Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4 sale, truck and live-in trailer

Sometimes I wonder if I am a used car dealer.
Unfortunately the wife and I have to sell our truck and travel trailer.

Package Price is $22,000.00. Will sell separately at $11,000.00 each, but Trailer must sell before truck is sold.

A package deal ready for full-time living, traveling around this great country, or just weekends at the lake.

2001 FORD F-350 Crew Cab (seats 6), 7.3 L diesel, automatic tranny, two wheel drive. XLT, Black with gray cloth seats that don’t get hot in the summer, or cold in the winter. Power Door Locks, Power Steering, power windows, sliding rear window. Brand new tires. Had 201,000 miles, and runs perfect. Had 5th wheel Hitch AND hide-a-way gooseneck hitch, with 5th wheel tailgate. Hasn’t been abused and looks excellent.

1997 Wilderness 5th wheel Travel Trailer, 33.5 feet long with a big slide out. Had glass front cabinet across the rear, with rear living room, mid kitchen and dining table with 4 chairs, couch makes into bed. Bedroom has large sliding mirror closet doors across the front. Full size shower with closet in bathroom. Water heater runs on electric or propane. Ice box is electric, propane. Two propane bottles full. Unique is this trailer has two entry doors, one on right side towards the back into living room, the other on the Left side, just forward of the slide that allows access to the hallway, bathroom and bedroom (even when the slide is in). Has outside shower at the rear of the trailer (with hot and cold water). The ceiling is elevated throughout the living room and kitchen, giving the trailer that “extra large” living area feeling. Extra large basement storage in front with access from front or either side. Has electric front jacks for ease of set up.
Will post pics of inside tomorrow.
Well taken care of - has brand new tires with less than 500 miles.
Just have decided that hauling two vehicles to shows is just more expensive than motel rooms.

Know anyone interested??? have them email me, or post a comment here.
thanks for looking.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a Father's Day

Wow what a Father's Day

Had intended to play 18 holes of golf, but Chamber of Commerce day had temp at noon hovering near 92 and only going up, heat advisory too....

So, change of plans... Barngoddess, Shark's Angel and Little Princess and I went to driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls, practiced chipping and putting. Do you realize how long it takes to hit 80 golf balls at a driving range? Two hours later, temp at 95, we headed home.

Got to watch the start of the US Open final round. Look out at the highway and into the drive pulls a tractor and a baler. Seems Jerry Winkle decided to bale today.

So after watching him going around in circles, and finally getting done, the Little Princess and I collected all those round bales and put them in the Hay Barn. Duh - longroof - where did you think I would put them?

Go figure, we got the hay in the barn, the front field looks pretty good, although the wind yesterday did blow the hay around and there some left on the field, no big deal.

So had pizza and beer for dinner and hot tub tonight. Can't get any better than this........

Celebrate Life


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you Dads.

I'm off for the golf course today, so plan to relax and enjoy.

Chamber of Commerce type of day today, going to be perfect.....

of course said that about yesterday and after getting the mowed hay raked and ready for baleing, here came the rain.....

We only got a gentle soaking, so the mowed hay won't be ruined, but guess the Bus got nailed pretty hard .... downed limbs, no power....

boy am I glad it went east of us.

Off to the golf course, enjoy your day.


Friday, June 11, 2010

It never ends

So it has been a long time coming, yes my last post seems like only yesterday, but has been a long while ago.

Lots going on...

After Steph's party, we got down to working horses and tending to the fields and fences.

So the other day, the sheep was ever so lonely without his buddy (the one we ate at the party), so we put him out back with the other two cows and the three of them seemed to be accommodating to each other.

The other evening, after getting home rather late (6 pm or so).....

now fellas got to play golf when the weather is nice, so stopping off after work is great with me.....

I find that Steph, Derek and Casey are butchering the chickens that we have been feeding out....

The Barngoddess comes up to me casually saying that she hasn't seen "Chops" (the sheep) since lunch time.

Are the cows visible?

Yeah, they are eating at the trough!

So put the mud boots on and we head for a round-a-bout, to find Chops.

Poor chops had gotten under the tongue of the burn pile trailer, apparently knocked the board holding the tongue up, and the tongue came crashing down on chops breaking his back.

Chops was still breathing, but the back was broken,

So go get Derek and the 45, and change operations from chickens to a sheep.

Get the tractor, put the loader back on the tractor, hunt for and finally find the chains exactly where we left them (where they belong, but last place to look) .....

long story short, we butched a sheep the other night, kids got done about 10 pm, and after dumping the remains on the other burn pile (the one way out back), we were able to get some sleep. Still kind of miss that Baaaing at times.

Anyway, I have been sick with that summer cold stuff that you get a head full of mucous adn cough and fever, and just want to stay in bed with thirteen hundred covers on you and sweat it out. Seems everytime I am about over it, I get chilled and end up back in bed. Barngoddess is coming down with it now too, so this weekend all plans are off and we are staying inside, plenty of water and fluids and medicines and sleeping.

Horse show is this weekend, but with the two of us under the weather, we called it off.

So being busy, one night the Jeep calls wanting to talk to the Barngoddess about what is the treatment of bee stings...

Hell, Jeep, that is simple, don't get stung in the first place....

trimming bushes in that sunny Florida birthplace of speed, he tangled with a bees nest and lost ... depends on who you talk to.... but definitely lost to the tune of 10 or 11 stings....

Jeep, look before you cut!!!

oh well, I am back to bed before I get too looney...

Celebrate Life