Friday, December 25, 2009


A wonderful year capped by a great evening at the Farm. Close friends come over and opened presents. The boys got remote controlled race trucks, and the Horsefarmer and the boys played in the living room. Making jumps and using his lap as a ramp to jump off.

Of course the Little Princess (aka My noble assistant) had a fair share of gifts for her too. I don't think I have ever seen so many scarfs, necklaces and ear rings in one place.


Word of Wisdom: If you live in Florida, stay in Florida so you don't freeze.

The Sharks angel got new pots and pans, along with a automatic coffee pot to heat water for her tea.

And the Barngoddess1 got a new pair or slippers and a new piece of furniture.

Of course it was great to hear from the BBB late last night. To quote him:

"we just got out of the pool and it sure was cold before we got dried off. The temp is in the high sixties and we got the outside heaters running. Sitting at the tike bar watching the football game and drinking a little rum."

And the LongRoofFan (aka: Oleragtop) sent us his holiday cheer:

"As this olelongrooffan is sitting in the living room of the Taj Mahal in shorts, no shirt with the windows open"

Talked with the Bus last night and warned him that the snow and ice were headed his way. He was talking about putting the plow on the old jeep, but I told him the wind would take care of the snow.

Read the Jeep's blog this morning about Virginia asking Santa if he was real, and as only a true politician's answer, instead of yes or no, he went on for 3 paragraphs.

The Barngoddess finally woke me up at 1155 am and asked if I was going to sleep the day away. My reply was answered by the blankets being ripped off the bed and getting told there were chores to do.
So after a few cups of the java to get my system ready for the day, finally getting my eyes open and looking outside. I wanted to get back in bed.
It is perfect outside as evidenced by this picture taken by My Noble Assistant:

And after we spent 30 minutes trying to get the tractor started

picture taken from inside my little mule trying to jump start the tractor. Word of wisdom, diesel tractor should be plugged in when temp get below 35 degrees, and battery should be disconnected from negative post until ready to start.

We finally got around to putting out hay for the horses and cows.

Needless to say it was nice outside......... as long as you were behind a building to block the wind.

Wind chill puts temp below zero out here. and that is damned cold. Tractor now has place in garage, My big little mule is outside - but plugged in.

But to all we send our cheer and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

and remember to CELEBRATE LIFE

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longrooffan said...

Ahhh yes, I remember having to plug in those old Peugeots TheGentlemanFarmer got for us.