Saturday, October 25, 2008

Willys Overland

I am in rather a perplexing situation.

I drove 240 miles today to pick up a portable grain storage bin. It is really neat, comes with a 2 inch tongue, two tires (235.15x354dlsdfjsdofrwerlrfv) thats for the Jeep) and holds about a ton of feed. The Barngoddess bought it so she can buy cracked corn in bulk, saving a bundle in feeding her steers out for butcher.

Forgot to take picture, but will have the Sharks angel take a couple tomorrow...

Now cracked corn is running 9.65 for 50 lbs in the bag. Buying in bulk is 9.10 per hundred weight. So she is saving over double every time she fills this new portable grain storage bin up. So if she fills it and I save....; now mind you my little deere is paid off; so ... I think I found something to spend the savings on

I found a 1949 Willys Overland Pickup, all original, ready to fly in, start up and drive home.

It's not in California, Maine or Florida; it is rather close...... unless you live in Florida.

The problem is:

1. do I make the trip and buy this old pickup, then have a truck to visit the Bus in? and thus have this old Willys and visit the Jeep Junkie and the Oleragtop and make the birthplace of speed really enjoy some older vehicles?????


1. do I buy the disc that I need to fix the back 20 acres, and then the seed to properly make it ready for the little horses????

2. do I have the Bulldozer come in and fix the "Tornado" damage that I can't get done with my little deere?

3. do I buy a little dozer and fix the damage myself???

Oh these decisions............. sometimes I wonder where I get these ideas and then I laugh as I look to the Gentleman Farmer and his five sons.

gives you a look at it.

I also couldn't help but look at the jeepsters featured in that web site.

I imagine the Barngoddess would have more words with me than the Jeeps Bride had with him. But then the Barngoddess has 20 cows running on our farm, 13 horses, I can't count the number of chickens, three dogs, at least 9 cats, an occasional coyote, ........... I just can't see her letting me even look at that website again.

If you live in Greene County MO, please vote for Jim Lee, circuit Clerk.

Celebrate Life

the Horsefarmer and Barngoddess


john lee said...

that is a sweet truck...but I would probably go for the disc.

Busplunge said...

Here's one a lot closer to home and a whole lot

d5thouta5 said...

I don't know....a disc IS very important to the successful operation dependant on the replenishment of nourishment to the soil....
A dozer sure would be handy too....lot's of uses for that tool around the farm....clearing fence out ponds...pushing toronado debris into managable piles...plowing the driveway in snowstorms....
I think they make attachments for them fact I know of a guy that has a plow that could fitted to an elderly jeep very easily...just the tool needed to clear fensce rows....clear out ponds...move toronado debris into managable piles...and as for pulling a disc...or plowing the field....I think a jeep was initially advertised as the
'farmer's gentle friend'....especially on those cold mornings when it's time to toss haybales to the livestock....
why you might even get the barngoddess to ride along with you if the heater was in good working order....of course she would have to drive while you feed the critters....of course I am a little prejudice towards the old soldier...just so long as it isn't pink.........