Monday, October 24, 2011

Another weekend and ------------ wow

So here it comes and there it went. Another weekend and I still haven't caught up with last weekend's postings.

So to start:

Sunday a week ago (10/15)

The wife and I headed to Jacksonville Florida to visit a friend we have known since our early life in Kansas City MO.

Ron was a new Navy Dentist and Tom was a 2nd class Corpsman.

Tom got married and the partying continued.
Over the years we have kept in contact, and when Tom retired in 1989, Viola and Tom met with Ron in Long Beach Ca for lunch. Ron was stationed in Long Beach, Tom and Viola were flying to Missouri from Hawaii. Amy had to work, so didn't get to meet her.

A PERFECT DAY WAS SPENT. Ron's wife Amy was a hoot....

besides spending a hour in the pool with Viola,

Amy talked Viola into taking a Kayak ride around their little pond.

Of course their pond is a twenty acre lake... almost as big as our Haven Lee Farm in Marionville....

One of the other running mates, Rich Fogg, is coming to JAX in the near future, and Ron and Tom made plans to "flash back to the early 70s" and enjoy.

all the while, Tom and Ron sat on the Lanai and caught up with old times.+

After a really neat meal prepared by Amy, we ate birthday cake celebrating Ron's becoming an old man (65 isn't really that old).

After 6 hours, we were forced to leave and head back to STAUG, afterall Tom has to get up at 5:30 AM to go to work.

But Amy is coming to STAUG next week and will meet Viola for lunch.

Picks don't really show the excellent time had by all.

Enjoying friends from the early 70s.

So that concludes last weekend.

Celebrating Life with old friends.

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