Sunday, October 16, 2011

So What Went on Saturday??

I guess I should start a new weekly column with this title.
Seems every week we scan the papers and this world wide web to find things going on during the upcoming weekend.
We categorize the events, cut out the articles, dwell into the depths of what is going to happen..... and presto... we decide what we are going to do on Saturday.

Now I want you to know that we are not a spontaneous couple. Nope, we plan ahead so we know where we are going to be at what time, etc.....
I have a bridge for sale tooo.

Anyway, yesterday was a big day. THE PLAN

Get up early and head out to the "Community Garage Sale" being held near downtown. Then off to Camping World to get parts, then Cracker days, then come home and watch the race.

I got up early, in true tradition of my dad,The Gentleman Farmer, around 9:30 am instead of the 7:30 as planned = remember I told you we planned everything out??

Well after fighting traffic and MOTORCYCLES for 15 minutes, we finally made it to the "Community Garage Sale". What a bust! The Shark Angel's 4th garage sale prior to us leaving Missouri had more stuff than this.. What a bust!!!!!

So then off to camping world - is this place getting to be our second home?????
No, one of the outside lights burnt out and as I went to replace the bulb I broke the cover. Got two this time,just in case.

Now off to "Cracker Days" at the St John's County Fair Grounds.

Understand we had no idea what Cracker Days was, or why they were having it.
But if it involves horses, a fairgrounds, and a meal - well it's on the top of our venue. Yep, Ad said for $10 you get parking, entry and a barbeque meal. Well for twenty bucks, it was a deal.

Reality?? NOT... got there and the rules had changed. Parking and entry was $5 per car. As we had the big ole truck I figured they were going to charge me double but NOT. And we got a parking spot at the very front near everything. I have always said "just drive up there like you own it and you'll probably get away with it". My little big brother Longrooffan does that all the time in the Birthplace of speed and gets away with it. I do it in Birthplace of speed and get a parking ticket - but that is a different story.

Turns out that "The Cracker" is the name given the horse and rider in the early Florida cattle industry. The term coming from the sound of the whip the riders used to drive the cattle from the brush.

We found a ride using miniature horses = made both of us sad to watch it, but then the horses didn't look that bad for wear:

It was interesting:

1. set up was a Cracker Camp from the 1800s, with period player --

and on he had skulls of various animals:

Lots of horse activities etc. So as it was dinner time (that's noon to you people out west), we headed to the barbeque place. The Beachgoddess had a 1/4 chicken with fries and slaw, I had BBQ brisket with fries. Total cost for the two meals $10.00
And the food was good. Have had better, but the BBQ sauce was the best. A sweet BBQ sauce. So we saved $5.00 for the day so far.

While eating, the band started playing. And they were a thousand percent better than the last band we listened to out on the beach.

I didn't get the picture of the little girl, about 4, in cowgirl dress and boots, out dancing. We stayed for the set and then headed out in search of more yard decorations.

Now the Beachgoddess is dressing up our house (see last post) and she wanted one more item. A season flag.

Heading to the store we thought would have the flag, we detoured because of a big sign reading "Huge Garage Sale". We were on 207 highway, turned left on this road and 5 miles later found the garage sale. BUSTED, smaller than the Community one.
And now we are at Highway 1, totally out of our planned route.

Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men....

To make matters short == 5 stores later we found what we were looking for.
Two stores after that we found where we could get the framework to hang the flag.

Presto: The Beachgoddess had her season flag.

So off to home we go... through the downtown traffic and streets filled with MOTORCYCLES (I guess Bike Week from Birthplace of Speed overflowed to StAug).
Oh did I fail to tell you that the place we got the sign hanger was two blocks from where the community garage sale was? We've made the full circle.

The race came on, and the last thing I remember is the 24th lap. Woke up this morning and had to read this web to find out the results.

Oh did we Celebrate Life yesterday.

Today it's off to Jacksonville to met up with a Retired Navy Dentist and his dentist bride, who we have known since 1973 when we were in Kansas City. We were a party crowd back then. So this should be a great day of reminenscing old times.

So good by for now. Oh yeah, Jacksonville (JAX) is only 40 min away, it'll be like heading into the city to visit The BUS....

Later all
tom and viola

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