Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just for the LongRoof

So coming home from a wedding late this afternoon, the Barngoddess1 points out a parking lot full of classics.

In we go and as she sat in the truck, I walked around and took pictures.
That OleLongRoof isn't going to do me one better.

The first car I saw and recognized was a 57 BMW Pewee

yeap, one that the door opens to the front

After that I saw a 58 Chevy apache. When we lived in Connecticut, I owned two of these, one a short bed, one a long bed.

Then I came across my dream car…… should I ever win the powerball, I will own one of these

1968 Ford Shelby Mustang, one boss car

Of course I took a bunch of other shots, but it takes too long to up load, so will post again with those pics later... lets see, Lincoln, Packard, three rods, 59 Ford Convertable hardtop, etc.

So enjoy


Sunday, October 24, 2010

When it rains it pours

Well the other night the Barngoddess1 and I decided to put hay out for the little horses and little cows.

So hook up the bale spear to the loader of our favorite little deere and away we go.
I fear the loader is not on the tractor straight, and where is that diesel fuel coming from.......
Oh no, oh yes problems.......

So we quickly put out the hay bales and back to the barn.

So Friday after work, we decide to take the loader off the tractor and figure out what is going on. The daughter and my noble assistant and I remove the loader from the deere, really easy actually, and the load sits out there by itself all alone now.

Then the deere to the Lee's Ford Garage and after spreading a bag of cat litter on the floor to soak up all the diesel fuel that poured out, we got down to figuring out what is leaking.

NO problem, we find that the fuel leak is just a overflow line popped off the tank.

But in the process I found that the front support, a major part of the frame is cracked completely through on the right side.
This is the cause of the loader not being level.
So off comes the gas tank, off comes the radiator, off comes the hydraulic tank,
and then

It's a phone call to the Bus
"Hey whatcha doing?" Sound familiar? all Lee boys are the same
"Nothing, what's up"
"Can I borrow your power washer?" Now the farm's power washer is still missing parts that I haven't quite got around to ordering. We have a lot of 'ROUND 2 ITS' here.
"Meet at Republic?"
"Fine, see ya"

To the kitchen sink and remove about twenty pounds of grease and grime and it's off to meet the Bus.

Back home, power washing helps and soon it is so dark I can't tell grease and grime from clean and neat, so quit for the night.

This morning was spent removing the power steering pump, pulling the front end off, and presto we have the cracked part ready for the power washer.
Bus the part is to the left (front of tractor) in this picture.

So now the Deere is sitting in the Lee's Ford Garage....... Jeep it's ok, it is a tractor not a car.....
minus the front axle and steering assembly, the cracked part is in the back of the dually to go to the welders tomorrow to see if they can fix.... if not.........
so here's a pic of the crack

backup plans hurt for this one part.....
John Deere has one new old stock left in the great USA, it's in Wisconsin somewhere and it is relatively cheap at $3,500.00. Yes 3500 dollars.

Cooks tractor in Clinton MO has been contacted to see if they have the part..
Ebay has been searched
Craigslist has been searched

We learn more tomorrow.

But wait it gets better.........

My little mule, F250 super duty, driver's window goes down today and refuses to go back up....
After disassembling the door, unable to tell if switch bad, or motor bad, try to put connectors for passenger window to driver's window and fried the circuit board...
So now, after moving everything in the Lee's Ford Garage back to the side with the Deere, the Little Mule is parked inside with the driver's window still down........

When it rains it pours.........

But at least we know how to fix things that are broke.......

"JEEP WHERE ARE YOU???????????????????"

Oh well, celebrate life.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

ForSale, Sad but true

The above picture is of our 4 up team of miniature horses and the stagecoach during the Mt Vernon MO Applebutter making days parade. We had just come through the gauntlet in the backgorund that had the crowds less than two feet from the team.
The team did marvelous and didn't panic or startle during that gauntlet.

Unfortunately, my back has finally gone south, and I am stuck up here in the midwest, tried to drive one of the horses today and .......... pain pills didn't help, and haven't helped in some time.
We haven't had the coach and team out all year, and after much soulsearching and discussing, the wife and I decided to sell the stagecoach and 4 up team of miniature horses.

The ad is on craigslist @ Springfield Mo under Farm and Garden.

So if you know someone interested in driving a team of 4 miniature horses pulling a stagecoach, let us know.

Tom & Viola Lee

Well, it was bound to happen, the person maintaining our website was soo soo busy that she couldn't spend 5 minutes of her time talking to the Barngoddess1 about the site, so I refused to pay the fee for another year.

So is no longer.

I have commissioned our daughter to find a host and develop a website.
I will advise what she finds.
So for now, no website ""


Monday, October 4, 2010

Major Decisions, Major Decisions

Aw heck, I am getting too old for this..........

This here little piece of Lawrence County we live on is a mere 28.5 acres.
and we have it pretty nice here.

House and barns on the west side of property, pond on east side..... highway 600 feet out south, and farm land north of us.

Now comes the problem........

The ten acres abutting out property on the west has come on the market.

And I can't figure out whether to spend the money and buy it, or just let it go....

Can't say too much about the zoning regs in this county, so could get some really bad squatters...... or might get a decent person who puts up a 300 k house.....

So now I have to decide to buy it or not........

oh these decisions.........

I'm too old to make them, but what the heck, I will probably work till I fall over, so who knows............

Billy Long and Roy Blunt get elected = don't buy....

Oh these decisions == aurgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg