Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where did you spend Saturday?

So we have been here for a month. Time flies when you are trying to set up a household and work at same time. Thanks to the Barngoddess1 for making our little mobile house a true home.

So where did you spend Saturday, 9/24/11.

We got up early (well early for a Saturday), and caught the Bus (yep good ole public transportation) to downtown St Augustine. When we drive downtown, there is never any parking, or it costs too much to park. So pop out our Senior Discounted Monthly Bus pass and 5 minutes later we are getting off the bus at the Lions Draw Bridge at 0900 in the morning.

As my little bigger brother the OleLongRoof says "It is a perfect Chamber day".

We spent the next 6 hours roaming through the historic downtown St Augustine. Found a bunch of neat shops and some beautiful architecture.

This is the cathedral (bisilica).

The Barngoddess1 even got into a discussion with a local, and the conversation was great until she realized he wasn't a he, but an ..........

So we continued in our journey to discover that unique spot .........
We walked around a corner and found the perfect place for our oldest daughter to supervise, run, operate, or whatever.... (she is a middle school principal).....
So for M, here is a great little school =>

I missed taking a picture of the school marm in the window on the second floor, but she is there...

We continued our journey and found a nice place to eat, chicken salad for Vi, corn beef sandwich with a pickle for me. Pretty good. The owner graciously gave lunch to us free (will explain sometime in the future why you don't scream into a cell phone at the table next to your only customers)..... Got a pic of Barngoddess1 at the eatery; outside in a little courtyard, trees overhead for shade... good food

Then we proceeded to continue our walk down St George Blvd, a pedestrian way that runs the length of town, north to south, plenty of shade and fun.....

The Barngoddess even found a little shop that sold hats..... and contrary to what has been previously bought, she found one that makes her look like a million bucks, not that she doesn't look that way anyway....

WE stopped at one of the pubs, they offered over 400 different beers, a whole slew full of them on tap, Vi took a glass of wine, I had a Sam Adams, and together we shared a plate of cheese and crackers. Forgot to take pic.

By then it was almost 3 pm and time to catch the bus back home, but not before one more stop at the pavillion to visit some local vendors...

then onto the bus and 5 minutes later we're home.

Caught a nap, another nap, and started to watch the MO-OU game, but decided to take another nap at halftime and woke up this am.

Needless to say we had a grand time, and are now onto the best way to visit downtown.

And enjoying this day, we definitely



Friday, September 16, 2011


OK it is final, and we are really here.

Our new address is:

Tom and Viola Lee
525 W. Pope Road #40
St Augustine Beach, Florida 32080

So now we are really part of the blue hair express.

Tomorrow we travel down to the birthplace of speed for more visiting.
Intend to use the Eisenhower systema and drive 55 mph and see how many cars and trucks pass us.............

Boy will that be fun..........

Perfect evening, slight off shore breeze, nice temp, time to go walking.

so later


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Yep, as life goes on for all of our followers around this great US of A, we are getting there.

We will soon be "Floridians" or "Snowbirds" or something like that.

But we are getting there.

A going away present for the great group at the VA Clinic in Mt Vernon was a Walmart Gift card. I was never so humbled when we read the card; and a bottle from a friend.

So in the process of getting settled in, the Barngoddess1 and I have been walking every evening. Just a stroll around the park. Well last Friday, we decided life wasn't quite complete without our BBQ grill. So off we went and bought a gas grill.
Food always tastes better over an open fire (well I consider a grill an open fire.)

Then Saturday, we were at Wally World and the Barngoddess1 bought me a bicycle. Yep a mountain bike, with 21 gears, black in color and very rideable. She thought I wasn't walking fast enough to work up a sweat. So now every evening it is ride the bike. I am up to two miles (Wednesday evening ride), but still a little sore in the back end department, but will harden up.

So now I decided that the Barngoddess1 needed more exercise too, so guess what?

YEP, I went and got her a mountain bike too. Her's is pink though.

Here is a pic of those bikes and the grill, with yours truely .

And here's what the grill looks like with sirloin steaks on it.. Yep steaks from a cow raised on our farm.

Now I didn't get too close on that picture, don't want to get our freezer of meat stolen while we are roaming on the beach.

So we are getting there. Still make contact with the group back in Mt Vernon, they will always mean something special to us.

But when we heard it was in the 40s up there this am, well we just like the 80s too much.

So folks, we are getting there and you can bet we are celebrating life in the process.

tom and viola