Tuesday, January 1, 2013

we won

the game was great,  bothTulsa and Iowa State played great....
just Tulsa played a little harder and with a vengence (they lost at the last meeting of these two teams) and Tulsa won 31-17.

Was a great game to watch on TV, it wasn't so bad at the stadium, but it was darn right cold and the rain never let up.  It was one of those soaking slow rains that penetrate everything and make life miserable.
But we endured, bathrooms had heat, so several trips to warm up were made.
Shawn didn't play, but we did get to see him in practice and on the sidelines.  Next year I'm sure he'll be on the field.

Had a great time with all the kids, but as usual, time isn't long enough and last night after the game, Steph Jay and Derek headed home.  We went to dinner with Kevin,Michele, Travis and Shawn, got to experience a little of what is provided by the league to the teams that make a bowl.
It seemed like the Iowa State Band had more kids in it than the whole Tulsa Freshman class.......lol
Anyway, after two hot showers when we got back to the hotel, I finally warmed up.
Now it is 10:45 am EST, and we are almost to Tupelo MS enroute to the warm weather in Florida.
The rain continues and I'm afraid it is traveling east with us.  So Florida here we come,
Thanks to Shawn for the tickets, and everyone for coming down and attending the Liberty Bowl.
So later all.
Tom and Viola

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