Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Fun Saturday


Well, it was too cold to start with, and it was raining pretty hard around 8:00 am when this old man got up, sooooo

I decided it was too cold and wet to do any landscaping.

So what are we going to do?????


And road trip we did.
Left the Beach and headed inland towards Gainesville (home of the Florida Gators). But rest assured that we were not to get involved in that Georgia - Florida football mania and crowd (they were in Jacksonville).

Somewhere along the road we saw a sign for the "Best flea market on I-75".
So we decided to see what made it the best.
Stopping to buy a Florida state map (yes we have lived here two months without one), we headed across country to find the location on I75.

Along the way we were traveling along a very rural highway and had to share the view with you

For about 5 to 10 miles we drove along this highway, and we were in awe.

As we neared the highway turn off to head to the interstate, we came upon cars parked everywhere, and I mean everywhere: along side the highway, in ditches, in the median and any available space. We saw one small sign advertising the Micanopy Fall Festival. Now we were on a two lane highway, and when we turned on the 4 lane highway, cars were parked everywhere for a mile in each direction. Signs Parking $5.00 had cars in front yards. Later we found out the highway was a mile from downtown where the festival was.

Anyway, we decided to check out this "Best flea market on I75". I guess the people that voted it the best were the people who had shops in it. Everything I saw was over priced compared to StAug flea market.
So we left and headed to the Micanopy Fall Festival.

Thanks to the long ago uprearing of this Horsefarmer, I drove down the first road that looked like it went to the downtown area. And I kept driving; yep past $5.00 parking with ride to festival; past $5.00 parking you walk to festival; past $6.00 parking close to festival; past parked police car and ended up with a parking spot on that road less than one block from downtown. Yep keep going and act like you belong and they'll let you through.

So as we walked onto the main street downtown, we both looked at each other and at the same time said "Apple Butter Making Days all over again"

Yep, lined up were booths of all kinds.
I took picture north and south. Only different from Mt Vernon MO Apple Butter Making Days? Mt Vernon is on Square, Micanopy is on street stretching for a mile in each direction.

After about three hours, we finally left and headed for Daytonna to say hi to LongRoof and Jeep.

Along the way, we stopped and I bought the Barngoddess1 a miniature horse. We just couldn't pass it up. But more on that later.

A quick trip to Daytona Beach and the Long roof joined us for dinner, soon followed by the Jeep. Next thing we knew it was 8 at night and we had a long ride home.

Needless to say, every visit with my two little bigger brothers is time well spent.
Of course the wind was blowing to beat the band, and the trip up A1A along the coast was a little strenuous with the gale blowing off the ocean and hitting us at every opening between windbreaks. But we made it.

Nowinddamage at the Beach house, but we took everything in so it wouldn't blow away. This morning it was cold... 61 here, watched the Weather Channel to see all the snow up north. Another Northeaster hitting our old homestead of Connecticut. Glad we are in Florida.

So later all, we need to rest up from all the walking yesterday.

Keep celebrating life and enjoy
tom and viola

Monday, October 24, 2011

So Saturday 10/22 is suddenly here

After a cold week, and I mean cold, it got down to the low 50s a couple nights.

Along came Saturday, 10/22........

So the choice was difficult....

1. Stay home and sleep (Tom opts for this)
2. Head to the Birthplace of Speed to view the old cars (Longrooffan opts for this)
3. Stay home and improve the yard (Beachgoddess opts for this)

So after a long Thursday afternoon - we became legal residents of the Sunshine State.

It was determined what we would do this weekend.

If you went with Option 3 - guess what??? you won.................LOL

So up early Sat morning and head to the new Big Box Home Improvemet Store ... my new favorite place to visit........ Joey Lagono's sponsor.....

(Heck John, I can't write as well as you, nor can I remember all the fancy words for such places. All I know is I get 10% off at that store)

Pick up some concrete, some grass, some wood chips..... and presto

the Beachgoddess has her own garden area, sidewalk and grass included..........

And that's what was done all day Saturday...... and on Sunday....

well this old man rested........

And that is how we Celebrated Life this past weekend....

Back to work today to rest up for next weekend.......

Longroof, I may come down to rest up ....... working too hard up here

Another weekend and ------------ wow

So here it comes and there it went. Another weekend and I still haven't caught up with last weekend's postings.

So to start:

Sunday a week ago (10/15)

The wife and I headed to Jacksonville Florida to visit a friend we have known since our early life in Kansas City MO.

Ron was a new Navy Dentist and Tom was a 2nd class Corpsman.

Tom got married and the partying continued.
Over the years we have kept in contact, and when Tom retired in 1989, Viola and Tom met with Ron in Long Beach Ca for lunch. Ron was stationed in Long Beach, Tom and Viola were flying to Missouri from Hawaii. Amy had to work, so didn't get to meet her.

A PERFECT DAY WAS SPENT. Ron's wife Amy was a hoot....

besides spending a hour in the pool with Viola,

Amy talked Viola into taking a Kayak ride around their little pond.

Of course their pond is a twenty acre lake... almost as big as our Haven Lee Farm in Marionville....

One of the other running mates, Rich Fogg, is coming to JAX in the near future, and Ron and Tom made plans to "flash back to the early 70s" and enjoy.

all the while, Tom and Ron sat on the Lanai and caught up with old times.+

After a really neat meal prepared by Amy, we ate birthday cake celebrating Ron's becoming an old man (65 isn't really that old).

After 6 hours, we were forced to leave and head back to STAUG, afterall Tom has to get up at 5:30 AM to go to work.

But Amy is coming to STAUG next week and will meet Viola for lunch.

Picks don't really show the excellent time had by all.

Enjoying friends from the early 70s.

So that concludes last weekend.

Celebrating Life with old friends.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

WELL it's a deep subject

So today marks a new era in the life of the Horsefarmer and his trusty mate the Barngoddess1.

Mark your calendars for this date: 10/20/11

Yep, woke up to a temp of 48 F in this lovely town of St.Augustine Beach.

Now I forgot last night to check the furnace. AfterallwoneedsafurnaceinFlorida????

Flashback to 1986, Hawaii, house hunting, "what no furnace?" No you don't need one, afterallyouliveinHawaii!.

Bet your sweet bippie this ole Horsefarmer (aka Beachbiker) got the heater checked out and running today. Temp tonite is predicted high 40s.
Got the carharts out of storage.

Almost made a trip to Daytona to offer my little big brother those carharts. NO, NAH he can survive as I need them more.

So back to the subject of this post.

The Barngoddess1 (aka Beachgoddess) and I are now formally part of the wave of people making the great state of Florida home. We can now dye our hair blue and officially drive 55 mph in the passing lane.

Today we presented ourselves to the Tax Collector's Office and obtained official Florida Driver's Licenses. Yep, also voters cards.

So BUS, you will have to harangle Bozo Billy by yourself... I have all these nincompoops down here to deal with. Bozo Billy - you have heard the last of me. But beware, the Barngoddess1 is still haunting you.

I was surprised by how long it took to get through the tax collectors office.
The security guard remarked that "no one was in line ahead of us". What I can't wait and catch up on Oprah? elicided a smile and laugh from him.
No sooner got the number, and we were called in.

I have heard horror stories about getting a driver's license in Florida. But the ladies at the Dupont Center south of St. Augustine, friendly, and pleasant, and personable. Got through in no time. Hardest part was me (sans hearing aids) trying to understand what vision test she wanted me to take. Finally figured out I was to read acros line 5 with BOTH eyes open. Passed with flying colors. Barngoddess1 was with the next clerk and got done before I did. Well she is better looking than me, she had the young guy, and I had the woman.....
Just joking, when you have your papers in order, the staff is great.

We finally got out (and there were about 15 people waiting).. got there at the right time.

Headed over to the coast and had dinner at a place. Fish and Chips with a salad and sweet tea.
Well, voting is in, and we will not frequent that place again.

So we are home, double check the furnace, it's to be high 40s tomorrow, and took a nap. Now sitting here waiting for my favors (and the Gentleman Farmer's favorites too) to come on the T&V for game two.
Cardinals got by in Game 1 with a 1-0 win.

So it's 9:20 pm local time. Dark and cold outside.

Heck, I never thought 55 F was cold when we were in Missouri.

Guess I am becoming a true blue hair.......................LOL

So for now, from the Blue Hair group in the cold state of Florida...........

Celebrate life to it's fullest, you only go around once.

ps: congrats to my Noble Assistant Jaycee. She made superintent's grade list again. Bravo..

tom and viola

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So What Went on Saturday??

I guess I should start a new weekly column with this title.
Seems every week we scan the papers and this world wide web to find things going on during the upcoming weekend.
We categorize the events, cut out the articles, dwell into the depths of what is going to happen..... and presto... we decide what we are going to do on Saturday.

Now I want you to know that we are not a spontaneous couple. Nope, we plan ahead so we know where we are going to be at what time, etc.....
I have a bridge for sale tooo.

Anyway, yesterday was a big day. THE PLAN

Get up early and head out to the "Community Garage Sale" being held near downtown. Then off to Camping World to get parts, then Cracker days, then come home and watch the race.

I got up early, in true tradition of my dad,The Gentleman Farmer, around 9:30 am instead of the 7:30 as planned = remember I told you we planned everything out??

Well after fighting traffic and MOTORCYCLES for 15 minutes, we finally made it to the "Community Garage Sale". What a bust! The Shark Angel's 4th garage sale prior to us leaving Missouri had more stuff than this.. What a bust!!!!!

So then off to camping world - is this place getting to be our second home?????
No, one of the outside lights burnt out and as I went to replace the bulb I broke the cover. Got two this time,just in case.

Now off to "Cracker Days" at the St John's County Fair Grounds.

Understand we had no idea what Cracker Days was, or why they were having it.
But if it involves horses, a fairgrounds, and a meal - well it's on the top of our venue. Yep, Ad said for $10 you get parking, entry and a barbeque meal. Well for twenty bucks, it was a deal.

Reality?? NOT... got there and the rules had changed. Parking and entry was $5 per car. As we had the big ole truck I figured they were going to charge me double but NOT. And we got a parking spot at the very front near everything. I have always said "just drive up there like you own it and you'll probably get away with it". My little big brother Longrooffan does that all the time in the Birthplace of speed and gets away with it. I do it in Birthplace of speed and get a parking ticket - but that is a different story.

Turns out that "The Cracker" is the name given the horse and rider in the early Florida cattle industry. The term coming from the sound of the whip the riders used to drive the cattle from the brush.

We found a ride using miniature horses = made both of us sad to watch it, but then the horses didn't look that bad for wear:

It was interesting:

1. set up was a Cracker Camp from the 1800s, with period player --

and on he had skulls of various animals:

Lots of horse activities etc. So as it was dinner time (that's noon to you people out west), we headed to the barbeque place. The Beachgoddess had a 1/4 chicken with fries and slaw, I had BBQ brisket with fries. Total cost for the two meals $10.00
And the food was good. Have had better, but the BBQ sauce was the best. A sweet BBQ sauce. So we saved $5.00 for the day so far.

While eating, the band started playing. And they were a thousand percent better than the last band we listened to out on the beach.

I didn't get the picture of the little girl, about 4, in cowgirl dress and boots, out dancing. We stayed for the set and then headed out in search of more yard decorations.

Now the Beachgoddess is dressing up our house (see last post) and she wanted one more item. A season flag.

Heading to the store we thought would have the flag, we detoured because of a big sign reading "Huge Garage Sale". We were on 207 highway, turned left on this road and 5 miles later found the garage sale. BUSTED, smaller than the Community one.
And now we are at Highway 1, totally out of our planned route.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men....

To make matters short == 5 stores later we found what we were looking for.
Two stores after that we found where we could get the framework to hang the flag.

Presto: The Beachgoddess had her season flag.

So off to home we go... through the downtown traffic and streets filled with MOTORCYCLES (I guess Bike Week from Birthplace of Speed overflowed to StAug).
Oh did I fail to tell you that the place we got the sign hanger was two blocks from where the community garage sale was? We've made the full circle.

The race came on, and the last thing I remember is the 24th lap. Woke up this morning and had to read this web to find out the results.

Oh did we Celebrate Life yesterday.

Today it's off to Jacksonville to met up with a Retired Navy Dentist and his dentist bride, who we have known since 1973 when we were in Kansas City. We were a party crowd back then. So this should be a great day of reminenscing old times.

So good by for now. Oh yeah, Jacksonville (JAX) is only 40 min away, it'll be like heading into the city to visit The BUS....

Later all
tom and viola

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where have we been?????

So someone asked me where have we been.... you haven't blogged in a long time.

Well, to quote THE BUS "We've been busy"

Yep, life here in the Beach is busy, busy, busy..... always something going on.

It took a couple weeks to find something nautical for the homesite, but finally did

And then the Beachgoddess (AKA Barngoddess1) has been doing yard work

Yep she has been sprucing up the yard, making it more home

Of course while the Beachgoddess is out doing this fall planting, I have been extremely busy, hard at work, slaving away......... yep working really hard and here is a pic to prove it

But dog gone it, it is hard to transform to the Florida lifestyle..... siestas at noon on the weekends, walks on the beach, bike rides.... it makes me tired.

And of course every Wednesday we have down to the Beach pavilion for the free concert. It took a few days to find a card table at the local thrift shops, then cut down the legs so we could use it sitting in our beach chairs.

It was great at the last concert, see that table and chair, look closely, the Beachgoddess' Taurus is right behind it, best parking spot at the concert.


yep the Beachgoddess' Taurus, the one that the Jeep finally fixed correctly, is now at home in it's new environment.

And that's all for now, we have a community garage sale today, along with the St John's County Cracker festival, and this afternoon is the local antique car club show at the local mall......

Yep we are busy, but we are sure CELEBRATING LIFE

tom and viola

Sunday, October 2, 2011

How's your sunday???

Woke up this morning to motorcycles..........

reeeeaaaallllyyyyy LOUD motorcycles...........

and it turns out that bike week in Daytona is nearing......

But this group is from Europe somewhere, haven't figured it out, haven't been able to understand a thing they are saying.......
bikes have plates from Europe, One sweatshirt had "Granne" on the back under their club name.......
Who cares, they were quiet last night until 8:30 this morning when they cranked up to ride.

Also woke up to record LOW temperatures....

56 record low in Daytona Beach.......

I guess I should drive down there with my carharts and offer them to the OleLongRoof so he can keep warm................

NAH let him suffer..........

Turns out the Barngoddess1 or Beachgoddess, not sure what she is going by these days, spent Friday with that OleLongRoof cruising the sights of Daytona while the JeepJunkie's shop fixed her Taurus. And fix it they did, better than the Ford shop I have been taking it to for the past 8 years......

Thanks again Jeep.

Temp here was fine, no a/c running, just windows open and cool great sleeping.

Reminds me of MO in a way...... NAH

So those of you up North, take the dang cold back.......

But the sky is clear, no humidity to speak of,,,,,,
so temp should warm up quickly...............

except for you all down there in Daytona......

NEED MY CARHARTS YET??????????????????????