Saturday, October 11, 2008

Apple Butter Making Days Parade

Well, this morning came quite early for a Saturday. Up at 5:00 AM to Barngoddess and I could have some coffee before the day's event unfolded.

Got the chicken fed by 5:30, calves fed by 6:30 and then to the shower. Feeding them calves gets plenty of slobber all over one.

Off to Mt Vernon by 7:30 for the parade.

Back to Marionville to put the horses in the trailer, then off to Mt Vernon. Yeah, like I'd forget them, now forgetting the Barngoddess maybe...............LOL

Barngoddess's friends showed up with three of their minis and made the day even better.
The daughter of one is the American Miniature Horse Association Princess for CY 2008; she walked a little mini in the lead. Two friends drove thier minis in carts ahead of the stagecoach.

Now the stagecoach........... in the course of the Mt Vernon Apple Butter Making Days Parade, which covers about a mile and a half, the stagecoach was robbed at least 55 times. The robbers wore bandana masks, road weird stick horses, and with their six shooters I kept hearing "give me your money" Inside the stagecoach were my two little buddies who were supposed to protect the money bags (all 55 of them); alsas they gave all the money bags to the robbers.

The robbers shared the loot with the parade watchers much to the cheer of the crowds.

Passing the judges stand, three of the robbers were waving their guns and yelling to give up your money. Needless to say.......... Haven Lee Farm took First place in the parade. Nice trophy to add to the collection.

So now we are looking for ideas for the Christmas Parade, evening parade. But first comes more meetings, and more meetings,

Have a good day and tomorrow and remember

Celebrate Life

the Horse-farmer and Barngoddess1

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d5thouta5 said...

the parade sounds like it was a blast...the stage coach hold ups were a brilliant idea....and then sharing the loot with the crowd.... no wonder you got first place....I know just reading your blog that the parade got better when you guys came by....I bet the parents of the little kids were the most happy...that's why kids go to a parade....give something Mom won't....lots of candies....congrads on winning and hope you have some photos to post....or that hting you found in your barn....are you sure it wasn't the apple worm????