Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just for the LongRoof

So coming home from a wedding late this afternoon, the Barngoddess1 points out a parking lot full of classics.

In we go and as she sat in the truck, I walked around and took pictures.
That OleLongRoof isn't going to do me one better.

The first car I saw and recognized was a 57 BMW Pewee

yeap, one that the door opens to the front

After that I saw a 58 Chevy apache. When we lived in Connecticut, I owned two of these, one a short bed, one a long bed.

Then I came across my dream car…… should I ever win the powerball, I will own one of these

1968 Ford Shelby Mustang, one boss car

Of course I took a bunch of other shots, but it takes too long to up load, so will post again with those pics later... lets see, Lincoln, Packard, three rods, 59 Ford Convertable hardtop, etc.

So enjoy



longrooffan said...

thanks for sharing horsefarmer...I am pretty sure that BMW is an Isetta dating from the early to mid 50's. the reason you are thehorsefarmer and I am the longrooffan is that I would load those photos!!!! Love ya Tom and thanks for everything you do.

longrooffan said...

And, of course, a horse trailer in the background of of that first Isetta image!

Anonymous said...

A lady that use to work at Cox drove an Isetta and that was also her name.