Saturday, October 25, 2008

Willys Overland

I am in rather a perplexing situation.

I drove 240 miles today to pick up a portable grain storage bin. It is really neat, comes with a 2 inch tongue, two tires (235.15x354dlsdfjsdofrwerlrfv) thats for the Jeep) and holds about a ton of feed. The Barngoddess bought it so she can buy cracked corn in bulk, saving a bundle in feeding her steers out for butcher.

Forgot to take picture, but will have the Sharks angel take a couple tomorrow...

Now cracked corn is running 9.65 for 50 lbs in the bag. Buying in bulk is 9.10 per hundred weight. So she is saving over double every time she fills this new portable grain storage bin up. So if she fills it and I save....; now mind you my little deere is paid off; so ... I think I found something to spend the savings on

I found a 1949 Willys Overland Pickup, all original, ready to fly in, start up and drive home.

It's not in California, Maine or Florida; it is rather close...... unless you live in Florida.

The problem is:

1. do I make the trip and buy this old pickup, then have a truck to visit the Bus in? and thus have this old Willys and visit the Jeep Junkie and the Oleragtop and make the birthplace of speed really enjoy some older vehicles?????


1. do I buy the disc that I need to fix the back 20 acres, and then the seed to properly make it ready for the little horses????

2. do I have the Bulldozer come in and fix the "Tornado" damage that I can't get done with my little deere?

3. do I buy a little dozer and fix the damage myself???

Oh these decisions............. sometimes I wonder where I get these ideas and then I laugh as I look to the Gentleman Farmer and his five sons.

gives you a look at it.

I also couldn't help but look at the jeepsters featured in that web site.

I imagine the Barngoddess would have more words with me than the Jeeps Bride had with him. But then the Barngoddess has 20 cows running on our farm, 13 horses, I can't count the number of chickens, three dogs, at least 9 cats, an occasional coyote, ........... I just can't see her letting me even look at that website again.

If you live in Greene County MO, please vote for Jim Lee, circuit Clerk.

Celebrate Life

the Horsefarmer and Barngoddess

Good old Irish Wedding

A good friend of mine got married on 10/18/08 in Florida. They are both doing well and as part of their wedding, the announcement contained the following "Irish Wedding Vow". I think this is really neat and wanted to share with everyone.

You can not possess me for I belong to myself
But while we both wish it, I give you that which is mine to give
You can not command me, for I am a freee person
But I shall serve you in those ways you require
And the honey will taste sweeter coming from my hand

I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry aloud in the night
And the eyes into which I smile in the morning
I pledge to you the first bit of the meat and the first drink from my cup
I pledge to you my living and dying, each equally in your care
I shall be a shield for your back and you for mine
I shall not slander you, nor you me
I shall honor you above all others and when we quarrel,
we shall do so in private and tell no strangers our grievances.

This is my wedding vow to you
This is the marriage of equals.

I am glad to be part of that wedding, however far away in person, yet close in mind and heart.

May the two of them grow old together knowing that their marriage is truly of equals.

They are off on a honeymoon of no equal, can't tell where they went, nor do I really want to know, only that it is a special place for them, and they will enjoy and begin their new life together in that special place.

The only Irish toast I know is
"May ye be in heaven 30 minutes before the devil knows ye is dead"

D&M enjoy your new life and should you come to the Ozarks, we have a spare bedroom you can use.


Horsefarmer and Barngoddess

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A typical weekend........ well .............

This weekend was perfect. Weather cooperated and provided lots of sun, a bit of breeze to blow the stink off, and boundless opportunites to get small project done.

So while the Bus was counting heads at the Arch

And the Long roof was chasing jeeps

and the jeep junkie was hauling jeeps

the Horsefarmer and his lovely mate were fixing fences, putting up gates, mowing pastures, cleaning stalls, bottle feeding calves, bucket feeding calves, then bottle feeding calves, again, again, and again.. twice a day.

But we did get a lot done and can now say that we have 15 little calves running around the farm, but alas also have 3 big calves who are investigating what these little black and white four legged criters are???

Take that with the 15 little horses running around, and we have quite a fun weekend.

But just so you city folks ie: Bus, Olelongroof, jeep junkie, sungoddess, kid sister and all the rest..... here is a picture or two to remind you of what happens in the country while you city folk chase loud harleys.

Just a few of the many here on the farm

Another shot not to be confused with the next one.........

so enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the jeep videos.

Bus, your blog on Fire truck wrecks made me a little sad, knowing how I spent 24 years with Fire/Rescue, and I preached constantly that a fire rescue vehicle should NEVER EVER be in a wreck....... but that is life and it will always continue to be a challenge.

love to all, especially my love goes to #10.......... what a day yesterday........ glad you were able to finally relax and enjoy the company that is near and dear to you. If the Barngoddess and I had coime down, we wouln't have gotten the gates put in, the fence repaired, gates remodeled, stalls cleaned, ...................
and I am not coming down to fix your fences...... NO, NO , definitely NO.
Hey Longroof, if I come down, will you HELP me fix #10's fences????? Now not sit under the beach umbrella, but actually help??????????????? NO, ok, #10, sorry.......

love to all



Thursday, October 16, 2008

2008 Apple Butter Making Days Parade, MT Vernon MO

OK, here are a few pictures from the parade.
Pictures were taken by Katheryn Jenkins, a good friend of ours who works with Tom at Mt Vernon.
If you look closely, you can see the bandits in a couple pics. Longroof, the Barngoddess is smiling again (as usual).


The Barngoddess is still smiling after 2 miles. Look at the gaunlet of people we just went thru. That Ford Super Duty is just barely making it, same as us.

Look again and see the bandits who robbed the stagecoach at least 55 times. My two little buddies inside gave away all the candy (loot) except for the mouthfull each had when we stopped. It was funny to see the two of them with a mouth full of tootsie rolls, and smeared across their faces. Priceless.

Turned the corner and west on the square the crowd eased up a bit.

Click on any pictures for full screen and you'll see what fun we had.

Love to all
Horsefarmer and Barngoddess1

Monday, October 13, 2008

Picture of Apple Butter Making Day Parade

Here is a pic before parade started. Will go to newspaper tomorrow and see what they took.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Butter Making Days Parade

Well, this morning came quite early for a Saturday. Up at 5:00 AM to Barngoddess and I could have some coffee before the day's event unfolded.

Got the chicken fed by 5:30, calves fed by 6:30 and then to the shower. Feeding them calves gets plenty of slobber all over one.

Off to Mt Vernon by 7:30 for the parade.

Back to Marionville to put the horses in the trailer, then off to Mt Vernon. Yeah, like I'd forget them, now forgetting the Barngoddess maybe...............LOL

Barngoddess's friends showed up with three of their minis and made the day even better.
The daughter of one is the American Miniature Horse Association Princess for CY 2008; she walked a little mini in the lead. Two friends drove thier minis in carts ahead of the stagecoach.

Now the stagecoach........... in the course of the Mt Vernon Apple Butter Making Days Parade, which covers about a mile and a half, the stagecoach was robbed at least 55 times. The robbers wore bandana masks, road weird stick horses, and with their six shooters I kept hearing "give me your money" Inside the stagecoach were my two little buddies who were supposed to protect the money bags (all 55 of them); alsas they gave all the money bags to the robbers.

The robbers shared the loot with the parade watchers much to the cheer of the crowds.

Passing the judges stand, three of the robbers were waving their guns and yelling to give up your money. Needless to say.......... Haven Lee Farm took First place in the parade. Nice trophy to add to the collection.

So now we are looking for ideas for the Christmas Parade, evening parade. But first comes more meetings, and more meetings,

Have a good day and tomorrow and remember

Celebrate Life

the Horse-farmer and Barngoddess1

Friday, October 10, 2008

Help, It's attacking!!

HELP!!! It's attacking us.
Well the real story is this funny, scary looking bug was found on the garage floor. As Horsefarmer, Princess, and I were loading up the gear for tomorrow's parade I stumbled, literally, over this tiny scrap of stuff. Scared the bejesus out of me. After finally catching my breath, I yelled for my fellow laborers to "Hey y'all come check out this weird thingy on the floor." (I use such proper English ;) Hillbilly slang!) Then of course we had to get pictures of it. I mean no way was Uncle longroof or Uncle Bus gonna believe this story without the pics ;)
Our dilemma came when we each tried to identify this bug. I mean we came up with some good ones. SO our question to y'all is "what the heck is it?"
Any help would appease Princess's thirst for knowledge on this little item.

What to do at 2:30 AM

I used to chuckle to myself whenever the Gentleman Farmer would relay that he woke up at 3 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. So he would turn on the tv and watch old movies (Bette Grable, etc) using his fancy TV headphone system.
Tonight I wake up at 2 in the morning and can't sleep. Case of indigestion..... no not the ticker, I ate polish sausage today, and boy was it good, but am now paying the price waiting for the Mylanta to take effect..
So what to do at 2:30 in the morning?

I can't turn TV on, cause I can't find my ears, as I couldn't hear a thing, and who wants to watch movies with the sound muted?
So I did what the Gentleman Farmer didn't do. I went on line and read up on the posts by the Bus and Longrooffan and Jeep Junkie. Also got caught up on the shenanagans of some local republican who is spreading lies about the Bus. See the bus's blog for more info. Jason's blog was excellent and told it like it really is.
Bus hang in there.

I'm sure the Gentleman Farmer would have been right at home with his own Blog, using it to provide us examples of just what excellent journalism really is. The Gentleman Farmer was a newspaper Editor, and had several articles published in national magazines. Did any of the kids remember getting a letter you wrote Dad back with red ink marks all over it???? Found one the other day from 1970 when I was on Okinawa protecting this great nation from "whoever". Laughed my head off rereading it.

Anyway, so life goes on, and there is a life at 3:00 AM, I just don't remember seeing it in a long time. I do remember fire calls at this hour, and even ambulance runs, but that was work and didn't count.

Saturday is the Apple Butter Making Day Parade in our great capital of Lawrence County, Mt Vernon, MO. and Haven Lee Farm will again have a team of 4 horses pulling a stage coach, escorted by the Angel and Barngoddess1, driven by this horsefarmer. Rumor has it that the Little Princess and her outlaw gang, equiped with the fastest horses in town, will attempt a robbery of the coach. So I am taking along a couple younger fellows to ride in the coach and try to protect it from that gang of roudies.
Long roof I'll make sure pictures are taken and posted.

The big cows are doing great, will start them on cracked corn next week with butcher time mid January. The calves are growing in leaps and bounds. Five of them are about ready to be put out with the big cows.
Horses are fine, Barngoddess1 has been taking the yearlings and walkiing them all over everything to get them to accept her wishes, and those yearlings are taking it in stride. Was trying to paint the neck yoke tonight, and in walks Barngoddess1 with a horse we call Princess (Not to be confused with the Little Princess our granddaughter), and that horse just followed her everywhere.

Dogs and fighting each other, cats are doing what cats do = sit in the sun and lick themselves. Chickens are growing and some of the roosters will soon find their way to our dinner table.
Even with all the bs that is going on, with Mom's passing, Jim's election, etc:

Life is still sweet and kind, and full of great rewards.


the horsefarmer

The Longroof's storm

My younger, but bigger, brother, the Longrooffan posted on his blog about a storm that went through his area the other day. He related how it had some of the characteristics of a tornado using his video phone to post a few shots.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What to do?

Well, I find that my older brother had nothing to do today so he took the kid and grandkids and found Jay Nixon (Democrat running for Governor of our great state), got Jay to pose with the kids and in front of the Bus. Great, great great.
I couldn't help but notice that the Bus also has his sign on the Front door of the establishment he visited. Not bad, put the sign where everyone has to look.

But alas, as a horse-farmer, I do not have the luxury of trying to campaign for office. I was too busy today doing farming things......

The Barngoddess1 lost one of her calves this morning. She has been nursing this calf for about a week trying to get it through a bout of pneumonia. She was out there every two hours hand feeding that calf. Needless to say, after going out at some unheard of hour this morning, she was rather sad and came back into the house to give me the bad news. Now this morning was super cold here, and the Barngoddess1came back in and was chilled to the bone.

So what should you do, well jump back in bed with the Horsefarmer and snuggle up next to him. He'll get you warm again. Well I also jumped out of bed, sound asleep and feel these cold, not cool, but dang right cold feet, legs and arms, against mine. Woke me up faster than ever..... Now I was nice and toasty warm, suddenly cold, and ...........well, we didn't stay in bed, it was up and to the ........ then into the kitchen and hunting for a cup of java to warm up.
I think the words I uttered when the Barngoddess1 snuggled up to me was also spoken by the star of Pretty Woman, when she got up to leave the opera house. and it wasn't Pirates of Penzanse (sp).

Back to what we did..... while the Bus was campaigning.

Being the good farmer I am, I headed to "FarmFest" at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. I know it's not called that anymore, but I can't remember the new name, and everyone around here still knows it as the fairgrounds anyway.

Well the Barngoddess1 and the Little Princess wanted to go too, so I ended up waiting 45 minutes for them women to get all prettied up to go and look at tractors, and cows, and fancy new farming stuff. Never will understand that.
So as I didn't wear my ears, I was kind of in the dark and when the Barngoddess1 told me where to meet her, I thought she said something else....... 30 minutes later I used a guys cell phone to call her and find out where she was. That didn't go over so well.

Anyway, found a good buy on somehting I need, and spent time talking with the feed store guy, and came home. Cost: $22.50 for lunch: 3 cheeseburgers that were cold, two fries that were luke warm, and two root beers that were cold. Later the Barngoddess1 spent another $14.00 on pizza for her and the Little Princess. Who says the fairgrounds are cheap?

So the Angel coach, Little Princess and the Barngoddess1 are all at the football game tonight, while I sit at home and rest my poor tired feet from all that walking.

So while the Bus was campaigning, Olelongrooffan was out chasing a job, Jeep Junkie and family were probably on the beach, or a fast pitch softball game, I was just doing more work at farming. Did get a great deal on what I needed, just have to go back tomorrow and get it.

Hey Bus, did put your sign on the back window of the truck, and parked in a spot most people leaving could see it. Was there for 5 hours, some good sign time.

Anyway, disposed of the calf, and now onward. Still waiting for the guy to pick up the three calves he was supposed to pick up Friday night. oh welll

So if you don't have anything to do, you could do like all the other people did today, get outside and enjoy.

Celebrate Life

The Horse-farmer