Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pics fm the game new years eve

Here are a few pics from the game

Liberty Bowl, Memphis, Tenn, 12/31/12
Tulsa (blue) vs Iowa State (orange)
Tulsa won

first pic of snow falling on windshield around Atlanta on trip to Memphis

this is a view of the area the team would come down enroute to the stadium to suit up to play.
Tulsa's team on the field practicing
This is the Lee clan in their seats, bundled up against the wind and rain and cold, fellow on left of Viola is parent of another team member....
another picture, same cold group
Half time activities, with the Temtations and about 6 high school bands.
' and that sums it up, but I got to say we had a ball................ hope you enjoy.. Jaycee also took some pics that she will up load also. tom

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