Saturday, October 4, 2008

What to do?

Well, I find that my older brother had nothing to do today so he took the kid and grandkids and found Jay Nixon (Democrat running for Governor of our great state), got Jay to pose with the kids and in front of the Bus. Great, great great.
I couldn't help but notice that the Bus also has his sign on the Front door of the establishment he visited. Not bad, put the sign where everyone has to look.

But alas, as a horse-farmer, I do not have the luxury of trying to campaign for office. I was too busy today doing farming things......

The Barngoddess1 lost one of her calves this morning. She has been nursing this calf for about a week trying to get it through a bout of pneumonia. She was out there every two hours hand feeding that calf. Needless to say, after going out at some unheard of hour this morning, she was rather sad and came back into the house to give me the bad news. Now this morning was super cold here, and the Barngoddess1came back in and was chilled to the bone.

So what should you do, well jump back in bed with the Horsefarmer and snuggle up next to him. He'll get you warm again. Well I also jumped out of bed, sound asleep and feel these cold, not cool, but dang right cold feet, legs and arms, against mine. Woke me up faster than ever..... Now I was nice and toasty warm, suddenly cold, and ...........well, we didn't stay in bed, it was up and to the ........ then into the kitchen and hunting for a cup of java to warm up.
I think the words I uttered when the Barngoddess1 snuggled up to me was also spoken by the star of Pretty Woman, when she got up to leave the opera house. and it wasn't Pirates of Penzanse (sp).

Back to what we did..... while the Bus was campaigning.

Being the good farmer I am, I headed to "FarmFest" at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds. I know it's not called that anymore, but I can't remember the new name, and everyone around here still knows it as the fairgrounds anyway.

Well the Barngoddess1 and the Little Princess wanted to go too, so I ended up waiting 45 minutes for them women to get all prettied up to go and look at tractors, and cows, and fancy new farming stuff. Never will understand that.
So as I didn't wear my ears, I was kind of in the dark and when the Barngoddess1 told me where to meet her, I thought she said something else....... 30 minutes later I used a guys cell phone to call her and find out where she was. That didn't go over so well.

Anyway, found a good buy on somehting I need, and spent time talking with the feed store guy, and came home. Cost: $22.50 for lunch: 3 cheeseburgers that were cold, two fries that were luke warm, and two root beers that were cold. Later the Barngoddess1 spent another $14.00 on pizza for her and the Little Princess. Who says the fairgrounds are cheap?

So the Angel coach, Little Princess and the Barngoddess1 are all at the football game tonight, while I sit at home and rest my poor tired feet from all that walking.

So while the Bus was campaigning, Olelongrooffan was out chasing a job, Jeep Junkie and family were probably on the beach, or a fast pitch softball game, I was just doing more work at farming. Did get a great deal on what I needed, just have to go back tomorrow and get it.

Hey Bus, did put your sign on the back window of the truck, and parked in a spot most people leaving could see it. Was there for 5 hours, some good sign time.

Anyway, disposed of the calf, and now onward. Still waiting for the guy to pick up the three calves he was supposed to pick up Friday night. oh welll

So if you don't have anything to do, you could do like all the other people did today, get outside and enjoy.

Celebrate Life

The Horse-farmer

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d5thouta5 said...

TC, sorry to read about the loss...
after spending time nursing it is painfull to find that it was not in the big picture....but as you know...another life will enter your world soon...
come on and show us pics of what you acquired that you can't live without....
love your closing....

Celebrate Life........