Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a Father's Day

Wow what a Father's Day

Had intended to play 18 holes of golf, but Chamber of Commerce day had temp at noon hovering near 92 and only going up, heat advisory too....

So, change of plans... Barngoddess, Shark's Angel and Little Princess and I went to driving range and hit a couple buckets of balls, practiced chipping and putting. Do you realize how long it takes to hit 80 golf balls at a driving range? Two hours later, temp at 95, we headed home.

Got to watch the start of the US Open final round. Look out at the highway and into the drive pulls a tractor and a baler. Seems Jerry Winkle decided to bale today.

So after watching him going around in circles, and finally getting done, the Little Princess and I collected all those round bales and put them in the Hay Barn. Duh - longroof - where did you think I would put them?

Go figure, we got the hay in the barn, the front field looks pretty good, although the wind yesterday did blow the hay around and there some left on the field, no big deal.

So had pizza and beer for dinner and hot tub tonight. Can't get any better than this........

Celebrate Life

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