Monday, January 19, 2009


Yep, after Broke It Day, we had to have a reprieve and we did.

Woke up to 30 degree weather, better than that 50 stuff on Broke It Day...

The great government we have has given me a holiday to relax and enjoy,

The Little Princess has no school today either, so we got to hang out together all day and do quite a bit.......

Got the battery out of the gator and to the garage for charging.

and then after getting the feed bin full of corn, we got to work on the Bronco.

Now the Barngoddess has kind of taken over the white Bronco has hers because it has an automatic tranny. So the Little Princess and I worked on the white Bronc for most of today.

Got the roof firmly attached correctly, got some wiring that was bad pulled, got our fingers smashed by wrenches and socket sets. Worked on the door,

and didn't get like this guy did:

all greasy and dirty,

so we had fun together, got a lot done, and enjoyed the day...

that's why we can really say we



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