Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another Fun Saturday


Well, it was too cold to start with, and it was raining pretty hard around 8:00 am when this old man got up, sooooo

I decided it was too cold and wet to do any landscaping.

So what are we going to do?????


And road trip we did.
Left the Beach and headed inland towards Gainesville (home of the Florida Gators). But rest assured that we were not to get involved in that Georgia - Florida football mania and crowd (they were in Jacksonville).

Somewhere along the road we saw a sign for the "Best flea market on I-75".
So we decided to see what made it the best.
Stopping to buy a Florida state map (yes we have lived here two months without one), we headed across country to find the location on I75.

Along the way we were traveling along a very rural highway and had to share the view with you

For about 5 to 10 miles we drove along this highway, and we were in awe.

As we neared the highway turn off to head to the interstate, we came upon cars parked everywhere, and I mean everywhere: along side the highway, in ditches, in the median and any available space. We saw one small sign advertising the Micanopy Fall Festival. Now we were on a two lane highway, and when we turned on the 4 lane highway, cars were parked everywhere for a mile in each direction. Signs Parking $5.00 had cars in front yards. Later we found out the highway was a mile from downtown where the festival was.

Anyway, we decided to check out this "Best flea market on I75". I guess the people that voted it the best were the people who had shops in it. Everything I saw was over priced compared to StAug flea market.
So we left and headed to the Micanopy Fall Festival.

Thanks to the long ago uprearing of this Horsefarmer, I drove down the first road that looked like it went to the downtown area. And I kept driving; yep past $5.00 parking with ride to festival; past $5.00 parking you walk to festival; past $6.00 parking close to festival; past parked police car and ended up with a parking spot on that road less than one block from downtown. Yep keep going and act like you belong and they'll let you through.

So as we walked onto the main street downtown, we both looked at each other and at the same time said "Apple Butter Making Days all over again"

Yep, lined up were booths of all kinds.
I took picture north and south. Only different from Mt Vernon MO Apple Butter Making Days? Mt Vernon is on Square, Micanopy is on street stretching for a mile in each direction.

After about three hours, we finally left and headed for Daytonna to say hi to LongRoof and Jeep.

Along the way, we stopped and I bought the Barngoddess1 a miniature horse. We just couldn't pass it up. But more on that later.

A quick trip to Daytona Beach and the Long roof joined us for dinner, soon followed by the Jeep. Next thing we knew it was 8 at night and we had a long ride home.

Needless to say, every visit with my two little bigger brothers is time well spent.
Of course the wind was blowing to beat the band, and the trip up A1A along the coast was a little strenuous with the gale blowing off the ocean and hitting us at every opening between windbreaks. But we made it.

Nowinddamage at the Beach house, but we took everything in so it wouldn't blow away. This morning it was cold... 61 here, watched the Weather Channel to see all the snow up north. Another Northeaster hitting our old homestead of Connecticut. Glad we are in Florida.

So later all, we need to rest up from all the walking yesterday.

Keep celebrating life and enjoy
tom and viola

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