Sunday, October 19, 2008

A typical weekend........ well .............

This weekend was perfect. Weather cooperated and provided lots of sun, a bit of breeze to blow the stink off, and boundless opportunites to get small project done.

So while the Bus was counting heads at the Arch

And the Long roof was chasing jeeps

and the jeep junkie was hauling jeeps

the Horsefarmer and his lovely mate were fixing fences, putting up gates, mowing pastures, cleaning stalls, bottle feeding calves, bucket feeding calves, then bottle feeding calves, again, again, and again.. twice a day.

But we did get a lot done and can now say that we have 15 little calves running around the farm, but alas also have 3 big calves who are investigating what these little black and white four legged criters are???

Take that with the 15 little horses running around, and we have quite a fun weekend.

But just so you city folks ie: Bus, Olelongroof, jeep junkie, sungoddess, kid sister and all the rest..... here is a picture or two to remind you of what happens in the country while you city folk chase loud harleys.

Just a few of the many here on the farm

Another shot not to be confused with the next one.........

so enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the jeep videos.

Bus, your blog on Fire truck wrecks made me a little sad, knowing how I spent 24 years with Fire/Rescue, and I preached constantly that a fire rescue vehicle should NEVER EVER be in a wreck....... but that is life and it will always continue to be a challenge.

love to all, especially my love goes to #10.......... what a day yesterday........ glad you were able to finally relax and enjoy the company that is near and dear to you. If the Barngoddess and I had coime down, we wouln't have gotten the gates put in, the fence repaired, gates remodeled, stalls cleaned, ...................
and I am not coming down to fix your fences...... NO, NO , definitely NO.
Hey Longroof, if I come down, will you HELP me fix #10's fences????? Now not sit under the beach umbrella, but actually help??????????????? NO, ok, #10, sorry.......

love to all




d5thouta5 said...

now if the kid and I were there, we would have been available to help you string fence, hang gates, fix gates, feed calves, anything else farm life entails as long as it could be done from the front seat of the kid's jeep....and no, you wouldn't have needed your electronic ears this weekend in Daytona Beach....glad you did have a wonderful that your cold weather back please....

d5thouta5 said...

Oh, forgot...when you come down here to take your cold weather back home I want to know what's for dinner...chicken or beef??

Horse-farmer said...

Beef, it's whats for dinner.

Have a sticker in the Little Mule window to that effect.

Ps Little Mule, F250 super duty 4X4 diesel crew cab (7L diesel, not the pitiful 6 L)

Celebrate Life


Angel said...

Princess and I thank you for the weekend off. Unfortunately we did not get to spend it out enjoying the pretty weather, but at least we got alot of homework done.