Friday, October 10, 2008

What to do at 2:30 AM

I used to chuckle to myself whenever the Gentleman Farmer would relay that he woke up at 3 in the morning and couldn't get back to sleep. So he would turn on the tv and watch old movies (Bette Grable, etc) using his fancy TV headphone system.
Tonight I wake up at 2 in the morning and can't sleep. Case of indigestion..... no not the ticker, I ate polish sausage today, and boy was it good, but am now paying the price waiting for the Mylanta to take effect..
So what to do at 2:30 in the morning?

I can't turn TV on, cause I can't find my ears, as I couldn't hear a thing, and who wants to watch movies with the sound muted?
So I did what the Gentleman Farmer didn't do. I went on line and read up on the posts by the Bus and Longrooffan and Jeep Junkie. Also got caught up on the shenanagans of some local republican who is spreading lies about the Bus. See the bus's blog for more info. Jason's blog was excellent and told it like it really is.
Bus hang in there.

I'm sure the Gentleman Farmer would have been right at home with his own Blog, using it to provide us examples of just what excellent journalism really is. The Gentleman Farmer was a newspaper Editor, and had several articles published in national magazines. Did any of the kids remember getting a letter you wrote Dad back with red ink marks all over it???? Found one the other day from 1970 when I was on Okinawa protecting this great nation from "whoever". Laughed my head off rereading it.

Anyway, so life goes on, and there is a life at 3:00 AM, I just don't remember seeing it in a long time. I do remember fire calls at this hour, and even ambulance runs, but that was work and didn't count.

Saturday is the Apple Butter Making Day Parade in our great capital of Lawrence County, Mt Vernon, MO. and Haven Lee Farm will again have a team of 4 horses pulling a stage coach, escorted by the Angel and Barngoddess1, driven by this horsefarmer. Rumor has it that the Little Princess and her outlaw gang, equiped with the fastest horses in town, will attempt a robbery of the coach. So I am taking along a couple younger fellows to ride in the coach and try to protect it from that gang of roudies.
Long roof I'll make sure pictures are taken and posted.

The big cows are doing great, will start them on cracked corn next week with butcher time mid January. The calves are growing in leaps and bounds. Five of them are about ready to be put out with the big cows.
Horses are fine, Barngoddess1 has been taking the yearlings and walkiing them all over everything to get them to accept her wishes, and those yearlings are taking it in stride. Was trying to paint the neck yoke tonight, and in walks Barngoddess1 with a horse we call Princess (Not to be confused with the Little Princess our granddaughter), and that horse just followed her everywhere.

Dogs and fighting each other, cats are doing what cats do = sit in the sun and lick themselves. Chickens are growing and some of the roosters will soon find their way to our dinner table.
Even with all the bs that is going on, with Mom's passing, Jim's election, etc:

Life is still sweet and kind, and full of great rewards.


the horsefarmer

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