Sunday, August 23, 2009


So the weather hasn't been cooperating with this ole Horse Farmer and after a month of no top on his Bronc, understanding it was almost the coldest July on record... and August is heading right up there in the books (50s at night)... global warming?? not in Missouri that's for sure....
Anyway, after running around for a month or so with just the bikini top on the Bronc, I decided to replace the hard top so I can continue to drive it in rain and 50 degree weather.
So my back being out, and not being able to lift anything really puts a damper on putting the hardtop back on......... but wait, here's where the Deere comes in.

Yep, just ask the little Deere to do the job and presto, we are done.
some pics to show how to in Missouri........

You see my Noble Assistant sitting on the Deere waiting for her next command.
and of course don't forget Sharks Angel and the Barngoddess who also helped.

And that folks is how we put the roof back on the Bronc .....

and Celebrate Life

Saturday, August 22, 2009

1966 bronco for sale

Hey, just to inform you all,

the Barngoddess has decided to sell her 1966 bronco.

know anyone who may want it, give me a call or respond here.

She now wants a one ton dually crew cab F350 or F450 with a diesel and auto tranny.

So we have too many vehicles and she is selling hers.

so we

Celebrate Life


Hey everyone, my granddaughter just came in an told me that I haven't written anything here in a long time. Looking around, I guess I haven't. Finding that it is a little hard to sit here in the den and write after my spill a couple weeks ago. The old man has had back problems in the past and after falling off the top of the hay truck a couple weeks ago, it is difficult to sit at a desk all day at work and come home and sit at the desk in the den and write.
Thank goodness for pain pills.

Now the best part:


All you bloggers who frequent garage sales, this is one you don't want to miss.
Located one block off highway 39, 4 miles south of the bridge in GREEN SHORES subdivision. about 100 yards north of the catholic church on 39, opposite side of highway. Friday and Saturday. Charlie has a ton of fishing stuff (and I mean lots) and a bunch of other stuff. GG (Delores) had the garage full also.

Now the best part.... buy the stuff that is in the garage. But garage itself is not for sale.

Nice garage though.

So the Little Princess and Sharks Angel are off again to Shell Know to help with the set up.

August 28 and 29, mark on your calendars to attend this huge sale. C and D have been married over 50 years so this is a huge collection to be offered for sale.

Good luck shopping and remember to


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Awh Saturdays.........

Awh Saturdays, gotta love them.
Time off from work to rest and relax.........


Got the weedeater and did all the trimming around fences, buildings, hitching posts; this was after spending 4 hours mowing the grass (including paddocks); which was after spendng 70 big ones buying fuel so those big fancy mowing machines will work.

Then the Barngoddess reminds me that we are to pick up some more alfalfa square bales at 5:30.........
So to the field we go, little 12 mile jaunt, get 150 bales in the bed of the Little Mule and on the trailer....

Then about 10 of the bales fall off the front of the trailer, so one of the guys and I load them back on and put 8 more on the truck. Not a problem for a 59 year old guy, standing on 5 rows of bales stacked in the back of the little mule..... only about 10 feet in the air.

It was getting off that I lost my footing and down I came..... landed on my butt and back. scared the pee wads out of the Barngoddess.... but I landed on my butt and therefore I am not hurt too bad....

Got home and with the Daughters assistance, we unloaded and stacked those 150 bales in the hay barn (yeah Long Roof, the hay goes in the hay barn), finally got done at dark and boy was I sore.

Throughout the night, the aches and pains kept waking me up........ I sure am sore this morning. So the hot tub got a work out...

And that's what I did on Saturday. rested...... yeah sure.........

Today it is off to Jay Okla to look at a truck to pull out mobile house with.

So later all

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wanna trade

So I gots this 66 Bronco, uncut front fenders, 302 w/auto tranny, original seats and plush seats, call her Casper....... wannna trade

I need a F350 dually long bed, deisel, prefer automatic, prefer later model (ie less than 10 years old), has to be a crew cab.... wife refuses to sit in back seat.........
danged if I aint picky..........

Well actually, wife has a 66 Bronco, 302 auto, that she wants to trade for a F350 dually so she can tow her travel trailer safely.......

what's you got?????????????

ps: manual transmission is like manual labor........ I can do it, but I can't do it very well...............