Sunday, January 4, 2009

That 70s weather

Well, here it is a perfect end to a not so perfect day.
Yesterday I worked on the Barngoddess's new Bronco and got it all set up and we took it for a test drive to the Queen City to visit the Bus.
Made the trip in shorts and tee shirt as temp was in mid 70s here in SW MO.
Today, went out in 30 degree weather to make final adjustments to the front brakes.
Last night I had to call the Jeep, seems I haven't worked on drum brakes in so long, I had forgotten how to make that adjustment. After talking with him several times over the course of an hour, got the plan in mind.
So today, with temp hovering at 30, I bundled up in full carhart gear and after jacking up the front, got the brakes adjusted. Had the Barngoddess help me after a bit and took the Bronc on a road test down the driveway. The Bronc didn't pull either direction when hitting brakes hard, so back into the garage, shut the door, and head for the house.
Spent rest of day in house trying to warm up.

Now everyone says that I should move to places warmer and less frigid.
Mind you our family has spent 18 months in Guam and 48 months in Hawaii. Times there were good, but we missed the seasonal changes. Somehow 85 degree weather on Christmas isn't conductive to happy holidays.
So we moved back to the Queen City.

I enjoy the temp fluctuations, but dang 45 degrees over night!!!!!!!!!!!
that's just too much. So it's 8 pm and I'm going to bed to warm up and get ready for this week of high 30s and low 20s with a chance of snow. Man you just got to love it here in the Ozarks.

Celebrate Life

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d5thouta5 said...

hey remember that surfing on Christmas is allowed......
glad you figured out the brake issue....those are important items when driving.....I'm still trying to figure out what the carharts are...that word is not in the dictionary I was issued when I crossed the FLA border......
love ya.....