Saturday, November 22, 2008


A while back I posted that the Barngoddess1 and I had gone to the Farm Show at the local Fairgrounds and picked up a new toy.

Well it has been in use for the past month and I thought the Oleragtop would get a kick out of seeing just what the Barngoddess1 bought that day.

Of course when it is time to fill it, the Barngoddess1 hooks it up to my little mule

Now my little mule isn't the white 3 wheeler in front, or the white 4 wheeler in back, but the black truck everyone is using as a couch

and goes 5 miles to the grain bin and gets it filled again.
The Little Princess loves to get corn from here, as it means simply opening the chute and here it comes.

So that is what we bought when we posted way back then.

Celebrate Life


john lee said...

Hey horsefarmer:
I guess that old Jeep is out of the question now and how much does that feed bin hold, both in lbs and $?

Anonymous said...

Never know about those old jeeps, one may turn up yet, although I am more partial to a Super C parade ready.

Jaycee is writing you a response also.

Anonymous said...

Uncle John-John

The old jeep is not out of the question yet.

1,990 lbs

On a good day. You better get up here Papa has a hurt foot.;)

Little Princess

john lee said...

Corn feed is only 10 cents a pound? I can't even buy an ear of corn for that price at Publix. And no, Little Princess, I can barely stand the cold 57 degrees we got down here now. Don't see me in the Ozarks at whatever the heck temperature ya'll got up there now.


Anonymous said...

Uncle John-John

To let you know it can get down to the teens up here compared to us you're lucky to be at 57%

Anonymous said...

The 1 beforewas from me to sorry.

Little Princess