So here is what we were after

The defroster vents were broken off and would not accept the defroster hose, so Jay and I had to take them out and put in new ones.... sure, the new ones are still at the distributor, but we were on a roll and now we are ready for them.

Tomorrow it is take the seats apart and sandblast the frames day. We got the new foam in, and the seat covers we won on Ebay are due in middle of the week.

So now the bronc is almost street ready.....
Starts and runs and turns off
All lights work
Horn works
Windshield wiper works (only have one, but that's better than the Jeep)
all the old wiring is gone and under the dash actually looks clean.

So onto the heater - defroster so the Barngoddess doesn't get too cold driving it.

Adjust the brakes and she's ready for the inspection and road.

so that is what Jay (AKA the Little Princess) and I did today.

Of course we had to feed twice, take time off to show the horses to parents of people who are buying two of them.

But we had fun and

Celebrate Life.

Friday, January 30, 2009

On a bandwagon here

Here is a little something someone sent me that is indisputable mathematical logic. It also made me Laugh Out Loud.
This is a strictly mathematical goes like this:

What Makes 100%? What does it mean to give MORE than 100%? Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%? We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%.. How about achieving 103%? What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:


is represented as:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26.


H-A -R -D-W-O -R -K
8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 = 98%


K -N -O -W-L-E-D-G-E
11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5 = 96%

But ,

A-T -T -I -T - U - D - E
1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%


B -U -L -L -S -H-I -T
2+21+12+12+19+8+9+20 = 103%

AND, look how far ass kissing will take you.

A-S -S -K -I -S-S -I -N-G
1+19+19+11+9+19+19+9+14+7 = 118%

So, one can conclude with mathematical certainty, that While Hard work andKnowledge will get you close, and Attitude will get you there, it's the Bullshit and Ass kissing that will put you over the top..


Thursday, January 29, 2009



... another excellent product of 1953

I finally did it...................

Yes it is true, I have been shopping Ebay for a number of years, almost as long as Ebay has been around.

Today I finally won on Ebay.......

Got a brand new set of seat covers for the front bucket seats in Her Bronco for $75.52 and am I proud. From the distributors it would be twice that much.

So now I am a happy Ebay customer.
Now you all that are using Ebay all the time, this is nothing, but to me, it is indeed a worthy moment, right along with the first time I paid a bill on-line.

And that's what I did tonight, while I

Celebrate Life

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here is a picture for my Uncle John-John down in Sunny Florida way........

just some snow coming down, ground covered with ice and snow, Momma's car covered in snow.....

If only we had a miniature horse sleigh, we could have a sleigh ride tonight. Temp is 18 F so I think I'll just pass on the ride.

Oh well, time to go home and get on craig's list.

Little Princess

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well today was another one of those perfect days in the Ozarks. Clear Sky, bright sun, and cold. The thermometer on the back porch read 16 this morning. Little cool but not as bad as has been.

Now that cold is too too much to the Jeep, Sungoddess, the Kid, his sister and the Ole Rag Top, but it wasn't too bad.

So this afternoon in the famous FORD garage, it's a comfortable 50 degrees. Warmer than the last time the Jeep was here, but it is perfect temp inside for when the weather outside is 104 F with humidity of 95%. Not that it ever got above 30 today outside, just remembering last summer.

Of course the Sharks angel had the water to her house freeze this morning. Seems some animal has dug under her back deck and made a nice hole under her skirting exposing the incoming water line. To fix it, had to cut away part of the deck, so that won't get fixed until it warms up to at least 60 outside. I didn't take a picture because the wind was out of the north, and her deck was on the north east side and it was too cold to operate a camera.

But the best news is that the Bronco is getting fixed.

I recently blogged about wiring that is everywhere except where it is supposed to be and how I had to call the Jeep (which involves having two or three of his lites before I can talk to him = so I can understand him) and discuss wiring.

Well as you all know we have two broncos:

this one:

which we are rewiring so it runs correctly and the battery doesn't drain overnight.
as you can see it is a wiring nightmare....

We also have this one which runs to beat the band and the one the Little Princess helped me fix the door on. This is the one I commute to work in everyday... the one we bought for the Barngoddess1, but has been delegated to me due to a 3 speed tranny and plenty of shifting involved. Here I am working on that one:


Both of the Bronc are the same year - 1966 - both have 302 V8 engines --



So open the hood of the Green Bronc and wire the White bronc the same way..........

Forget the magnefying glass, the tiny wiring diagrams and the color coded charts, just compare Broncs.

Guess that's why I am not a mechanic at Ford...................

So another day ends with me at my favorite auto parts store getting parts for the White Bronc so it can be wired the same as the Green Bronc.....
Rowdy... the parts guy was off today, so I didn't get to spread my cheer with him.

But today..we did


Monday, January 19, 2009

4 the Bus, NOT the Long Roof Fan

I saw this van the other day on my 60 mile venture that turned into a 120 mile venture.

Thought of the Long Roof and quickly clicked a picture. Now mind you I was at a traffic light and stopped, so it was easy to point and click.

So Long Roof, after I got home I realized it was a Chebby not a Ford,

Found two more on Craig's List Spgfld MO for sale, but alas only Chebbys

So BUS is the Chevy fan, so this is for you................

maybe for BBB too... didn't he used to be a chevy fan, all Luminas?????

no matter that the Long Roof can click pics driving.....
hell I can't even talk on the cell phone and drive.....

Celebrate Life


Yep, after Broke It Day, we had to have a reprieve and we did.

Woke up to 30 degree weather, better than that 50 stuff on Broke It Day...

The great government we have has given me a holiday to relax and enjoy,

The Little Princess has no school today either, so we got to hang out together all day and do quite a bit.......

Got the battery out of the gator and to the garage for charging.

and then after getting the feed bin full of corn, we got to work on the Bronco.

Now the Barngoddess has kind of taken over the white Bronco has hers because it has an automatic tranny. So the Little Princess and I worked on the white Bronc for most of today.

Got the roof firmly attached correctly, got some wiring that was bad pulled, got our fingers smashed by wrenches and socket sets. Worked on the door,

and didn't get like this guy did:

all greasy and dirty,

so we had fun together, got a lot done, and enjoyed the day...

that's why we can really say we



BROKE IT DAY, January 18

So forever and ever it will hence be known that January 18th is now called:


January 18th this year falls on Sunday, and in Florida it was bright and sunny, and in Missouri it was bright and sunny. Only difference was about 25 degrees.

Why you ask, well a long story falls short of really telling the whole story, so indulge with me for alittle while.

1. To start with, I had to move small square bales for the Barngoddess. Now I always use the Big Little Mule in moving those bales, [here is a picture of that mule when it broke down one day];

but today, it was sitting over by the garage, and as I was on my Deere moving those big round bales, I decided to use it to move the little bales.


The Deere is supposed to look like this:

But it now looks like this:

No Prob.........

Online to Grandpa's Tractor Parts and 136 dollars later I have a new exhaust manifold heading for the farm via the big brown truck.
See I am starting to talk like a parts guy.............. aghhhhhhhhhh

So after putting the deere to bed in the hay barn, Barngoddess and I went over to a ladies house and proceeded to remove a large chest freezer from her basement. The chest freezer is about the size of one of the ones we had on the original Haven Lee Farm. The only access was the outside steps that were steep and narrow. Now the Little Princess and her Mom had gone over and removed all the frozen, thawed, frozen, and now thawed stuff from the freezer (have to read earlier post - has to due with power outage due to ice storm).

No prob..... Sharks angel calls her friends and they arrive and we just pull that old freezer right out of the basement without a bit of a problem. On the trailer and home.... great..... into the garage and in place... perfect....

The one thing that didn't go wrong today.

So all four of us decide to go pick up a 5 wheel gator that I am going to fix up and sell on Craig's list. Needless to say, we had the stagecoach trailer on the Little big mule, and I decided to use it to bring back the gator. Barngoddess said I needed the big trailer, but I remarked (oh did I ever not live this down) it'll fit, no prob......

So the four of us drove 60 miles, only to find out that the gator did NOT fit between the side rails of the stagecoach trailer.... gator was 6 inches too wide..... a guy thing about six inches.

So back home, dump the stagecoach trailer, load the big trailer, and 60 miles back ....... glad diesel is only 1.99 here.

So load the gator, strap it down

photo by Little Princess

and realize I have no lites on the big trailer... NO LITES as in tail lights or turn signals, NOT THE KIND OF LITES THAT THE JEEP INDULGES IN........

So here it is 4:00 and we got an hour run home, hoping no locals or state boys are around....... made it home before sunset, so we were safe.

So parked in the yard is the Big little mule, with the big trailer and this 5 wheel gator......

Trying to get it started to get it off the trailer,

photo by Little Princess

I run the battery down, so Little Princess drives while I push it off the trailer and into the hay barn.

Battery removal time and we are ready to proceed..... BUT WAIT THERES MORE

My Brothers: The Jeep and The Long Roof Fan along with The Kid (Jeep's son) take their jeeps and Long Roof (now this is down in Florida folks) out to run in the mud and have some fun.....

Well the Jeep goes and gets stuck right off the bat.......

and kills the motor so now he has water in the exhaust......... so much for the CJ2

But wait along with the CJ2 is the CJ5, so what to do, CJ5 pulls out CJ2 RIGHT?????


Here sits the CJ2 in the water, CJ5 blew a clutch, and the whole crowd had to wait until the Long Roof Fan went back to his long roof and parked it so the help crew would know which one of those forest roads they were broke and stuck on.....
At least the Jeep had a Jeep pull the Jeep out of the woods

But it sure has to be humiliating for the CJ5 to get pulled home by a pickemup and it looks like a TOY pickemup at that, and the CJ2 to get pulled by (egawds) a mini van????????

At least the Long Roof didn't have any problems!!! or did you??????????

Head over to the Longroof's blog to read the full story of that Florida caper... and to see picks of that clutch that went bye bye..

So THAT IS WHY JANUARY 18th will be Broke It Day.

Now let it be said that:

the BUS didn't break anything on January 18... you can't break anything if you don't leave your house.... just look at Dolly Parton hair all day..........

the BBB didn't break anything either.. he can only break stuff if his wife gives him permission to do so..... so the BBB only broke the tops off of more of them lites while enjoying his pool....... so we are lead to believe..

If all can be fixed, not a problem, that's why we


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes it is cold here at Haven Lee Farm.

But I guarantee the cold here doesn't feel as cold as the cold felt in Ormond Beach Florida.......

It was 5 above this morning on the back porch.

It is now zero on the back porch.

But that is normal for us.

How cold can cold be in Florida when you are used to 70s.............?????????

Longroof and Jeep and the Kid......... need my carharts now?????????????????

Betcha Longroof does get to the beach on Friday.
Reminds me of the time the Barngoddess and I took the Motor Home on a Florida vacation one January.
Went to Destin Florida and camped on the beach at some State Park.
By golly we had our coffee on the beach, wearing our carhart bibbers and coats, but we had our coffee on the beach.....
record 32 at Destin that year.

Glad we ain't coming down this time...............

Love you all and even when it's cold you can still


Monday, January 12, 2009


So the saga of Her Bronc driver's door continues.

I use a bungee cord to hold the door shut while I transverse the byways enroute to the place of my employment. Not a problem.

Call the body shop and set up a 5 pm appointment.

Arriving at the Body Shop, I find that the driver's door is latched. Tighter than ever. So the latch mechanism from My Bronc in Her Bronc, being held in place by one screw.... the door latches. And everytime we try at the body shop, the danged door latches shut.... go figure.....

At the body shop he tells me $400 to fix the door. But tells me the cheap way to go is get some wide flat washers and longer screws and see if it works.

Enroute home the door stays latched. Pull in the garage, get out and the dangeable door won't latch........... agh.............

so after dinner (the evening meal, not the noon time meal) the Little Princess, Barngoddess and I head to the garage to work on Her Bronc.

Took out the old bolts and nuts (only two of them) holding the roof to the windshield frame and commence to putting new bolts, lockwashers and nuts in the 5 places that are supposed to have them. Roof now lined up correctly. Little Princess was exceptional in holding the light so I could see what I was doing. Barngoddess passed me the bolts, washers and nuts. So the roof is correctly lined up now. One leak ended.

So Little Princess and I then tighten the screws holding the windshield wiper motor on the windshield frame. Another job done.....

So to the door. We find several large flat washers in the parts bin, find a box of screws (thanks Gentleman Farmer), and proceed to have the LiL Princess screw those screws into the latch mechanism. Everything lines up..... but the door still won't latch. Little Princess says she will get inside and see if she can find what is causing the door problem. Sure enough.... "Grandpa, there's a screw on the floor holding the door open", sure enough, there was a screw keeping the door from closing. Removed that screw and the door latches........YES, YES, what would we do without the help of our little friends and their excellent eyesight.

So then the Little Princess and I fix the license plate bracket, fix the rear upper latch handle, check the door again ... it still closes and latches......

So another fine day fixing minor inconviences of day to day driving an older model vehicle. And we love it to no end.

had to relay story to Long Roof and gave him great web site for Econoline parts.

Little Princess and I are now finishing writing another piece of history on Haven Lee Farm, Marionville, MO.

Another day to CELEBRATE LIFE

Sunday, January 11, 2009


So everyone keeps sending me pics of early Broncos. 71 to 77 years to be exact, usually in the price range of 10 to 25 K each.

I know I got a pretty good relic budget that I use very frugally in looking for parts for Her Bronc and My Bronc. Mind you the Barngoddess is the one with the deep pockets, me I just do what she says. She is the one who is retired from the Great Federal Employment Job scene and makes more than I do actively working. Haven't figured that one out yet? But as long as you keep paying your taxes, I won't have a grudge against you. Now I, like the LongRoof-Rag Top tend to digress, and I have so on to what I was originally looking at and the real reason for this post:

My Bronc trying to stay original if possible

Here's what I am looking for:

66 Ford Bronco-all original eqipment except motor, rims and tires. Body needs restoration.

or maybe

full top with good glass $600, l&r doors with good glass $150 ea, l&r front fenders $100 ea, complete grill with lights $300, windshield frame with good windshield $300,

or maybe

a pair of factory early bronco seats, frames in excellent condition,

or maybe

1966 bronco body 500.00; left front fender uncut 175.00; right front fender uncut 175.00


original dash for 66 Bronco, all gauges would be a bonus plus, radio would be perfect, remember AM only back in those days

Now if you prehaps happen to be in a relic yard, say hi to "Lucky", but don't pet him, and look for some of those parts.

Love to make My Bronc original, leaving Her Bronc in cool dune chasing, mud slinging, hill climbing condition.

Remember Her Bronc:

As I go around here, I always have my Celebrate Life magnet on the back of the Big Lil Mule, and have even sold one right off the Mule to an admiring fan.

So remember, always have a spare in your possession while you transverse the great byways and hyways of this great nation.




So today is Sunday...

Yesterday tried to work on Her Bronc with no success. Went and looked at an old Sear's Chest Freezer with the Barngoddess and Sharks Angel. Now this chest freezer is in excellent condition.. minor problem is during the last ice storm lasting over 12 days without power, the load in the freezer melted and then refroze. We can have the freezer free, just get all the frozen, thawed, frozen stuff out of it, dispose of those items, and haul that freezer out of the basement.
No Prob.......
So this coming week the Barngoddess, Sharks Angel and the Little Princess are going over to unplug the electricity, thaw ... remove ... dump in our dumpster (probably draw all kinds of Possum and Cats, etc) ... clean it out and this coming Saturday I get to go over and remove it from the Basement...
Sounds like a job for my Little Deere, hook rope around it, 2 x 6 on steps, back Deere up and pull from basement.... we'll see.

After all that, we hooked the big trailer to the Big Lil Mule and went to the farm road behind us to corral and load one of our big steers that had jumped a 5 ft barbed wire fence last week and was in the neighbors field. Took corral panels with us and parked the truck and trailer on the road with the trailer gate open to the fence on one side, and corral panels open to the fence on the other side of the road. After bringing that steer out of the back field, it took about 45 minutes to get it going down the road in the right direction. I haven't run so much in a long time..... finally got him headed the right way, and got him into the trailer, doors closed, and loaded up heading for home. Arrived home without problem, turned steer out and looked in trailer..... my clean trailer...... I haven't seen so much manure in one place in a long time.....
Was too winded to do much about it yesterday (temp was in low 30s while we did all this running around.
Went into the house, relaxed a while, had hot chili over rice and a chaser of some of the Jeep's Lite stuff. Went to bed at 9 pm, woke up at 2:30 this afternoon. Must have been tired.
After washing the trailer out... remember all that manure?.... getting soaked in the process, came in and talked to the Long Roof on the phone, then the Bus, having more chili over rice today with another of Jeep's Lites. Jeep, I looked but couldn't readily find the spare tire carrier for the F-1. Could be on the junk pile out back, but too tired to go looking.
Check out that F1 at the new old yard.

I can't remember when I have ached so much.

Guess I am just getting old.

Tomorrow's another week, will have the Barngoddess take Her Bronc to the local body shop to have them replaced door end around where the latch connects, and have them align and make sure the door closes and latches. That danged impact hammer doesn't work worth a dang.. Bus replies he can't get one to work either.... must be cause we don't talk the talk (remember Whatsup, Whacha doing, No prob....)

So to all, have a good nights rest and be assured that I will spend the week at my nice desk job, no running around yards and roads, or lifting anything heavier than my pen........

till next weekend.......................

Jeep enjoyed your junkyard walks, but is there a junk yard dog?... with only 3 legs?..... and only 1 eye??? tail???

name of Lucky????????

To all, remember to

Celebrate Life

Saturday, January 10, 2009


So to continue the saga of Her Bronc's door.

The bolt the door latch hooks to on the body is what I call the Nadar bolt. Doesn't matter is that is the correct name or not, I will always call it a Nadar bolt.

So the latch on the Driver's door will not totally catch the Nadar bolt and I determine that I will have to loosen the Nadar bolt and move it north about 1/4 inch. So after using my brain, I get my biggest screw driver and after several attempts cannot loosen the screws holding that bolt in. I even use penetrating oil and hit the screw a couple times trying to break it loose. No such luck.

So another phone call to the Jeep. Phone calls with him are a riot. If I don't put my ears in, I can't hear him, if I have my ears in I can hear him but not understand a word he is talking about.

The phone call goes something like this:

ME: Jeep, can't break the Nadar bolt screws loose, what do I do?

HIM: No prob, use your impact screw driver

ME: Get a what?

HIM: Impact screw driver, hit it a couple times and it comes loose.

ME: What's an impact screw driver?

HIM: One you hit with a hammer.

ME: Which one is it, the big one or what?

I now feel like the Gentleman Farmer. I have lost touch with reality. I have plenty of screw drivers from little itty bitty to giant monsters. The all look the same to me, which one is the one you hit with a hammer?

HIM: You ain't got one, go to parts store and get one.

Okay, so that makes sense. So today I stop at the local parts store

Rowdy: Hey Tom (he knows my name, say something about where I spend a lot of my time and money) whats up?

ME: Jeep sent me over here for an impact screw driver.

Rowdy: No prob, got one over here. (Do all parts guys use WHAT'S UP & NO PROB ???)
OK, on your account or you gonna use cash?? Yeah I got an account at the
parts store......

So I walk out with an impact screwdriver in my hand. Great I can tackle those screws and have them out in no time.

Get home, put the Big LiL Mule in the garage (it's gonna get cold after today, and I want my baby in the garage.)

Barngoddess greets me, and I tell her we now are proud owners of an impact screwdriver. We'll get them screws out in no time.

So after spending a couple minutes figuring out how to get the impact screwdriver out of the package (worse than child proof medicine bottles). I read the instructions! Yes I read the instructions. I wasn't sure which end to put where and I forgot to ask Rowdy (Parts guys name) how to use it.

So the Barngoddess and I are ready to go. I haul back and strike the back of that impact screwdriver.... nothing happens. After 4 more attempts.... still nothing.

Back and read instructions again,,,,, back and more attempts.... still no luck.

By now I am getting frustrated. Temperature out today was 65 F, but by tomorrow am it will be 25, so I am wanting to get this done tonight. Did I mention the fact that one of the powerful strikes also struck my hand holding the impact screwdriver?

Several more attempts with no luck, and I ask the Barngoddess if dinner is ready.
(Now I have always called dinner the meal you eat in the evening. Alas some folks call dinner the meal you eat around lunch time, which is really lunch and not dinner, although supper can be confused with.... sorry got off track there)

Barngoddess comes back from ice box (we have a refrigerator in our garage.. I call it an ice box... that we keep cold drinks in) with one of the Jeep's lite ones and says lets go eat dinner.

Now it's been years since I have had a lite one, and when the Jeep was here, he left about 12 cans of that Lite stuff in my ice box. Dinner was excellent chicken breast from one of the roosters we raised, rice and veggies from the garden.... plus 3 of them lite things the Jeep drinks.

After dinner I sat down in my recliner to watch the local news. Barngoddess watched the news, a movie and some more before I awoke from my lite induced nap.

So here it is around midnite, it was pouring down rain, and the temp is dropping.
I still don't have the screws undone, the impact screwdriver is on the tool box with the ball peen hammer, and I'm going to call the Jeep in the morning and tell him to get up here and teach me how to use that impact screwdriver......

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where were you when I needed you?

Today was another one of those days that refreshed me and made me realize that I sometimes demand more of myself than I should.

Decided to take Her Bronc to work today to see how it ran on some of the Ozarks best back roads (ie: rough and tumble, up and down, this way and that, and not a smooth section anywhere road).

So going in to work I find that the heater does indeed work...... almost too good in fact..... bravo, I fixed the heater and now have to roll the window down cause it will cook you if not carefull.

Today at work was a zoo, mickey mouse land, and the local wallyworld sale day.... all rolled into one. But that gives me job security. I sure could have used some of the Jeep's friends (FHP Guys) at one point, but we adapted, improvised and overcame, and the day ended on a good note.

So on the way home over that road that doesn't have one smooth spot, I hit a couple bumps and the driver's door pops open. Not too bad, just pulled it closed, except it didn't stay closed. Finally slowed down to about 10 and got it closed. Another mile down the road and it popped open again.

So I stop at my favorite beverage hole to buy one of those mega million dollar tickets (found out to win you had to buy tickets) and from the outside got the door to stay latched shut. The delimena? Go in the passenger side and crawl over the shifter into the drivers seat. I'm getting too old to do that more than once a day. Door stayed closed the rest of way home.

So the door will not stay shut unless pushed in from the outside. NO PROBLEM........

Replace the worn out hinges and it will work. Easy job, the Jeep and I did My Bronc passenger door in about 45 minutes..... yeah.

Looking at the area where the hinge bolts to in the body, there are two bolts broken off. No problem, just drill them out..... yeah....

Long story short, had to pull the fender to get access to the back of that area, so I could cut out the area to pull the backing plate out, take it to the drill press (thanks Gentleman Farmer), and drill out the bolts. Of course then I had to head to my local parts store to get a threader because mine was broken.

Everything went smoothly back together except that in drilling out one of the rusted old bolts, I didn't notice the piece slipped and now one of the holes doesn't line up. No problem...

But now the door will not catch the latch. Everything lines up but won't stay shut, latch keeps popping open. No problem, I got a spare on My Bronc. So Jaycee and I go to the Haybarn and take that part off Mr Bronc and bring it in.

I am exhausted now, been 4 hours working on a simple 45 minute job. The door latch on Her Bronc was tack welded in.. no problem.

I finally get the latch from My Bronc installed and the door still won't latch.
So here it is 11:30 at night, my old butt is dragging, Her Bronc has a new door latch on it, My Bronc driver's door is held closed with Red Green's best friend ...
duct tape.. (keep the barn cats out of My Bronc).

And the damned door still won't latch.

Barngoddess heads south to the Knob to spend the day with one of her best friends and has to take the Taurus. Shark's angel and the Little Princess will have to stay home all day because I have to take the Big Lil Mule to work, because the damned door still won't stay shut.


Out hiking thru the woods looking at cool old vehicles and getting parts that you probably didn't need?

Tomorrows another day, and I am thankful for that, and I will always remember, that no matter how bad it gets,



Sunday, January 4, 2009

That 70s weather

Well, here it is a perfect end to a not so perfect day.
Yesterday I worked on the Barngoddess's new Bronco and got it all set up and we took it for a test drive to the Queen City to visit the Bus.
Made the trip in shorts and tee shirt as temp was in mid 70s here in SW MO.
Today, went out in 30 degree weather to make final adjustments to the front brakes.
Last night I had to call the Jeep, seems I haven't worked on drum brakes in so long, I had forgotten how to make that adjustment. After talking with him several times over the course of an hour, got the plan in mind.
So today, with temp hovering at 30, I bundled up in full carhart gear and after jacking up the front, got the brakes adjusted. Had the Barngoddess help me after a bit and took the Bronc on a road test down the driveway. The Bronc didn't pull either direction when hitting brakes hard, so back into the garage, shut the door, and head for the house.
Spent rest of day in house trying to warm up.

Now everyone says that I should move to places warmer and less frigid.
Mind you our family has spent 18 months in Guam and 48 months in Hawaii. Times there were good, but we missed the seasonal changes. Somehow 85 degree weather on Christmas isn't conductive to happy holidays.
So we moved back to the Queen City.

I enjoy the temp fluctuations, but dang 45 degrees over night!!!!!!!!!!!
that's just too much. So it's 8 pm and I'm going to bed to warm up and get ready for this week of high 30s and low 20s with a chance of snow. Man you just got to love it here in the Ozarks.

Celebrate Life

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Her Maiden Voyage

Well today the weather was so bad that I just had to get rid of my carharts, get rid of the sweat shirt, and bask in the sun.
Long Roof, temp was over 70 here today. I ran around all day in shorts.

For the Jeep:
After a few minor repairs, Her Bronc made it's maiden voyage today.

Took it on a long voyage to Springfield to visit the Bus. Alas the Bus' camera went the same way as the Long Roof' phone. So no pics available at the Bus' adobe.
He does have the snow plow on his jeep, and it even works.
So after a short visit, the Barngoddess and I headed home.

For a short wheel base vehicle, with the big ____ tires, it drove relatively well. Of course the wind was 90 mph out of the south, so a little hard to tell.
But everyone looks as you go by. Even got a thumbs up from a guy driving a 66 F100 so it was fun. No power steering, no power brakes, you have to drive it. Been a long time since I drove a stick, but it was fun.

Long Roof, enjoyed the videos and glad you shared.

Celebrate Life