Sunday, January 20, 2013


A memorable person of my childhood memories has passed away.

I remember going to the St. Louis Cardinals games with my mom's dad, Alphonse Bansbach, at the old stadium that was made of wood bleachers.
It was north of downtown, out near the Post Dispatch building.

Stan Musial

Gentlemanly Slugger

 and Cardinals

Stan the Man,

Dies at 92

Stan Musial, one of baseball’s greatest hitters and a revered figure in the storied history of the St. Louis Cardinals — the player they called Stan the Man — died Saturday. He was 92.
I remember him and have followed him through the years.
He will be missed by the St.Louis fans who remember him at 1st base.
Pure gentleman ball player.
Todays's millionaire players should take a lesson from his life and career.
See ya later "Stan the Man".

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Great Amazing Race

Viola and I put in for and got selected as Contestants at the Jacksonville Great Amazing Race.

We headed  up to Little Talbot State Park today for the contest.
Weather was perfect.  Wind was really quite calm.  Temp was perfect.

We were entered in the Senior Division.

AND WE WON with a time of 57 minutes 25 seconds.

Really had a great time. 

go to
searchon Great Amazing Race 2013 to see pictures of the contestants and some of the obstacles we overcame.

really was fun.

AND the man running the Race told us we are the oldest team to compete in the Race.  Average age of 65.  
So now we see if any more pictures are posted.

We had a grand time.  But now ache from doing things we havent done.... like racing through sand dunes to the next station.  The best station was with the laundry baskets.  Navigate a course by stepping from one basket to the next.  Oh yeah, two people do it, both of you have to be in a basket before you move the back basket forward; you can't touch the ground or you start over.  And you can't move the basket forward except by using your hand (yep, only one hand, no helping with the foot.)

so we did it.
now to the hot tub to soak the aches and pains away.
tom and viola

A Little Late...

First off, I am sorry I have not written a blog in forever... I have been busy.

Now pictures from the Tulsa University vs. Iowa State Liberty Bowl..

Shawn, in the center, warming up with the team.

Some of the Tulsa cheerleaders with the mascot, Captain 'Cane.

Shawn walking away from us at the team walk.

These are just of before the game.  Not including the pics of animals I got.

This was a cute little barn owl the Tennessee Conservation Department had set up.  We got to pet this little guy.. He was sooo cute, except when he pecked at Mom because she tried to pet his other side...

This is a shot of the Bald Eagle that they had there.  When we walked away it seemed like you could hear his call for miles.

At half-time, the Temptations sang some of their songs... (I have no idea who they are, but I know Papa knows one of them.)  And Tulsa won 37-17!!!!

This is a picture of TU receiving the Liberty Bowl trophy.

When we got home, after sleeping the drive off, Mom and I decided we needed memorabilia in a frame.  This is what we came up with.

In the wake of the great Liberty Bowl, the varsity Comets have won both games and are going to a tournament this week.  The JV Comets have won 1 of the 2 games, the 2nd was won by the Pirates in overtime... by two points.  I have cheered at all the games, and have been exhausted.

Yesterday, FCCLA, a school organization, held a family fair at the public library, and I worked it.  The fair was for young children and their families. I was in charge of making pine cone bird feeders with a friend of mine.  I was covered in peanut butter!  We had a great turnout though, so I can't complain.

The cheerleaders have had a fun get together at my house after meeting at the local DQ, and we played Just Dance and baked brownies just so we could hang out.  And, we have come up with a dance!

Now, I am getting ready to go over to a friends to learn the dance, so I must go.

I think that is all that is new with me..

Love you all,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

what are you doing january 13, 2013?????

Viola and I are going to have a blast.

weather s/b in 70s, nice and sunny, and the Little Talbot Park always has a breeze so we won't be too hot.
But we will have fun. Post more later on how we did.

What are you going to do??????
Sign up for this fun and memory-making family activity.

It's way more fun than a 5K! Kids in grades 1-12 can pair up with or race against parents, grandparents, family members, friends or neighbors while completing one mile course filled with fun challenges patterned after the show "THE AMAZING RACE".
Whether you run, jog, walk or watch, it'll be an experience you will never forget.
Two adults can also pair up and participate! Testimonial – "What an awesome day my son and I had. My son could not stop talking about it and thanking me for taking him! It has made memories that will last a life time”.
The Great Amazing Race series makes pit stops in all NFL cities. The top 25 teams from each city qualify for the Championship Race and $2,000 prize! (August Championship in Cincinnati / December Championship in New Orleans)
JACKSONVILLE When Sunday - Jan. 13, 2013 Start Time: 1:00 pm Race packets can be picked up starting at 12:15 pm
Where: Little Talbot Island Park 12157 Heckscher Dr. Jacksonville, FL

RACE DETAILS Modeled after the popular television show "THE AMAZING RACE", this rain or shine event pits teams of two against other teams in a series of up to eight fun-filled challenges spread across a one-mile cross-country course.
Clue cards at each station instructs the teams to complete a task (game, relay, obstacle course, etc.) before proceeding to the next challenge station. The team that reaches the finish line with the fastest overall time wins.
How well you work as a team is the most essential ingredient to winning the race! >
Contestants should be prepared to get a little dirty and wet - it's part of the fun! >
Recreation pace (those who prefer to walk or jog at a leisure pace) or Competitive pace (those who prefer to run and are more physically active).
> Time Saver tokens can be purchased at any time prior to start of the race. > Spectators are welcome to tag along for free and take photos for the scrapbook. AWARDS Special awards are given to the winners of each grade division (determined by grade of youngest team member): Grades 1-4 Division and Grades 5 & Older Division. All finishing teams will receive an official time! Early Registration is Now Open! ... Sign up Now! Online registration will be closed once 100 team limit is reached.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pics fm the game new years eve

Here are a few pics from the game

Liberty Bowl, Memphis, Tenn, 12/31/12
Tulsa (blue) vs Iowa State (orange)
Tulsa won

first pic of snow falling on windshield around Atlanta on trip to Memphis

this is a view of the area the team would come down enroute to the stadium to suit up to play.
Tulsa's team on the field practicing
This is the Lee clan in their seats, bundled up against the wind and rain and cold, fellow on left of Viola is parent of another team member....
another picture, same cold group
Half time activities, with the Temtations and about 6 high school bands.
' and that sums it up, but I got to say we had a ball................ hope you enjoy.. Jaycee also took some pics that she will up load also. tom

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Memphis to ST Augustine

to paraphrase my young-bigger brother
# of interstates:  40,240,22,65,10,295,95  =  7
# of state hwys:   73,207,312  =  3
# of state troopers on side of road giving tickets = 15
# of radar traps I drove thru at 75 mph  =  10
# of tickets I got  =  none
my Florida brothers taught me well, set cruise at 75 and leave it, go through radar trap or see trooper with radar, DON'T SLAM ON BRAKES TO SLOW DOWN, leave it at 75,   
thanks Jeep and Long roof and BBB

left Memphis at 9:00 am cst,
arrived St Augustine at 11:00 pm, est

boy are we tired today, but temp is in high 70s and sunny and warm.........

crossing Alabama-Florida state line on 231, saw temp on sign  70 degrees.
knew we would finally warm up.

so thats about it, work tomorrow and friday, then golf on Saturday am.....
can't wait, temp in 70s all week.

Memphis.... keep your cold and wind and rain..............

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

we won

the game was great,  bothTulsa and Iowa State played great....
just Tulsa played a little harder and with a vengence (they lost at the last meeting of these two teams) and Tulsa won 31-17.

Was a great game to watch on TV, it wasn't so bad at the stadium, but it was darn right cold and the rain never let up.  It was one of those soaking slow rains that penetrate everything and make life miserable.
But we endured, bathrooms had heat, so several trips to warm up were made.
Shawn didn't play, but we did get to see him in practice and on the sidelines.  Next year I'm sure he'll be on the field.

Had a great time with all the kids, but as usual, time isn't long enough and last night after the game, Steph Jay and Derek headed home.  We went to dinner with Kevin,Michele, Travis and Shawn, got to experience a little of what is provided by the league to the teams that make a bowl.
It seemed like the Iowa State Band had more kids in it than the whole Tulsa Freshman
Anyway, after two hot showers when we got back to the hotel, I finally warmed up.
Now it is 10:45 am EST, and we are almost to Tupelo MS enroute to the warm weather in Florida.
The rain continues and I'm afraid it is traveling east with us.  So Florida here we come,
Thanks to Shawn for the tickets, and everyone for coming down and attending the Liberty Bowl.
So later all.
Tom and Viola