Thursday, October 20, 2011

WELL it's a deep subject

So today marks a new era in the life of the Horsefarmer and his trusty mate the Barngoddess1.

Mark your calendars for this date: 10/20/11

Yep, woke up to a temp of 48 F in this lovely town of St.Augustine Beach.

Now I forgot last night to check the furnace. AfterallwoneedsafurnaceinFlorida????

Flashback to 1986, Hawaii, house hunting, "what no furnace?" No you don't need one, afterallyouliveinHawaii!.

Bet your sweet bippie this ole Horsefarmer (aka Beachbiker) got the heater checked out and running today. Temp tonite is predicted high 40s.
Got the carharts out of storage.

Almost made a trip to Daytona to offer my little big brother those carharts. NO, NAH he can survive as I need them more.

So back to the subject of this post.

The Barngoddess1 (aka Beachgoddess) and I are now formally part of the wave of people making the great state of Florida home. We can now dye our hair blue and officially drive 55 mph in the passing lane.

Today we presented ourselves to the Tax Collector's Office and obtained official Florida Driver's Licenses. Yep, also voters cards.

So BUS, you will have to harangle Bozo Billy by yourself... I have all these nincompoops down here to deal with. Bozo Billy - you have heard the last of me. But beware, the Barngoddess1 is still haunting you.

I was surprised by how long it took to get through the tax collectors office.
The security guard remarked that "no one was in line ahead of us". What I can't wait and catch up on Oprah? elicided a smile and laugh from him.
No sooner got the number, and we were called in.

I have heard horror stories about getting a driver's license in Florida. But the ladies at the Dupont Center south of St. Augustine, friendly, and pleasant, and personable. Got through in no time. Hardest part was me (sans hearing aids) trying to understand what vision test she wanted me to take. Finally figured out I was to read acros line 5 with BOTH eyes open. Passed with flying colors. Barngoddess1 was with the next clerk and got done before I did. Well she is better looking than me, she had the young guy, and I had the woman.....
Just joking, when you have your papers in order, the staff is great.

We finally got out (and there were about 15 people waiting).. got there at the right time.

Headed over to the coast and had dinner at a place. Fish and Chips with a salad and sweet tea.
Well, voting is in, and we will not frequent that place again.

So we are home, double check the furnace, it's to be high 40s tomorrow, and took a nap. Now sitting here waiting for my favors (and the Gentleman Farmer's favorites too) to come on the T&V for game two.
Cardinals got by in Game 1 with a 1-0 win.

So it's 9:20 pm local time. Dark and cold outside.

Heck, I never thought 55 F was cold when we were in Missouri.

Guess I am becoming a true blue hair.......................LOL

So for now, from the Blue Hair group in the cold state of Florida...........

Celebrate life to it's fullest, you only go around once.

ps: congrats to my Noble Assistant Jaycee. She made superintent's grade list again. Bravo..

tom and viola


Anonymous said...

Yes, You are a true Blue Hair. You can spell lol... haha Lots of love to you and the rest of the fam...


auxarc said...

We miss you but are so glad you are loving the Florida life.
Suggestion, if your electric is included in your rent use electric heaters to avoid the high cost of propane.
Keep warm and keep having fun. Ganey