Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tornadoes and Florida

It's Saturday afternoon around 3 pm and I sit here watching the weather on the computer.
We lost cable about 10 minutes ago.

Heavy rain and lightening, winds moderate, but pea size hail also.

And we are under a dadburn Tornado Warning..............

The heaviest cell is moving or about to move over the top of us.

Shoot, I moved down here to avoid those tornadoes..............

More hail and it is getting bigger.      Hope the roof holds out........

More later

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A road from Florida's past

The other day, that perfect bride of mine and I were out goofing off and turned left at the next turn and headed down a road we haven't had the pleasure to travel in our short time here in the Sunshine state.

So ambling down this road, I saw a sign that pointed to the right stating "Florida Scenic Highway".  
So we turned right onto the "Old Brick Road" here in St. Johns County.

Our view as we started down the "Old Brick Road". 

It is a one lane brick road, with cobblestones on sides

close up of the bricks.  Regular size.
So we started to drive down the brick road to see where it went.
Then the rain came, and the sand turned to mush, then the rains came harder and I wished I had the 4X4 instead of the dually.
But after 30 minutes we came out near the town of Bunnell.
Of course Viola wanted me to turn around about half way when the roadside sign proclaimed
"Proceed at your own risk"
"Welcome to Flagler County"
Am researching the reason for the road, that starts out in the middle of nowhere and ends up almost in the middle of nowhere.
so thats what we did