Monday, December 31, 2012

Memphis here we are

So we arrived in Memphis yesterday around 1:30 pm CST.  Long drive, and the last 3 hours in snow flurries. 
Amazing how cold it is when there are snow flurries flying around.  Seems colder than without them
Anyway, got checked in to the Hotel and off to Beall Street downtown for the Liberty Bowl parade.  After almost getting lost in the downtown area, found a parking spot on the street that didn't have a meter.  and only 3 blocks from where we are to meet Kevin and Michele and Travis.
Parade watching was interesting, at one time thought we were in New Orleans with all the beads being thrown about.  Of course we were surrounded by Iowa State Fans (the only blue in a sea of red).
But everyone was having fun.
Steph,Derek and Jaycee finally got to town and we all met up for dinner at the Cracker Barrel.  Close by the hotel and good food.
K,M,T and Jay headed downtown again to see Shawn and visit with him.  V and I went to bed, exhausted after two 14 hour days traveling.
So it is New Years Eve, V's birthday, she's 39 again, and we are getting ready to head to the Liberty Bowl to partake in the festivities before the game. 
Shawn plays for Tulsa, is # 11 on defense side.
Ed and John - there are two players with # 11, one on offense, Shawn is on defense. 
Iowa State is 1 and 1/4 favored (whatever that means), but we hope Tulsa wins.
But from Missouri, Tulsa is on one side, Iowa on the other, so doesn't matter who wins.  We'll freeze our butts off but have fun being with family.
So see you all later.
Tom and Viola
from Memphis Tennessee
ps:  it's 47 outside and we are

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