Sunday, January 11, 2009


So everyone keeps sending me pics of early Broncos. 71 to 77 years to be exact, usually in the price range of 10 to 25 K each.

I know I got a pretty good relic budget that I use very frugally in looking for parts for Her Bronc and My Bronc. Mind you the Barngoddess is the one with the deep pockets, me I just do what she says. She is the one who is retired from the Great Federal Employment Job scene and makes more than I do actively working. Haven't figured that one out yet? But as long as you keep paying your taxes, I won't have a grudge against you. Now I, like the LongRoof-Rag Top tend to digress, and I have so on to what I was originally looking at and the real reason for this post:

My Bronc trying to stay original if possible

Here's what I am looking for:

66 Ford Bronco-all original eqipment except motor, rims and tires. Body needs restoration.

or maybe

full top with good glass $600, l&r doors with good glass $150 ea, l&r front fenders $100 ea, complete grill with lights $300, windshield frame with good windshield $300,

or maybe

a pair of factory early bronco seats, frames in excellent condition,

or maybe

1966 bronco body 500.00; left front fender uncut 175.00; right front fender uncut 175.00


original dash for 66 Bronco, all gauges would be a bonus plus, radio would be perfect, remember AM only back in those days

Now if you prehaps happen to be in a relic yard, say hi to "Lucky", but don't pet him, and look for some of those parts.

Love to make My Bronc original, leaving Her Bronc in cool dune chasing, mud slinging, hill climbing condition.

Remember Her Bronc:

As I go around here, I always have my Celebrate Life magnet on the back of the Big Lil Mule, and have even sold one right off the Mule to an admiring fan.

So remember, always have a spare in your possession while you transverse the great byways and hyways of this great nation.



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