Thursday, January 15, 2009


Yes it is cold here at Haven Lee Farm.

But I guarantee the cold here doesn't feel as cold as the cold felt in Ormond Beach Florida.......

It was 5 above this morning on the back porch.

It is now zero on the back porch.

But that is normal for us.

How cold can cold be in Florida when you are used to 70s.............?????????

Longroof and Jeep and the Kid......... need my carharts now?????????????????

Betcha Longroof does get to the beach on Friday.
Reminds me of the time the Barngoddess and I took the Motor Home on a Florida vacation one January.
Went to Destin Florida and camped on the beach at some State Park.
By golly we had our coffee on the beach, wearing our carhart bibbers and coats, but we had our coffee on the beach.....
record 32 at Destin that year.

Glad we ain't coming down this time...............

Love you all and even when it's cold you can still


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d5thouta5 said... is cold here in the birth place of speed.....REAL COLD by our standards....of course we don't have those wonderful things you call carharts hanging in our laundry room either....we have sweat shirts and long sleeve pants that are never warm enough on days like is amazing how cold 50 degrees is....