Sunday, November 2, 2008


Senator Barrack Obama came to Springfield last night for a late night campaign rally with his wife and daughters.
I'm sure the Bus and the Private RN were in attendance, along with his family, and I even looked for them, but alas there were way tooooo many in attendance.

Now I looked for them on TV and on the web cam, as I was again laid up with the lower back problem all over again. Picked up too much yesterday and by 5 pm I was in no shape to even move down the driveway, let alone travel to the rally.

As it turned out, the line was from the stadium south on Grant to Sunshine, west on sunshine to Fort, and I couldn't have stood in line for that long.
Seems the years of firefighting and farming are taking a toll.

But the Barngoddess seems to be leaning my way concerning that Willys Oveland. We may even go look at it this week. (Jeep, I have been doing all kinds of things on the honey do list, and getting them done, so she is being nice to me)

Got the lean to in the southeast field finished and hay bales put in each of them. Feed trough is done for the little guys in the big field. Been doing chores twice a day ..........
Life on the farm is fun.

Of course I might make a play for a bud hitch wagon (miniature size of course) and that would make the Willys play second fiddle till next time.

Bus, hope you enjoyed the rally, and it was interesting reading the letter from your opponent... typical idiot. and loved the way the Newwsleader hid it on a backpage.

Jeep, have fun on the beach,
Longrooffan, get the topless babe going and enjoy.


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d5thouta5 said...

it's funny, it's amazing what can be done when we just finish the to-do list....
take it easy on that's the only one we get issued...