Sunday, October 18, 2009


So now I am looking for a 5th wheel tailgate for my big little mule.
It HAD a really nice tailgate, black with fancy sign advertizing the farm and our miniature horses... in fact have gotten quite a few hits from people who got our web page from that tailgate.

But as goes the weather, so goes me having a senior moment.

Anyway, I am now looking for a 5th wheel tailgate for my 2002 Ford F250 super duty short bed. It can be chrome or black, just needs to be cheaper than replacing the original tailgate.

Yeah, duh senior moment... open tailgate, unhook trailer from 5th wheel coupler, close tailgate, pull forward, Makes nice V in tailgate.

Got out and started laughing, because all the *&^*&%$&*( in the world wouldn't help the fact that I did it and by laughing,

you bet, I indeed


Saturday, October 17, 2009

One cool car, If I was younger

Fellow sent me an email wanting to trade, if I was 30 years younger I'd be all over a trade for this car..... alas old age is setting in...
KNOW anyone interested, contact the guy and tell him the Bronco man sent you.

93 del sol si, 4 wheel disc brakes, p/s, power windows (including rear window) etc.

One piece headlights, mugen front bumper cut out for intercooler and fog light delete (needs a little more work), f1 fenders, vader side skirts, rear wheel openings flared out, extreme rear bumper, all molded in, custom made taillights, j's design rear panel, tinted windows, custom paint, 17' motegi mr 12's, aerogear hood. etc, etc, etc

body work almost done, almost ready for paint


Factory del sol leather seats (hard to find and really expensive), factory floor mats still in ok condition, carbon fiber center piece for steering wheel, mugen harnesses, harness bar, driver's side full pillar replacement with 3 digital gauges (oil press, volts, a/f), pass side triple pillar pod (oil press, oil temp, 1 empty), and a water temp guage in the passenger side vent, autometer carbon fiber boost gauge fiberglassed into driver's side vent, eq fiberglassed into center vents, upper door panel recovered in white vinyl, radar detector hard wired in, etc etc etc


cd player, clif designs eq, custom black and white vinyl covered ported box right behind seats for 2-12's, vafc2, turbo timer, etc, etc, etc


jdm b16a2, low compression rebuild (etc etc), arp head studs, p28 ecu rechipped with an IAB modular chip loaded with a GSR program, t3/t4 turbo, front mount, manual boost controller in place of cig. lighter in console, all stainless charge pipes, tubular manifold, 2.5 inch stainless dp, high flow cat, tanabe super hyper medallion cat back exhaust, aem fuel rail, adjustable fuel pressure regulator with gauge, vortech fmu, adjustable cam gears, aluminum radiator w/ high flow fan, etc etc etc etc etc
just put on cam gears and needs new timing belt put on, also could use a new fuel pump, has a 255plh walhbro in it now.

Suspension etc:

Hasport mounts, dropzone coilovers, drilled rotors (all4, rear not installed), front and rear upper strut bars, front h-brace, rear lower tie bar, megan rear lower control arms, harness bar (b-pillar bar) etc, etc

WAY too much to list, way too much to remember.

Trade or Trades are possible, but it'd have to be something nice, truck, suv, etc. maybe even a nice bike/motorcycle. Cash works too, make me an offer, no lowballers, no sammers, don't contact me about anything except the car, i don't need work on my house, i don't need to make money fast, i'm not a sucker and i dont have time for bs.

I have A LOT of time and money invested in this car, i'm not going to give it away, but i'm not stupid either, i don't expect to get all my money back out of it.

NOTE: figured i should mention that it doesn't look exactly like it does in the pics, the tailights and rear panel are molded in now, and it's beeing prepped for primer and paint. not like it looks a lot different, but it is worth mentioning.

Location: Verona (Aurora/Monett)
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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Some reason I can't copy all the photos.

And doing this allows me to really

Celebrate Life helping someone else out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wanna trade...........

1966 BRONCO (2), need F350 - $15000 (Marionville, MO)

TWO 1966 Ford Broncos, both with full top and doors. Both have 302 V8.
CASPER (THE WHITE ONE) was my wife's. Comes with 302 V-8 and automatic on the floor with a new shifter. Runs great (although is cold blooded) and drives right out. 4 wheel drive also works great. Has manual lock out hubs. Newer high back cloth bucket seats and correct rear bench newly covered in black vinyl. Also comes with original front bucket seats that have been professionally re-foamed with new black vinyl covers. Has roll bar that is not installed - took out to put in new full length vinyl floor and front cabin insulation. Easy to put back in. Only needs gas guage hooked up, and speedometer connected. This vehicle is licensed and insured and street legal. If you jump on the brakes real hard, it will pull to the left. Just haven't fixed that yet. Newer steering column with turn signal that works as it should. Has add on heater that works great and is hooked up to defroster (made the defroster vents myself and they work great).
MY LIL MULE (THE TEAL ONE) also comes with 302 V-8 but has a three speed on the floor. Runs great and is my daily driver to work and around the countryside. 4 wheel drive leaves nothing to be desired. Has manual lock out hubs. Newer high back cloth bucket seats and the correct rear seat, presently not in the truck. Has padded roll bar and the original speedometer and guages that work, along with additional guages. Has era correct glove box with fuse box inside. Has original heater that works. Picture is with full roof and doors off. However, the roof and doors and back on this truck since the weather turned cold. Top is silver, doors same color as truck.
Both come with black bikini tops. Have lots of extra parts that go with the Broncos (new warn hubs, weather stripping, misc)

NOW THE OFFER: We need a F350 or F450 to pull our 5th wheel camper.

WHAT WE NEED: 2002 or newer, FORD F350 or F450 long bed pickup truck, crewcab (that seats 6 with 4 ful doors), 4 wheel drive, AUTOMATIC Tranny, Diesel with less than 200,000 miles. The seats must be cloth, with the front seats being individual buckets with the center consule that lifts up for a third person to ride in the front. We don't want leather or vinyl seats, nor the captain chairs that only allow 2 front seat riders. Should be in good condition without major flaws.
Must have clear title and NOT BE A SALVAGE TITLE. Should have towing package (as all F350s do), fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches a bonus.

Dodge and Chevy don't bother replying. We want the Ford.
Salvage title owners need not apply, you'll waste your time and mine.
Scammers, find someone else to harass.

Email me with what you have, a picture would also be nice.

Straight trade is best for us.
Want to buy Bronco outright? Casper $5,000. My Lil Mule $10,000.00

Location: Marionville, MO
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Monday, October 5, 2009


Alas poor ole me, just a humble Horse Farmer with a herd of horses, a pack of cows, bunches of chickens, two dogs, a number of cats, untold ground moles, a tractor and several instruments....

My big Little Mule, of course the Long Roof was holding down the back bumper so it wouldn't walk away

my Little big Mule

the Barngoddess's Little Mule,

a stagecoach,

along with a bunch of other farm related items..........

Well it's time to pick out my next modus of transportationus........

very difficult decision as there are sooo many makes and models out there....

But I am only going to get one make of car... a Ford Product...

now before you rant that Chebby or Dodge or Honda or some other namebran are better, you have to realize that the Barngoddess and I are Ford people... always will be, always have been since my 1965 Ford F-100 pickup truck back in 1971.....

We've had Chebbys and Dodges and Buicks and Volkswagens, but I must add that the Fords are the ones that we keep coming back too.

So my new automobile will have to be this:

Yes a pink Lincoln limo, just perfect for driving the Barngoddess to Walmart with.

And that is how we might Celebrate Life.........

should I buy one or not??????? Vote now