Monday, November 10, 2008

OK here it is

I have only one thing to say about my brother "Olelongrooffan" and his help. It really isn't that good. Now he is an experienced construction professional and if you remember his help working with the Jeepjunkie, the Kid and I on construction of the Coup D' Chicken and how he was sooo comfortable in his beach chair and sun umbrella. A picture of the Olelongrooffan and his truckster wantabe at the stable with the partially finsished "Coup D' Chicken" to the right.

Well over the weekend I reconstructed the Barngoddess1's kitchen island using among other tools, his level.

Here is the counter before the construction phase began:

Here is the partially finished product.

and here is how Olelongrooffan's level is broken and doesn't function correctly...........

So to the "OLELONGROOFFAN.................. no wonder the chickens can't seem to lay their eggs correctly, the coup ain't level....


Celebrate Life

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john lee said...

hey horsefarmer:

that level works fine, the user just needs a couple cocktails to read it correctly!