Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Is This the Problem?????

So when I built the counter island wall with barn boards, my little big brother "Olelongrooffan" had a level that he used when he was much younger in the construction business, and I used that level.

He put his name on it and our Dad used that level for the past 20 years. When Dad went on his merry way to the big farm in the sky, I inherited the level. It is nice and in my previous post I showed the level being used on the countertop. You will also notice that the level did not reflect the true levelness of the wall tops.

Well the Olelongrooffan told me that I didn't have enough of Ernest Hemingway's favorite juice in my system and that is why the level doesn't reflect true level.

I think if you look at this picture, you will see the true problem with the level...

1. The Olelongrooffan is again in his beach chair in a cow pasture in Missouri.
2. The Jeep Junkie and the Horsefarmer are slaving away.


Notice the Barngoddess1 and what she is using as a leaning post!!!! Could this be the downfall of the level?????

More to come


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