Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Papa taught me

Computers and Printing Press
The printing press and the computer both printed words on paper. The printing press had type. Type is a metal block with numbers or letters on it. The printing press could only print one copy at a time. Computers can print as many copies as you like.
A printing press could take hours to print one copy of a newspaper. A computer can take a matter of minutes. The printing press made books less expensive. With the computer it made books even less expensive.
Johann Gutenberg built the first printing press. Konrad Zuse built the first programmed computer. Johann Gutenberg lived 1398-1468. The computer as said had a big impact on the world.
Computers help doctors diagnose illnesses. Computers help with homework. Computers even help deaf people read messages from a telephone call. Computers help with a lot of things.
The printing press could do none of that. All it would do was print things. The printing press did print the bible. When the printing press did print things it cost a lot of money.

I had to write this for my school homework. I asked my Papa what he knew about the printing press and he knew alot. My Papa's Daddy had one and my Papa told me how to use one. I learned all about type and how to make the words come out right. Papa told me that it took a long time to make one sheet of paper and that most of the people who used to be typesetters were people my age, and I am only 10! That must have been hard work.

Thank you Grandpa Lee for teaching my Papa all about printing presses.

Oh I got a 100% on this assignment. Yeah!

Love to all,

Little Princess


Anonymous said...

Little Princess,

You have done a great job with this report.

You are getting better and better every day.


Lil Jim said...

I thought at first Uncle Tom wrote that, then I realized I never heard him call Grandpa Bob Papa...Good story and worthy of an A.

john lee said...

Hey Jaycee:

Excellent report. It is fantastic.

I am sure Grandpa Bob would be proud to see the talent of the written word has progressed to another generation of Lees.

Remember, the written word has the ability to influence and provide the ability for society to adapt to new and changing conditions. Use it wisely and 'all is good'.

Glad you got a 100% on this, obviously a wise teacher you have.

By the way, are those hens laying any eggs yet?


Anonymous said...

Uncle John,
The hens are laying eggs, they are good eggs too. Thank you for helping us build the coup.
Little Princess

Busplunge said...

Hey JayCee--- have your Papa read this.

The next time I see you I will show you my finger that got caught in a printing press like this one.

Uncle Jim

Anonymous said...

Uncle Jim,
Wow that was cool, I really liked the video. Papa told me how it worked but seeing it work was amazing.
Thanks for linking me that post.
Little Princess