Saturday, October 15, 2011

Where have we been?????

So someone asked me where have we been.... you haven't blogged in a long time.

Well, to quote THE BUS "We've been busy"

Yep, life here in the Beach is busy, busy, busy..... always something going on.

It took a couple weeks to find something nautical for the homesite, but finally did

And then the Beachgoddess (AKA Barngoddess1) has been doing yard work

Yep she has been sprucing up the yard, making it more home

Of course while the Beachgoddess is out doing this fall planting, I have been extremely busy, hard at work, slaving away......... yep working really hard and here is a pic to prove it

But dog gone it, it is hard to transform to the Florida lifestyle..... siestas at noon on the weekends, walks on the beach, bike rides.... it makes me tired.

And of course every Wednesday we have down to the Beach pavilion for the free concert. It took a few days to find a card table at the local thrift shops, then cut down the legs so we could use it sitting in our beach chairs.

It was great at the last concert, see that table and chair, look closely, the Beachgoddess' Taurus is right behind it, best parking spot at the concert.


yep the Beachgoddess' Taurus, the one that the Jeep finally fixed correctly, is now at home in it's new environment.

And that's all for now, we have a community garage sale today, along with the St John's County Cracker festival, and this afternoon is the local antique car club show at the local mall......

Yep we are busy, but we are sure CELEBRATING LIFE

tom and viola

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Busplunge said...

I was reading this and channeling Dad, who, as he reads your blog here, says, with a great big chesire grin, celebrating in your glory and your wonderful life, says, "you son of a bitch, you got it made!"

Thumbs up TOM and VI! You got it made!