Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where were you when I needed you?

Today was another one of those days that refreshed me and made me realize that I sometimes demand more of myself than I should.

Decided to take Her Bronc to work today to see how it ran on some of the Ozarks best back roads (ie: rough and tumble, up and down, this way and that, and not a smooth section anywhere road).

So going in to work I find that the heater does indeed work...... almost too good in fact..... bravo, I fixed the heater and now have to roll the window down cause it will cook you if not carefull.

Today at work was a zoo, mickey mouse land, and the local wallyworld sale day.... all rolled into one. But that gives me job security. I sure could have used some of the Jeep's friends (FHP Guys) at one point, but we adapted, improvised and overcame, and the day ended on a good note.

So on the way home over that road that doesn't have one smooth spot, I hit a couple bumps and the driver's door pops open. Not too bad, just pulled it closed, except it didn't stay closed. Finally slowed down to about 10 and got it closed. Another mile down the road and it popped open again.

So I stop at my favorite beverage hole to buy one of those mega million dollar tickets (found out to win you had to buy tickets) and from the outside got the door to stay latched shut. The delimena? Go in the passenger side and crawl over the shifter into the drivers seat. I'm getting too old to do that more than once a day. Door stayed closed the rest of way home.

So the door will not stay shut unless pushed in from the outside. NO PROBLEM........

Replace the worn out hinges and it will work. Easy job, the Jeep and I did My Bronc passenger door in about 45 minutes..... yeah.

Looking at the area where the hinge bolts to in the body, there are two bolts broken off. No problem, just drill them out..... yeah....

Long story short, had to pull the fender to get access to the back of that area, so I could cut out the area to pull the backing plate out, take it to the drill press (thanks Gentleman Farmer), and drill out the bolts. Of course then I had to head to my local parts store to get a threader because mine was broken.

Everything went smoothly back together except that in drilling out one of the rusted old bolts, I didn't notice the piece slipped and now one of the holes doesn't line up. No problem...

But now the door will not catch the latch. Everything lines up but won't stay shut, latch keeps popping open. No problem, I got a spare on My Bronc. So Jaycee and I go to the Haybarn and take that part off Mr Bronc and bring it in.

I am exhausted now, been 4 hours working on a simple 45 minute job. The door latch on Her Bronc was tack welded in.. no problem.

I finally get the latch from My Bronc installed and the door still won't latch.
So here it is 11:30 at night, my old butt is dragging, Her Bronc has a new door latch on it, My Bronc driver's door is held closed with Red Green's best friend ...
duct tape.. (keep the barn cats out of My Bronc).

And the damned door still won't latch.

Barngoddess heads south to the Knob to spend the day with one of her best friends and has to take the Taurus. Shark's angel and the Little Princess will have to stay home all day because I have to take the Big Lil Mule to work, because the damned door still won't stay shut.


Out hiking thru the woods looking at cool old vehicles and getting parts that you probably didn't need?

Tomorrows another day, and I am thankful for that, and I will always remember, that no matter how bad it gets,




john lee said...

old cars, horsefarmer, old cars...

Busplunge said...

What's your sign say?

Oh yeah,

Fords Repaired Here.

Fix Or Repair Daily.

d5thouta5 said...


seems to me what your are needing is an impact screw driver...
or you could bring that ole horse down here and we could fix in the warmth of my garage...