Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boy am I proud of MY Navy

Our US Navy Ceremonial Guard Silent Drill
Team was invited to compete in an
International Tattoo in Norway ... The Navy
competed against military units from all
over NATO and won first place. Once you see
the video you'll understand why they won.
(you may have seen before...but worth another look)


The 2009 Darwins Are Released

Stolen from the Long Roof Fan (he's my brother I can do that)

The Darwins are out!!!!Yes, it's that magical time of year again when the Darwin Awards are bestowed, honoring the least evolved among us.

Here is the glorious winner:

1. When his 38 caliber revolver failed to fire at his intended victim during a hold-up in Provo , Utah would-be robber Jason Ellison did something that can only inspire wonder. He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again.. This time it worked.

And now, the honorable mentions:

2. The chef at a hotel in Switzerland lost a finger in a meat cutting machine and after a little shopping around, submitted a claim to his insurance company. The company expecting negligence sent out one of its men to have a look for himself. He tried the machine and he also lost a finger. The chef's claim was approved.

3. A man who shoveled snow for an hour to clear a space for his car during a blizzard in Chicago returned with his vehicle to find a woman had taken the space. Understandably, he shot her.

4. After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped... Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby bus stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies.. The deception wasn't discovered for 3 days.

5. A teenager was in the hospital recovering from serious head wounds received from an oncoming train. When asked how he received the injuries, the lad told police that he was simply trying to see how close he could get his head to a moving train before he was hit.

6. A man walked into a Louisiana Circle-K, put a $20 bill on the counter, and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash from the clerk and fled, leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount of cash he got from the drawer... $15. [If someone points a gun at you and gives you money, is a crime committed?

7. Seems an Arkansas guy wanted some beer pretty badly.. He decided that he'd just throw a cinder block through a liquor store window, grab some booze, and run. So he lifted the cinder block and heaved it over his head at the window. The cinder block bounced back and hit the would-be thief on the head, knocking him unconscious. The liquor store window was made of Plexiglas. The whole event was caught on videotape.

8. As a female shopper exited a South Carolina convenience store, a man grabbed her purse and ran. The clerk called 911 immediately, and the woman was able to give them a detailed description of the snatcher. Within minutes, the police apprehended the snatcher. They put him in the car and drove back to the store. The thief was then taken out of the car and told to stand there for a positive ID. To which he replied, "Yes, officer, that's her. That's the lady I stole the purse from."

9.. The Ann Arbor News crime column reported that a man walked into a Burger King in Ypsilanti , Michigan at 5 A.M., flashed a gun, and demanded cash. The clerk turned him down because he said he couldn't open the cash register without a food order. When the man ordered onion rings, the clerk said they weren't available for breakfast. The man, frustrated, walked away.


10. When a man attempted to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked on an Atlanta street, he got much more than he bargained for. Police arrived at the scene to find a very sick man curled up next to a motor home near spilled sewage. A police spokesman said that the man admitted to trying to steal gasoline, but he plugged his siphon hose into the motor home's sewage tank by mistake. The owner of the vehicle declined to press charges saying that it was the best laugh he'd ever had.

In the interest of bettering mankind, please share these with friends and family....unless of course one of these individuals by chance is a distant relative or long lost friend. In that case, be glad they are distant and hope they remain lost.***

Remember....They walk among us, they vote, and they breed!!!***
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Friday, December 25, 2009


A wonderful year capped by a great evening at the Farm. Close friends come over and opened presents. The boys got remote controlled race trucks, and the Horsefarmer and the boys played in the living room. Making jumps and using his lap as a ramp to jump off.

Of course the Little Princess (aka My noble assistant) had a fair share of gifts for her too. I don't think I have ever seen so many scarfs, necklaces and ear rings in one place.


Word of Wisdom: If you live in Florida, stay in Florida so you don't freeze.

The Sharks angel got new pots and pans, along with a automatic coffee pot to heat water for her tea.

And the Barngoddess1 got a new pair or slippers and a new piece of furniture.

Of course it was great to hear from the BBB late last night. To quote him:

"we just got out of the pool and it sure was cold before we got dried off. The temp is in the high sixties and we got the outside heaters running. Sitting at the tike bar watching the football game and drinking a little rum."

And the LongRoofFan (aka: Oleragtop) sent us his holiday cheer:

"As this olelongrooffan is sitting in the living room of the Taj Mahal in shorts, no shirt with the windows open"

Talked with the Bus last night and warned him that the snow and ice were headed his way. He was talking about putting the plow on the old jeep, but I told him the wind would take care of the snow.

Read the Jeep's blog this morning about Virginia asking Santa if he was real, and as only a true politician's answer, instead of yes or no, he went on for 3 paragraphs.

The Barngoddess finally woke me up at 1155 am and asked if I was going to sleep the day away. My reply was answered by the blankets being ripped off the bed and getting told there were chores to do.
So after a few cups of the java to get my system ready for the day, finally getting my eyes open and looking outside. I wanted to get back in bed.
It is perfect outside as evidenced by this picture taken by My Noble Assistant:

And after we spent 30 minutes trying to get the tractor started

picture taken from inside my little mule trying to jump start the tractor. Word of wisdom, diesel tractor should be plugged in when temp get below 35 degrees, and battery should be disconnected from negative post until ready to start.

We finally got around to putting out hay for the horses and cows.

Needless to say it was nice outside......... as long as you were behind a building to block the wind.

Wind chill puts temp below zero out here. and that is damned cold. Tractor now has place in garage, My big little mule is outside - but plugged in.

But to all we send our cheer and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

and remember to CELEBRATE LIFE

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What did I do today?

today is Sunday before Christmas and know what I did

paid my verizon wireless phone bill.

thats it....

watched "Santa Claus 3 The escape claus"

thats it....

have a good evening all

Friday, December 18, 2009

MY 12 days of Christmas parady

On the First day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

a Colt 45 revolver.

On the Second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Sixth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Six cases of Coors
Five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Seven miniature horses
Six cases of Coors
Five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Eigth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Eight gallons of diesel
Seven Miniature Horses
Six cases of Coors
Five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Nine bags of grain
Eight gallons of diesel
Seven Miniature Horses
Six cases of Coors
Five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Ten siblings bossing,
Nine bags of grain
Eight gallons of diesel
Seven Miniature Horses
Six cases of Coors
Five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Eleven cows to milk,
Ten siblings bossing,
Nine bags of grain
Eight gallons of diesel
Seven Miniature Horses
Six cases of Coors
Five recapped tires
four bales of hay
three quarts of gin
two marlboro lites
and a Colt 45 revolver

On the Twelve day of Christmas, my true love gave to me

Twelve days in a pysch ward.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


F16 vs. C-130

A C-130 was lumbering along when a cocky F-16 flashed by.
The jet jockey decided to show off.

The fighter jock told the C-130 pilot, 'watch this!' and promptly
went into a barrel roll followed by a steep climb. He then finished
with a sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier. The F-16 pilot
asked the C-130 pilot what he thought of that.

The C-130 pilot said, 'That was impressive, but watch this!'

The C-130 droned along for about 5 minutes and then the C-130
pilot came back on and said: 'What did you think of that?'

Puzzled, the F-16 pilot asked, 'What the heck did you do?'

The C-130 pilot chuckled. 'I stood up, stretched my legs, walked
to the back, went to the bathroom,then got a cup of coffee and a
cinnamon bun.'

When you are young & foolish -speed & flash may seem a good thing !!!
When you get older & smarter - comfort & dull is not such a bad thing !!!

Us older folk understand this one.

Stolen from the Oleragtop, who stole it from who knows else.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I guess I am just getting to be one of those "old folks". Today and yesterday has been pretty cold up here on the Farm. YESTERDAY MORNING IT WAS SNOWING AND WIND WAS BLOWING SO HARD, YOU HAD A HARD TIME CATCHING YOUR BREATHE. But not as cold as it used to be when we lived closer to Springfield.
One winter we had about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Had a red Chevy standard cab long bed 4X4 5 spd with a 350 engine.
Remember the daughter and I driving east on our farm road to see if we could get out that way..... we finally made it, but I was saying those famous words "oh *hit" more than once in that two mile trek.
Needless to say the two of us did a bunch more of that OS ing coming in to the farm from the west.

But back then I could tolerate it, in fact even would go out and cut fire wood in snow, stack wood, put hay out, etc without much ado.

But these last couple days has got me saying "it's danged cold here".
I know the jeep, BBB, and the oleragtop will soon send me some sunshine, but danged guy, make it sooner than later.

I guess we are paying for that global warming we had earlier this year, but boy is it cold, and the wind makes it worse.

I imagine the Bus hasn't left his humble abode except to pick up the grandkids from school.

Send me sun, and warmth, and more warmth.

So Jeep and Oleragtop and BBB, stick it in your ear and don't send me anymore "oh it is so warm down here" because I read the Jeep's blog about this past weekend down on the "hill" in the Sunshine State.

Have fun and I'm going to bed and warm up next to the Barngoddess. This is definitely spooning weather. If you don't know what spooning is, watch Colonel Potter on MASH to find out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stolen fm the OleRagtop

Thanks John, still laughing at this one.

So the story goes:


It's a slow day in a little East Texas town.

The sun is beating down, and the streets are deserted.

Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit......

On this particular day a rich tourist from back east is driving through town. He stops at the motel and lays a $100 bill on the desk saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to spend the night.

As soon as the man walks upstairs, the owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher.

The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer.

The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill at the supplier of feed and fuel.

The guy at the Farmer's Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit.

The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner.

The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the rich traveler will not suspect anything.

At that moment the traveler comes down the stairs, picks up the $100 bill, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, pockets the money, and leaves town.

No one produced anything.

No one earned anything.

However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the United States Government is conducting business today.
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Friday, December 4, 2009

What is he then???

My brother, who is a lot younger than me, but quite a bit bigger, runs a blog over at


His post for today is:

Friday, December 4, 2009
Just To Let You Counters Know

Much like this occurrence, I am not the John in question....

And by knowing this olelongroof is not that pathetic allows me to

Well being the good older brother, I make it a point to editorialize his work.

I could not find the picture, nor any video of the john he says he is not in question with.

So I went and found a john that I think he is talking about.

Now the olelongroff goes by John-John to the neices and nephews, so it is fitting that I found a

JOHN-JOHN for him.

So here little bigger brother is your own John-John, and by giving you this gift I can


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something for BBB

The Jeep made sure that I realized I had forgotten to mention our eldest brother ... the BBB in my last posting. So a pic of the Jeep, BBB and the Oleragtop for starters

So I don't get the wrath of the BBB, who a bigshot in some firm that I can't even imagine him being associated with, which is one of the largest of its kind in the country, I give to BBB his own jangle.


























It's started

to the tune of Jingle bells

I'm sure this will start a variety of Oddities











Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a wild weekend

So this old Horsefarmer was talking with the Bus yesterday morning about a cousin of ours who used to dive for Jacques Coustoeo (SP) and I relayed that I was too tired to do anything.

The Bus told me that #10, our baby sister, the school teacher, was in town and had stopped by his place for a visit and they had a grand time looking thru old pictures. A little later, my daughter relayed that #10 was going to call me and wanted to come out for a visit.

In the mean time, that younger brother of mine, the Ole Long Roof Fan, called me from the Birth Place of Speed to relay that he was pounding the pavement of that great race track trying to see all 1,800 vendors at the hot rod show and parts extravaganza being held this weekend. Seems the Jeep got tickets from some friend of his and the Long Roof just couldn't see them going to waste. I told John to get tickets next year, and I would pull the mobile house down and spend the weekend there. Well not being able to sit on the phone while he bartered some guy for a beer mug with Springfield Mo hot rod nationals (or something like that on it), I told him I had to head for the garage to find a box of old photogs for the #10 school teacher and I to go through prior to playing out on our little homestead.

So I trudged out to the Ford Garage, that's what we call my little garage, it's only 30 by 40 and stuffed full of old ford parts, 3 fords, and misc horse items like stagecoach, wagons, harnass etc. Well one wall of that Ford Garage is nothing but shelves, floor to ceiling, 30 feet long. And let me tell you, those shelves are plumb full of everything that doesn't fit in a seabag. So the other day I tell the Barngoddess that I need a shop building to hold all my wood working equipment, my welding outfits, all my parts supplies, etc so we could park our Fords in the garage. I won't repeat what was said about a new building going up before she gets a roof over her hot tub....

So I made sure I had the correct boxes pinpointed should #10 the school teacher, come out.

The barngoddess mean whilst, is in bed with the flu, or some resemblence of the flu, that is making her sicker that a dog that ate horse manure..... anyway,

So my noble assistant and I decide to paint the master bathroom while waiting for the school teacher to come out. Saturday was picture perfect, the day to play outside, but as my noble assistant said, we can play when Aunt Joan gets here.
Well, the school teacher never did rescue me from painting that bathroom. And in fact, my noble assistant and I had to make two mad dashes to her favorite NASCAR sponsor's store for supplies.

For the first time that I can remember, that store did not have what was wanted for the master bathroom. Not on line, not in the store... boy was I disappointed. Their competitor (Home Depot) was too far away, so we dropped by Sutherland's in Aurora .... and bingo, they had what we wanted, and the bulbs were on sale too. Looked like the bulbs had been in inventory for awhile based on the dust covering them, but what the heck.

So late this evening, after another run to Lowes for paint... we came up a quart short of having enough wall paint to finish.... typical Lee planning.....
so off to Lowes and the noble assistant is laughing her head off at my presentation ........ I am dressed in shorts that are paint splattered, got paint on my legs where the shorts didn't cover, got my Lowe's commercial services shirt on that was also paint splattered, but who cares.... I also had paint in my hair... never said I was a neat painter, just a danged good one.

Ran into a woman from work, bound to hear about that tomorrow.......
So my noble assistant and I finally get the painting done, and put the new lights up and connected, and presto, everything works as it should.
So the new lights over the mirror now make it possible for me to shave in the mornings without guessing where I had run the razor. And the Barngoddess said she could see to put makeup on... I asked her why she put makeup on when she was such a hot chick.... won points for me today......

After doing a quick job of evening chores, grabbing a bite to eat, my noble assistant and I settled in for a 5 track race on the playstation... it's a game that I understand, 4 wheelers racing over circuits that I can easily manage.
For once since we have been playing, I only lost to my NA but 2 points.... boy did that make me feet good. She replied that she was exhausted from having to follow me around wiping up all the paint droppings and that's why I got so close....

But the bathroom is done, the Barngoddess loves it, my Noble Assistant even painted the baseboards, all the while our Sharks Angel was doing homework and studying for finals later this month....

adn that's how we CELEBRATED LIFE this past weekend.

#10 the school teacher, missed a grand time, I even had a rag for her to follow me around wiping up paint splatters...........

Joanny, catch you when we visit your state next year....

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey run 2009

So the LongRooffan, old John-John put the following post on this blog about today

Happy Thanksgiving

Just sitting here in thejeepjunkie's garage after a wonderful tradional Thanksgiving meal lovingly prepared by thesungoddess.

thejeepjunkie is untangling Christmas lights for the front of the Kid's house while the Kid heads off to work at that high faluting country club just up the road a piece.

the Kid's sister is inside playing with her new to her laptop and thesungoddess is putting up the Christmas tree.

And knowing that I don't have to do any of that really makes me thankful and I will

Celebrate Life.

WELL TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH......................




What??? Barngoddess you want me to do what????

No way... well ok dear, as you wish

So all enjoy your day off, weather here is beautiful sunny day, few high cirrus clouds in the sky, and just perfect.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Oh how I love Saturdays. The Barngoddess and I get to sleep in.

Weather here is great, one day is it Chamber of Commerce Day Weather (that is CoC Daytonna Beach, Fl) and the next is perfect for Aspen in the winter.

So sleeping in has become a tradition here at the farm, especially on Saturdays.

Leave the windows open, ceiling fan on, and boy isn't it great sleeping.

This morning................. different story.........

I kept dreaming that the Jeep and the Longroof were having way too much fun with a new toy..... something to do with numbers and Jeeps I imagine ( you know, CJ 2, CJ 5, CJ 7, CJ 9 ?????)

I always thought the CJ stood for Crazy Jeep (could be parlayed into Crazy John too)
and the number was so the Longroof could associate with them.

Anyway, wide awake at 5:30 AM today...... as we used to say in the USN,
failed open.

Alas, what to do, Barngoddess and I are snuggling and staying warm holding each other, perfect morning -- I believe Colonel Potter's term was "spooning".

BG: "Are you awake" HF: "Yes"
BG: "Wanta just get up" HF: "Might as well"

so at the unheard of hour of 5:30 in the morning on a Saturday, we are both wide awake and up eating breakfast.
Mind you, eggs from the chickens, meat from the pig, coffee and a beautiful gal across the table.

So into the computer to research my next idea, Barngoddess watching the morning news show.....

As soon as it's light, off to the stable to clean out the tack room (normal fall cleaning), then it is off to work on my Lil Mule and Casper.

But you can be assured that come 2:00 pm the Barngoddess and I will be pulling one of those "old folks" tricks (a quick trip to the bedroom for an afternoon nap)

So as you all plod through this day, remember to


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think these are the same person ???/

When I starts to a thinkings, then I sometimes starts to a wondering if I is a seeing things that aren't there

Aren't these two pictures of the same guy????????

Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's that sound?????


Well it's the sound of someone getting another year OLDER

only problem with him getting older, is so am I

I thought I had him pegged today, but I was off by a year,

old well, next year on his 50th will be some bigger prank

that will rock the country


JEEP enjoy your 49th year in this good ole country and in doing so



Monday, November 9, 2009

Veteran's Day

OK all you bloggers ......

trivia question..........

Why is Veterans' Day held on November 11th?

NO FAIR using Bing.com or google.com,
use your brain power if there is any left

Don't know????

11 th Month
11 th Day
11 th Hour
significant event occurred.

so use you Bing.com and google

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What a Trainset Layout

Good friend of mine was Engineer and then one of them "Ties" on the ole Santa Fe. He is an avid train person who is working on the ultimate layout at his place near the lake.

As a kid, we had a 4X8 HO layout that had about 5 levels and was really neat. Put it up in the parlor on St. Charles Place and BBB, the Bus, the Gentleman Farmer and I would spend hours playing with it.
Then while in Connecticut, I put together another train set in our Townhouse basement that was really cool (except mice love papermache)

Anyway here is a pic of the biggest layout around that Charlie sent me:

I have about 15 more pictures I can email, but would take 2 months to put up here,


This is the world's biggest train set which covers 1,150 square meters (12,380 square feet), features almost
six miles of track and is still not complete

Twin brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun, 41, began work on the 'Miniatur Wunderland' in 2000

The set covers six regions including America , Switzerland , Scandinavia , Germany and the Austrian Alps

The American section features giant models of the Rocky Mountains, Everglades, Grand Canyon ...

...and Mount Rushmore

The Swiss section has a mini-Matterhorn

The Scandinavian part has a 4ft long passenger ship floating in a 'fjord'

It is expected to be finished in 2014, when the train set will cover more than 1,800 square meters (19, 376 sq ft)
and feature almost 13 miles of track, by which time detailed models of parts of France, Italy and the UK will have been

It comprises 700 trains with more than 10,000 carriages and wagons

The longest train is 46ft long

The scenery includes 900 signals, 2,800 buildings, 4,000 cars - many with illuminated headlights.. .

...and 160,000 individually designed figures

Thousands of kilograms of steel and wood was used to construct the scenery...

The 250,000 lights are rigged up to a system which mimics night and day by automatically turning them on & off

The whole system is controlled from a massive high-tech nerve centre

In total the set has taken 500,000 hours and more than 8 million dollars to put together, the vast majority of which has
come from ticket sales

Gerrit said: "Our idea was to build a world that men, woman, and children can be equally astonished and amazed in"

Frederik added: "Whether gambling in Las Vegas , hiking in the Alps or paddling in Norwegian fjords - in Wunderland
everything is possible"

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So now I am looking for a 5th wheel tailgate for my big little mule.
It HAD a really nice tailgate, black with fancy sign advertizing the farm and our miniature horses... in fact have gotten quite a few hits from people who got our web page from that tailgate.

But as goes the weather, so goes me having a senior moment.

Anyway, I am now looking for a 5th wheel tailgate for my 2002 Ford F250 super duty short bed. It can be chrome or black, just needs to be cheaper than replacing the original tailgate.

Yeah, duh senior moment... open tailgate, unhook trailer from 5th wheel coupler, close tailgate, pull forward, Makes nice V in tailgate.

Got out and started laughing, because all the *&^*&%$&*( in the world wouldn't help the fact that I did it and by laughing,

you bet, I indeed


Saturday, October 17, 2009

One cool car, If I was younger

Fellow sent me an email wanting to trade, if I was 30 years younger I'd be all over a trade for this car..... alas old age is setting in...
KNOW anyone interested, contact the guy and tell him the Bronco man sent you.

93 del sol si, 4 wheel disc brakes, p/s, power windows (including rear window) etc.

One piece headlights, mugen front bumper cut out for intercooler and fog light delete (needs a little more work), f1 fenders, vader side skirts, rear wheel openings flared out, extreme rear bumper, all molded in, custom made taillights, j's design rear panel, tinted windows, custom paint, 17' motegi mr 12's, aerogear hood. etc, etc, etc

body work almost done, almost ready for paint


Factory del sol leather seats (hard to find and really expensive), factory floor mats still in ok condition, carbon fiber center piece for steering wheel, mugen harnesses, harness bar, driver's side full pillar replacement with 3 digital gauges (oil press, volts, a/f), pass side triple pillar pod (oil press, oil temp, 1 empty), and a water temp guage in the passenger side vent, autometer carbon fiber boost gauge fiberglassed into driver's side vent, eq fiberglassed into center vents, upper door panel recovered in white vinyl, radar detector hard wired in, etc etc etc


cd player, clif designs eq, custom black and white vinyl covered ported box right behind seats for 2-12's, vafc2, turbo timer, etc, etc, etc


jdm b16a2, low compression rebuild (etc etc), arp head studs, p28 ecu rechipped with an IAB modular chip loaded with a GSR program, t3/t4 turbo, front mount, manual boost controller in place of cig. lighter in console, all stainless charge pipes, tubular manifold, 2.5 inch stainless dp, high flow cat, tanabe super hyper medallion cat back exhaust, aem fuel rail, adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge, vortech fmu, adjustable cam gears, aluminum radiator w/ high flow fan, etc etc etc etc etc
just put on cam gears and needs new timing belt put on, also could use a new fuel pump, has a 255plh walhbro in it now.

Suspension etc:

Hasport mounts, dropzone coilovers, drilled rotors (all4, rear not installed), front and rear upper strut bars, front h-brace, rear lower tie bar, megan rear lower control arms, harness bar (b-pillar bar) etc, etc

WAY too much to list, way too much to remember.

Trade or Trades are possible, but it'd have to be something nice, truck, suv, etc. maybe even a nice bike/motorcycle. Cash works too, make me an offer, no lowballers, no sammers, don't contact me about anything except the car, i don't need work on my house, i don't need to make money fast, i'm not a sucker and i dont have time for bs.

I have A LOT of time and money invested in this car, i'm not going to give it away, but i'm not stupid either, i don't expect to get all my money back out of it.

NOTE: figured i should mention that it doesn't look exactly like it does in the pics, the tailights and rear panel are molded in now, and it's beeing prepped for primer and paint. not like it looks a lot different, but it is worth mentioning.

Location: Verona (Aurora/Monett)
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


PostingID: 1412048338

Some reason I can't copy all the photos.

And doing this allows me to really

Celebrate Life helping someone else out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wanna trade...........

1966 BRONCO (2), need F350 - $15000 (Marionville, MO)

TWO 1966 Ford Broncos, both with full top and doors. Both have 302 V8.
CASPER (THE WHITE ONE) was my wife's. Comes with 302 V-8 and automatic on the floor with a new shifter. Runs great (although is cold blooded) and drives right out. 4 wheel drive also works great. Has manual lock out hubs. Newer high back cloth bucket seats and correct rear bench newly covered in black vinyl. Also comes with original front bucket seats that have been professionally re-foamed with new black vinyl covers. Has roll bar that is not installed - took out to put in new full length vinyl floor and front cabin insulation. Easy to put back in. Only needs gas guage hooked up, and speedometer connected. This vehicle is licensed and insured and street legal. If you jump on the brakes real hard, it will pull to the left. Just haven't fixed that yet. Newer steering column with turn signal that works as it should. Has add on heater that works great and is hooked up to defroster (made the defroster vents myself and they work great).
MY LIL MULE (THE TEAL ONE) also comes with 302 V-8 but has a three speed on the floor. Runs great and is my daily driver to work and around the countryside. 4 wheel drive leaves nothing to be desired. Has manual lock out hubs. Newer high back cloth bucket seats and the correct rear seat, presently not in the truck. Has padded roll bar and the original speedometer and guages that work, along with additional guages. Has era correct glove box with fuse box inside. Has original heater that works. Picture is with full roof and doors off. However, the roof and doors and back on this truck since the weather turned cold. Top is silver, doors same color as truck.
Both come with black bikini tops. Have lots of extra parts that go with the Broncos (new warn hubs, weather stripping, misc)

NOW THE OFFER: We need a F350 or F450 to pull our 5th wheel camper.

WHAT WE NEED: 2002 or newer, FORD F350 or F450 long bed pickup truck, crewcab (that seats 6 with 4 ful doors), 4 wheel drive, AUTOMATIC Tranny, Diesel with less than 200,000 miles. The seats must be cloth, with the front seats being individual buckets with the center consule that lifts up for a third person to ride in the front. We don't want leather or vinyl seats, nor the captain chairs that only allow 2 front seat riders. Should be in good condition without major flaws.
Must have clear title and NOT BE A SALVAGE TITLE. Should have towing package (as all F350s do), fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches a bonus.

Dodge and Chevy don't bother replying. We want the Ford.
Salvage title owners need not apply, you'll waste your time and mine.
Scammers, find someone else to harass.

Email me with what you have, a picture would also be nice.

Straight trade is best for us.
Want to buy Bronco outright? Casper $5,000. My Lil Mule $10,000.00

Location: Marionville, MO
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Monday, October 5, 2009


Alas poor ole me, just a humble Horse Farmer with a herd of horses, a pack of cows, bunches of chickens, two dogs, a number of cats, untold ground moles, a tractor and several instruments....

My big Little Mule, of course the Long Roof was holding down the back bumper so it wouldn't walk away

my Little big Mule

the Barngoddess's Little Mule,

a stagecoach,

along with a bunch of other farm related items..........

Well it's time to pick out my next modus of transportationus........

very difficult decision as there are sooo many makes and models out there....

But I am only going to get one make of car... a Ford Product...

now before you rant that Chebby or Dodge or Honda or some other namebran are better, you have to realize that the Barngoddess and I are Ford people... always will be, always have been since my 1965 Ford F-100 pickup truck back in 1971.....

We've had Chebbys and Dodges and Buicks and Volkswagens, but I must add that the Fords are the ones that we keep coming back too.

So my new automobile will have to be this:

Yes a pink Lincoln limo, just perfect for driving the Barngoddess to Walmart with.

And that is how we might Celebrate Life.........

should I buy one or not??????? Vote now

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How do you say no to this

Now I am a pretty low key guy that likes to come home to the company of the Barngoddess, my daughter the Shark's Angel, and her daughter, the Little Princess.
I am not the type that likes to mill about in large crowds, and have been known to not go somewhere because too many people would be there.

No phobias or anything, just life in the Navy about ships and submarines, makes me appreciate the quiet time with my family.

At the job I have, I meet quite a few veterans of all walks of life. I have made many friends that make it a point to look me up when they are at the clinic, even if only to say hi.

So the Barngoddess and I have been trying to figure where to spend 4 days in the "home away from home" to rest and relax and recharge batteries and just be with each other. Past trips have included a stint on a gravel bar on the Current River; a quiet stay at the Viola Park Campground; a couple days on the Grand Lake; always a way to just be with each other without the hassles of everyday life.

So the other day the phone at work rings and the conversation goes something like this:

Eddie: Tommy, this is Eddie, whats up?

Me: Not much just trying to get through to Wednesday when I got 4 days off

Eddie: 4 days off, must be nice... hey one of my hearing aids got chewed up by my little dog, what'll I do

Me: Send it to me and we'll get a replacement.

Eddie: Hey when you coming to Branson? You promised you'd come down sometime.

Me: Well this weekend we are still trying to decide where to go

Eddie: Get down here and I'll get you tickets to the show.

Me: Ok, Friday am show ok?

Eddie: Yep, I'll call the box office

So the Barngoddess and I decide on Compton Ridge Campground in Branson
Wi-fi, indoor heated pool, lots of great views, great privacy

and of course Friday 10 am show.

Ever heard of the "World Famous Platters" performing at the Starlite Theatre in Branson MO??

Well Eddie is one of them.

So how do you say no to something like that???

The Gentleman Farmer taught me well......

You go and be gracious and enjoy the hell out of yourself...

And by treating people as you would like to be treated, and showing a concern for them, we are rewarded in being able to say that we truly


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talked good but didn't.......

So after a rainy day yesterday, and not getting a thing done,

the Barngoddess and I finally get out of bed around 11:30 today. Yep that's 11:30 am, almost noon time.
So I stagger into the den with a cup of java to read my horrorscope and find out what kind of day it will be.

Sitting here with that beautiful lovely Barngoddess next to me on her computer playing solitaire, (it's sometimes hard to concentrate on what I was originally going to do when she is next to me and oh so close... but I digress or degress or Oh forget it) so I asked her if she wanted to go check out that campground she has been wanting to spend a couple days at.
Now the add for this campground, and the rating, make it sound like the place to go and spend a couple days relaxing and catching up on the rest and other things.
So we leave at 1 PM and head about a 100 miles north east to check out this campground. Arriving we realized that the famous statement of the Gentleman Farmer was true to fact in this case
"Talks good but doesn't listen so well".

So we return home via Rte 66 to see if anything is worth taking the Little Princess to along that famous route. Lots of bumps, lots of Rte 66 signs, but not much else.

So I guess we'll try to find another place to R&R. But that is the best thing about being able to travel and find neat places to


Monday, September 14, 2009

2009 National Mini Horse Show, Tulsa, OK

By George I think she's got it, she's got it, she's got it
in fact I'm sure she's got it.........

Last Tuesday, the Barngoddess, the Little Princess and I headed to Tulsa OKLA for the National Miniature Horse Registry Show. This is an annual show that brings contestants from around this great USA and our friendly neighbor to the North, Canada, to showcase thier miniature horses.

This year the Little Princess started showing minis in June at a Regional Show just outside St. Louis MO, followed by regional shows in Columbia and Carthage MO.
She was showing not only the Haven Lee Farm horses, but also showed a horse named "... Double" that belongs to the Barngoddess's good friend.

Six weeks ago, the girls got together and the Little Princess was taught the ropes to driving a horse pulling a little two wheel cart. Now the Little Princess is a quick learner and this proved to be the fact this past week.

So onto the story.........
Tuesday was a trip to Tulsa with the Home away from Home. Got there and unpacked and helped set up the stalls for the coming week. We all spent the night and I got to go back to work Wednesday am. PS it's a heck of a commute from tulsa to Mt Vernon.
Any way....
The Little Princess showed in a number of classes: Hunter Jumping and Regular Jumping along with Halter class. The Hunter Jumping is where the horse has to jump over so many obstacles without hitting the jump. In Regular Jumping the course is similiar but different... don't ask me, I thought they looked the same. And halter is where you show the horse without doing much except having the horse set up correctly. The LP didn't do too good in these classes. Horse knocked over jumps, etc.
But along came "Showmanship" and our little princess took 8th out of 20 some. This class involves the horse doing it's job, along with the LP doing her part. To come out with 8th is remarkable for a person only having showed 3 times prior. GREAT JOB SHE DID......

Then came the costume classes. She was with a group that took Reserve National Championship on Firday night and returned with a different horse and costume on Saturday Morning and took Grand National Championship.

But the cream of the whole show was when I got to watch as she drove for the first time in a show, no less the National Show. She drove "Double" the gelding owned by Viola's friend. Our little girl took 5th place overall. One judge even rated her as #2 (but the other Judges didn't..who cares) she came away with a 5th at her first show driving.... what an honor.
Here we see her getting ready for the big event.

and here is a picture of her actually driving...... too bad this old man can't take pictures that are in focus.

What an honor to watch the Little Princess driving. She was better than some of the others, in fact a lot better, but as we are an unknown name and not some big fancy trainer....... well the Little Princess was indeed #2 in driving and will show it next year when she drives somemore.

So home finally late sunday night and back to the rat race again today.

The Little Princess and the Barngoddess are still on cloud nine from a 5th and then an 8th showing, along with the costume classes..... but to take a 5th after only 6 weeks driving, and at her first show driving (the NATIONAL EVENT) indeed makes us really


to the fullest.

Congrats Little Princess and I look forward to watching your excellent driving skills next year with your own horse.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Pic of Barngoddess

So to see a good picture,
go to


for the 7th of September 2009.

Top left corner is picture of our stagecoach and 4 up, with the Barngoddess smiling as usual, and the Bus shoveling shit again.

This is what ALLOWS US TO


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watch out Boys

Here is my Little Princess and Fabio.....

This was taken at the July American Miniature Horse Registry Show in Columbia Mo.

After looking at the mail (see previous post), I found this picture and all is now well at the Haven Lee Farm...........

But watch out boys, Grandpa has a twelveguage to keep you all in line.

Remembering this show, and the trails and tribulations of showing makes me

definitely want to


Sharks angel or Long roof, how do I make this scan full page, vice 1/4 page/////???
who cares, this gal is great and I love her so much.......


So today is Thursday, I take off and at 8:15 am the Barngoddess and Little Princess and I head to the City for a couple doctor appointments and pick up some parts for the "Home Away From Home", in anticipation of next week being in Tulsa all week.

Big Bad Bob is very familiar with that town, and probably can give me some pointers.. ie: where the local speed traps are... etc....

Anyway, trip was good, got the parts we needed, came home and put them on that "Home Away From Home" and then came in and looked at the Mail.



PANIC TIME YET?????????????????????

With great apprehension I slowly opened the envelope and dicovered "HELL HAS NO FURRY LIKE THE IRS OWED AND A WOMAN SCORNED"

The great IRS has determined that my Military Retirement is now TAXABLE......
effective in the year of the Lord, 2007.............

Reading this multi page document I find horrors..............

YOU OWE THE IRS $2,910.00 plus interest and penalties.................

You should have heard this ex-submarine sailor's utterances upon reading that....
glad the Little Princess wasn't around.

So Now I have to get with the Accountant and figure out what the hell the IRS is attemping and what are they doing?????

I feel like I should be nominated for a Cabinet Post for I too am delinquent in my taxes........ or so the IRS says.......Heck maybe I can run for Roy Blunt's seat and get elected (he too owed taxes - that he didn't know he owed ... yeah and I got a bridge for sale).........

and the kicker...... I have till 9/30/09 to make the payment or get more penalties and more interest.............

I now know how Charlie Brown feels every time Lucy moves the football when he is ready to kick............... augggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

So to the Bus I say, your insurance was cancelled... but the IRS hitting me up again makes me madder.

Remembering back in 1990 I had to write a check for $24,500.00 m/l to the IRS after we returned from Hawaii. Capital gains was the word.. Accountant made a mistake that time too, and I had to write another check to the IRS for $8,800.00 m/l.

Damned thought I was finished with all that owing crap....

A poorer horsefarmer can only hope the IRS is wrong and I can again remember to


Sunday, August 23, 2009


So the weather hasn't been cooperating with this ole Horse Farmer and after a month of no top on his Bronc, understanding it was almost the coldest July on record... and August is heading right up there in the books (50s at night)... global warming?? not in Missouri that's for sure....
Anyway, after running around for a month or so with just the bikini top on the Bronc, I decided to replace the hard top so I can continue to drive it in rain and 50 degree weather.
So my back being out, and not being able to lift anything really puts a damper on putting the hardtop back on......... but wait, here's where the Deere comes in.

Yep, just ask the little Deere to do the job and presto, we are done.
some pics to show how to in Missouri........

You see my Noble Assistant sitting on the Deere waiting for her next command.
and of course don't forget Sharks Angel and the Barngoddess who also helped.

And that folks is how we put the roof back on the Bronc .....

and Celebrate Life

Saturday, August 22, 2009

1966 bronco for sale

Hey, just to inform you all,

the Barngoddess has decided to sell her 1966 bronco.

know anyone who may want it, give me a call or respond here.

She now wants a one ton dually crew cab F350 or F450 with a diesel and auto tranny.

So we have too many vehicles and she is selling hers.

so we

Celebrate Life


Hey everyone, my granddaughter just came in an told me that I haven't written anything here in a long time. Looking around, I guess I haven't. Finding that it is a little hard to sit here in the den and write after my spill a couple weeks ago. The old man has had back problems in the past and after falling off the top of the hay truck a couple weeks ago, it is difficult to sit at a desk all day at work and come home and sit at the desk in the den and write.
Thank goodness for pain pills.

Now the best part:


All you bloggers who frequent garage sales, this is one you don't want to miss.
Located one block off highway 39, 4 miles south of the bridge in GREEN SHORES subdivision. about 100 yards north of the catholic church on 39, opposite side of highway. Friday and Saturday. Charlie has a ton of fishing stuff (and I mean lots) and a bunch of other stuff. GG (Delores) had the garage full also.

Now the best part.... buy the stuff that is in the garage. But garage itself is not for sale.

Nice garage though.

So the Little Princess and Sharks Angel are off again to Shell Know to help with the set up.

August 28 and 29, mark on your calendars to attend this huge sale. C and D have been married over 50 years so this is a huge collection to be offered for sale.

Good luck shopping and remember to


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Awh Saturdays.........

Awh Saturdays, gotta love them.
Time off from work to rest and relax.........


Got the weedeater and did all the trimming around fences, buildings, hitching posts; this was after spending 4 hours mowing the grass (including paddocks); which was after spendng 70 big ones buying fuel so those big fancy mowing machines will work.

Then the Barngoddess reminds me that we are to pick up some more alfalfa square bales at 5:30.........
So to the field we go, little 12 mile jaunt, get 150 bales in the bed of the Little Mule and on the trailer....

Then about 10 of the bales fall off the front of the trailer, so one of the guys and I load them back on and put 8 more on the truck. Not a problem for a 59 year old guy, standing on 5 rows of bales stacked in the back of the little mule..... only about 10 feet in the air.

It was getting off that I lost my footing and down I came..... landed on my butt and back. scared the pee wads out of the Barngoddess.... but I landed on my butt and therefore I am not hurt too bad....

Got home and with the Daughters assistance, we unloaded and stacked those 150 bales in the hay barn (yeah Long Roof, the hay goes in the hay barn), finally got done at dark and boy was I sore.

Throughout the night, the aches and pains kept waking me up........ I sure am sore this morning. So the hot tub got a work out...

And that's what I did on Saturday. rested...... yeah sure.........

Today it is off to Jay Okla to look at a truck to pull out mobile house with.

So later all

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wanna trade

So I gots this 66 Bronco, uncut front fenders, 302 w/auto tranny, original seats and plush seats, call her Casper....... wannna trade

I need a F350 dually long bed, deisel, prefer automatic, prefer later model (ie less than 10 years old), has to be a crew cab.... wife refuses to sit in back seat.........
danged if I aint picky..........

Well actually, wife has a 66 Bronco, 302 auto, that she wants to trade for a F350 dually so she can tow her travel trailer safely.......

what's you got?????????????

ps: manual transmission is like manual labor........ I can do it, but I can't do it very well...............

Monday, July 20, 2009

What a ride............


Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming...Wow! What a ride!" Melvin Trotter 1924-2006

I only hope my old body wears out at the appropriate time and as I go, I shout
"Celebrate Life"

Angelton, TX Horse..... Show ??

So I am looking for a vacation spot for the Barngoddess and myself to head out during the month of October 2009. Found this really neat car race that will put Nascar in the back room.

Thanks to the Oleragtop, my little bigger brother, I have been investigating a race that is run with cars that have a TOP dollar limit of 500 big ones, or 5 c notes.
Not a cent more or you are disqualified.

So Total Travel Estimates: Time: 10 hours 54 minutes Distance: 669.33 miles

This is from the Haven Lee Farm in Marionville MO. Now understand that the farm is a click from Marionville (if you don't know what a click is, ask a veteran, they'll be glad to edumacate you as to terminology), but I have an Aurora Mo address.
Go figure, wonder why the USPS is in the hole and has to keep increasing your postage rate..... I'm 7 miles from the Aurora Post Office and 1.2 from Marionville.

Our Postal Service............

Anyway. Race Weekend: 24-25, October 2009


go to this web site for more info...
get ready to laugh yourself silly as you follow the rules and regs and general info.....
I love the "fans favorite" and the "People's curse"..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4tuap8DVRQ.
Gotta beat Nascar because these people go

"left and Right" not just "turn left, turn left, stay high, stay low"


have fun and may see you there............ just got to get the Barngoddess convinced this is a horse event......... (not fibbing, as there will be horse power there)

will have to bring ear plugs so the boss won't think I have been driving the tractor without ear protection.............

love it
and this enables us to


Hey ACLU, shove this up your...........

Veterans fight to keep Mojave Desert war memorial

After WWI many U.S. soldiers moved to the Californian desert to find physical and emotional healing. In 1934, they erected a memorial to honor their fallen comrades, a single white cross, – a symbol used around the world to memorialize those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
The site for the memorial was chosen because at a certain time of day, the sun casts a shadow on the rock which resembles a WWI doughboy. For more than 75 years, the memorial has stood as a reminder that there were those who fought and died for our freedoms. But sadly today, the ACLU and a federal judge in California, want to tear it down. In fact, the judge has ordered the memorial covered from view while the case is on appeal. Please join us in saying “donttearmedown.” We think Americans should honor their war heroes and the freedoms they so valiantly protect; and we’re taking our case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court this fall. Please join us in this battle, go to www.donttearmedown.com.

Thanks Chriscent
Thanks Bits and Pieces

Thomas C. Lee
HMCS(SS) USN Retired

Saturday, July 11, 2009


For those of you who are quite up to speed (and I don't mean Nascar speed, or the movie "Speed"), my younger brother "The Jeep" and his family were back in the good ole ozarks this past week.

Now as part of his vacation, he had to bring his golf clubs and play a round or two with this old horsefarmer.
Now last Monday, the two of us hit the links at my home course in Mt Vernon MO. In all fairness to the Jeep, he is on vacation, resting away the day doing nothing. Poor me is at work slaving away keeping things in order. So immediately after work Monday, we tee off and after 18 holes, the Jeep is in the hole one stroke. The longroof blogged about that game, go to his blog and you can read it. Click on By the Numbers link to the right.

Now on Thursday, immediately after work, the Barngoddess and I jump in the big little mule and head for the Clever alfalfa field and pick up a load of 70# square bales... back the the farm and I get to unload those bales into the big barn. So now I have 180 square bales of alfalfa in the barn, ready for the hot tub, but instead the Barngoddess was looking out for my best interests and she hands me a "cold activated can" of that rockie mountain hi beverage. An hour and about 6 of those cans later I was still sitting in that lawn chair, didn't feel anypain, but the body was getting stiff.

Anyways, this ole horsefarmer takes Friday off so he can visit his favorite Dentist (Dr. Kline of Springfield MO - she has a great crew and I am comfortable with her doing my annual dental work) to have a crown put on. One of those old fillings the USN DDS people put in 30 some years ago.
So the horsefarmer goes to the Dentist and they drill and drill and cut and trim and finally get the crown correct, not too much the worse for wear on this ole man. Doc Kline and crew turn me loose and I head over and pick up the Jeep for the final round of the first Haven Lee Farm invitational golf tourney. So here I am, dentist did a number in my mouth, I am still stiff from putting all those square bales in the barn, my head hurts a little from too much rockie mountain hi, and I am on the golf course with the Jeep.
I did take a couple of those Hydrocordone pills so I could at least move....
The Jeep and I play a great game of golf.... we had enough excellent shots to bring us back for the second Haven Lee Farm invitational to be held down in blue hair land sometime in the future.
If you need to know, the Jeep beat this ole horsefarmer by 3 strokes. So when you figure in the 1st 18 and the 2nd 18, I only owe him a couple c notes.
Jeep- I'd rather owe it to you than cheat you out of it.
So now you have it. The young jeep beat this ole man.... dejavu back to 1990 when I did the same to the Gentleman Farmer when we played out on that Payne Stewart course north of town.

Jeep and family are on the road home, and I got a honey due list that is 3 miles long, so off I go to cross some of them off.

But it's playing golf with my younger brother, that allows me to


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I've been scammed.... almost

Now I have been the object of plenty of scam attempts and have caught them all before I got burned.
Here is a new swing to the old game.
First: I am an older man who doesn't tend to make rapid changes in the new world of this internet and "twitter" "text messaging" "cell phone" "cell phone cameras" etc.. in other words, the newer world wide techie crap.
I just like the internet, I like being able to blog, I like email but would rather talk on the phone.

Second: I have a cell phone, so does my wife, and my daughter. all on the same account. I don't like paying a cell phone bill every month, but chaulk it up to the modern times (when the wife and I were in our 20s and 30s, we didn't need a cell phone while traveling). I hate text messages, I can't stand twitter and all that other abreviated crap that is the current rage.

Now the scam attempt by my local cell phone company that has been bought out by a bigger cell company that brags about coverage and all those people behind you on the t&v commercials. I already said I hate text messages, therefore when I get one on my cell phone... I ignore it.
So the cell company sends me a text message on 6/14/09 that says I agree to accept a Premium A____L purchase #38146 Gamerdata at the cost of $9.99 per month, taxes and fees not included.... GET THIS: IF I DON'T REPLY AND SAY NO I DON'T WANT IT.


SCAM ATTEMPT............ if I was not pinching pennies this month, I would have paid the bill without looking at the charges. So my cell phone bill was not the usual 102.66 but 113.51......... you do the math... 9.99 a month comes out to $10.85 a month that is charged if you don't reply to a text message........


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today is Wednesday, but it is really Thursday for this poor ole government worker. See for you that don't know better, the good ole US of A government employees get to have Friday off. Makes for a nice 3 day weekend.

So after work today, I proceed to the local Mt Vernon MO golf course for a round of relaxation. Mind you the Barngoddess called me at 3:30 and again at 4:00 and told me to stop and play nine on the way home, she wanted to take a nap and didn't want me there napping with her cause she wanted to sleep.

So I stop and take a beautiful walk through some of Mt Vernon's lovely country side. Feel like I am starting to get some of the old golf me back into my game.

The JEEP relayed to me "sic" the inaugural Haven Lee Farms golf tournament, schedualed for the week following the Fourth of July weekend is set....all comers and takers are welcome to participate...understand that my friends Auggie and the Captain will be in attendance to insure that my game will be a stroke below anyone else's...besides, I learned how to score the game from BBB....nobody knows 'customer golf' better than he does....oh, by the way, I will bring the asprin so you bring the tape....if needed, you can tape an asprin to your sore spots....

So to let everyone know, this tourney will be held in Springfield MO, most probably at the Horton Smith Golf Course, south of Sunshine on Scenic, just west of the Fed Prison. No jokes about false representation on the score card and the prison. But I still know a couple guards there.

I may practice, but I haven't been on the Horton Smith Golf Course since 1990. All players can be assured that I am not sizing up that course before the tourney.
As for today's round: Parred 3 holes.
Also, for the first time that I can remember, I was about ten paces away from an eagle on the par 5 #8 hole. A perfect drive of 210 yards, followed by a 3 wood that went 210 yards, and I was 4 paces off the green. Cup sat 4 more paces .....
I parred the hole after two putting. from 4 feet.
Jeep you don't have to worry, my putting is terrible... hell terrible isn't the word for it....... my putting has gone to Tampa and got sucked up by that tornado.

This weekend is the trip to Columbia MO for another miniature Horse show. My noble assistant (the Little Princess) will be showing 2 horses, and the Barngoddess will be driving two in competition. Me? I am the gate keeper for both days, so I just get to work the weekend away. (Pays the hotel bill though).

So see you all next week where I hope to have some pictures to post that show the Little Princess doing her thing, and the Barngoddess driving to the winners circle.

Hey Bus, Friday July 10th, afternoon looks good for golf if you want to join. We need someone to drive the beverage wagon.

Celebrate Life and drive safely this weekend.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday madness

Here in the good ole southwestern part of Missouri, there is no such thing as a true redneck in regards to the television world

couldn't find the New Hampshire NASCAR race on any of the local tv stations.
Alas I don't have cable, so maybe thats part of the problem, I ain't a true redneck cause I don't have cable and 4 junk cars in my front yard......

So this afternoon, weather is perfect, better than florida, nice easy breeze blowing and I decide that the Barngoddess and I should proceed to the local Honey Creek Golf Country Club to endulge in a few rounds of my favorite game (next to drinking rockie mountain highs or earnest hemmingways favorites).
So we proceed to the Country Club and I pay for a bucket of balls (to warm up on) and eighteen holes of golf with a cart so we don't ahve to walk. Now it's Sunday and you are supposed to rest, so riding the cart is resting.
Barngoddess and and I head out following a three some (they teed off on the blue tees, and poor little me out drives them from the white tees, so after two holes they let us play through.
Enough said, on the first hole, the Barngoddess is talking on the cell to "Auxarc" (little did I know who auxarc was until this past week), anyway The Bus was trying to get ahold of me, to no end.
Then one of my coworkers calls, wants to know what I am doing, Barngoddess tells him and that's the end of that story.
Sometime around hole three, as I make that beaut of a drive (225 straight down the middle of the fairway) the Jeep calls and gets on my case for practicing. Now how the hell did he know I was on the course -- I didn't tell Longroof where I was going. Ah esp??? anyway I couldn't hear what he was saying, there were too many girls in bikinis around for me to accurately hear what was being said (ie the Jeep must have been on the beach). I hope he was practicing his sand shots, cause the course we are going to play the
'HAVEN LEE FARM ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF TOURNEYMENT" on has plenty of beaches for the Jeep to feel right at home. Also has lots of water so if the Kid joins us, he'll want to bring his surf board to rescue all the ball the Jeep will feed the surf with.
Now this golf tourney is open for various states and times of the year, so should I venture to Florida, we shall have to endulge the Florida crowd with a local course of their own. Might even talk BBB and Long Roof in going along to man the Beverage cart and snack bar cart.

So play the front nine six greens in regulation, too bad my putting was terrible.
Good drives right down the middle of the fairway, everything going great, except putting... 3 putted more greens than were on the front nine.
Go to the back nine and gets better. Drives are straight until #14. Course Marshall comes up to us and askes how many holes we are going to play? Seems I only paid for nine with the cart (damned my memory is going), barngoddess coughs up 8 bucks more and we continue the back nine. Could have sworn I paid for 18, and in fact I did, but only 9 with a cart.
#15 is a par 5 hole, straight and long. In three shots I was even with the green... too bad all three shots went out of bounds to the left into some guys cow pasture. mean looking bull out there with his girls, so I didn't climb the fence and look for the balls.
16, 17, and 18 are water holes. Water to the left, water across the center of the fairways..... honey creek runs thru these holes.
So I end up parring the final three holes, on the greens in regulation, but two putting every green.
Come home exhausted. Pain pills ran out about hole number 14, so just struggled thru the last few holes.
Home is sweet, had a beer in the garage, girls pulled all kinds of carrots from the garden, (if I ate them all, I'd be Buggs Bunny).
Life is sweet. Watched the LongRoof's video with pics of the family from better days, and know what.... we just

Celebrated Life today.... hope you did too.

The newest hay hauler on the farm

So my noble assistant and I got the haybarn cleaned out yesterday. Moved a bunch of last years round bales outside, moved lumber pile and alfalfa hay bale and generally got the barn ready for this years hay.

Yesterday it was a little hot (100 in Republic, 103 in Billings, 104 on the back porch). For those of you who think it was too hot yesterday, I post this picture to "cool you off"

Tuesday after work we go after 400 small square bales of alfalfa to put in our little barn. One redeeming factor, got a crew to load the truck and trailer, so all I have to do is unload into the correct space in the barn.

A tunderstorm came through about 3 this morning soaking everything good, means the garden will grow anothe couple feet today.
So this week sometime, we will try to get the weather to cooperate so we can bale the front and put those round bales in the barn without getting wet.

Had my noble assistant take a pic of the new hay hauler we have:
thought you would chuckle about the little golf cart --
hay wagon truckster wanta be.
{Stole that term from the Long roof}

So enjoy and celebrate life

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where have you gone

While working on the show cart tonight, the thought that I haven't posted in quite awhile got me to thinking of that famous song from my younger days "where have you gone Joe Damagio"
I know that wasn't the name of the song, but guess what the true name of the song was, and what movie it was from, and you might win a prize.

So my last post was on my birthday.

since then it has been hectic city around here.

We attended a miniature horse show in Carthage, MO.
Several blue and red ribbons, along with a bunch of 3,4,5 and 6 places. Seems every class the Barngoddess and the Little Princess entered, they came away with a placing.
Little Princess was in Showmanship and several halter classes.
Barngoddess drove in one class. When the two of us entered in a class, one of the team got spooked and started kicking and bucking. Barngoddess kept a handle on the team preventing a run away until several people came up to help, hell came running up to help. I was stuck on the stagecoach until someone from the stands came out and asked if she could hold the team while I went and checked on the horse. Barngoddess was driving Sugar and Dandy in her new little runabout buckboard wagon, and I had Carlos and CD on the stage coach. Long story short, Sugar is now retired to be a broodmare and will no longer be driven. So we are looking for a mate to Dandy, Carlos and CD. But no one got hurt except the horse, and she is ok now.

We have also been swamped with the garden. Corn is as high as an elephant's eye, and it seems to be growing clear up to the sky.... another song and another movie.

Barngoddess put up 4 quarts of green beans last night, while the appliance repairman fixed our ice box. Yeah, this 3 year old refrigerator that was top of the line is on it's second repair visit in as many years. Didn't loose any food because of the garage ice box and the kid's ice box, plus the freezers in the garage. Just a pain in the arse if you know what I mean.

Coming back from the show (Barngoddess and I spent Sunday night downthere on a get away from everything evening, so at 10 in the morning just outside Mt Vernon, one of the trailer tires decides to fall apart. You know those alligators on the highways and byways that trucks leave? we left some too. So to the local tire place in Mt Vernon, and find that two other tires are full of dry rot and ready to go at any time. But the computer says they have 4, can only find 3, so 3 it is. Now waiting for the 4th to arrive so we can head to Columbia for another show Independence Day weekend. Barngoddess will be driving, Lil Princess will be in Showmanship, color and halter classes. I get to the job as gate keeper for both days. So I won't be able to help either one, they are on their own. Sharks angel gets to stay home and mind the homefront, protecting the farm from Communists insurgents, redneck cattle rustlers, etc. She is getting pretty good with that twelve guage, so I wouldn't test her if I was you.

Working on the Broncs and all the other things that have to do with farming. Still haven't put our hay up yet, but finally got the barn ready to accept whatever is produced. I figure at least 45 bales of good grasses, if not more.

So that is what we have done. Didn't get any pictures, oh well the Gentleman Farmer would yell at me for that. "What good does it do to have a camera if you don't use it?" I won't say where the camera was... my back pocket part of the time.

so we continue to be busy, show practice and all the necessary prelims to doing it.
I also have been busy with the new golf clubs the Barngoddess found for me, including a new bag and a close friend gave me his pull cart. I like to take off after work and play nine. Watch out Jeep, you better start practicing now to even get close to my score.

so as we go about the daily duties and responsibilities....
oh yeah, probate said for me to send the checks, so Barngoddess will be dropping them off at Attorney Miller's tomorrow to be mailed to the ten (cash them quick)....

Celebrate Life

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to spend your Birthday

So yesterday was my birthday. 59 big ones and getting older.
Nice thing about hitting 60 next year, my annual golf fees will drop from $475 to $350. Great..

So Friday morning I get up at 6:30 and am at the VA Clinic at 7:30 to get my blood work done. 8 am doing the annual eye exam, and 8:30 doing the annual physical thing.
So I am healthy, wise and not so wealthy after all that.

Come home and want to go to the golf course and play 18. Think I could sneak out?

Yeah right after I get the lawn mowed. So 5 hours later... yes 5 hours later...
see our lawn is not only the small front yard, but also both sides of the drive heading down to the highway, across the front of the property in the ditch that MO DOT only mows once a year (can't blame the guys, budget cuts), then got to mow the paddocks so the horses don't get too much of that long great eating grass, and finally the Barngoddess's path around my big hay field.

Got all that done. Someone once asked me why I cut all that grass instead of making hay out of it.


Makes sense to me!

Anyway, sitting resting under the portable canopy I was about to have a long cold one when the Barngoddess says she needs my help.

So for the rest of the afternoon, I clipped out little white horse "Fabio", getting him ready for show time next weekend.

Spent an hour after finished clipping, spitting short white hairs out of my mouth, brushing them off my body. Finally gave up and took a shower.. then the hot tub was calling. Got in the hot tub and finally had one of those long tall cold ones that come from the Rocky mountains.

Ended up in bed asleep before the news came on... I must be getting old when I can't stay awake to watch Leno, ooops watch Conan.

So that's how I spend my day. and in doing that I sure did


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

She's a coming round the field, here she comes

As promised, here are a few photos of the maiden voyage of the Barngoddess1's newest addition to her stable....


another reason I don't live in the city, check out the length of the grass in my front yard (hint: look behind horses and wagon)

and one last one where she is finally relaxed at this "driving" thing

It's cold and wet and dreary today.

How cold is it???

having clam chowder for supper so we can warm up and soon

Celebrate Life