Thursday, December 10, 2009


I guess I am just getting to be one of those "old folks". Today and yesterday has been pretty cold up here on the Farm. YESTERDAY MORNING IT WAS SNOWING AND WIND WAS BLOWING SO HARD, YOU HAD A HARD TIME CATCHING YOUR BREATHE. But not as cold as it used to be when we lived closer to Springfield.
One winter we had about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Had a red Chevy standard cab long bed 4X4 5 spd with a 350 engine.
Remember the daughter and I driving east on our farm road to see if we could get out that way..... we finally made it, but I was saying those famous words "oh *hit" more than once in that two mile trek.
Needless to say the two of us did a bunch more of that OS ing coming in to the farm from the west.

But back then I could tolerate it, in fact even would go out and cut fire wood in snow, stack wood, put hay out, etc without much ado.

But these last couple days has got me saying "it's danged cold here".
I know the jeep, BBB, and the oleragtop will soon send me some sunshine, but danged guy, make it sooner than later.

I guess we are paying for that global warming we had earlier this year, but boy is it cold, and the wind makes it worse.

I imagine the Bus hasn't left his humble abode except to pick up the grandkids from school.

Send me sun, and warmth, and more warmth.

So Jeep and Oleragtop and BBB, stick it in your ear and don't send me anymore "oh it is so warm down here" because I read the Jeep's blog about this past weekend down on the "hill" in the Sunshine State.

Have fun and I'm going to bed and warm up next to the Barngoddess. This is definitely spooning weather. If you don't know what spooning is, watch Colonel Potter on MASH to find out.


Busplunge said...

YOu got that right.
I did go to Macy's this evening on a mission to get a xmas present but was unsuccessful.



longrooffan said...

At least it is clear and sunny.

We have had two days of cold rain.

Right now it is 6pm and dark out.

It is a chilling 57 degrees with the low expected to be 49 overnight. BRRRRR.