Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Yep, as life goes on for all of our followers around this great US of A, we are getting there.

We will soon be "Floridians" or "Snowbirds" or something like that.

But we are getting there.

A going away present for the great group at the VA Clinic in Mt Vernon was a Walmart Gift card. I was never so humbled when we read the card; and a bottle from a friend.

So in the process of getting settled in, the Barngoddess1 and I have been walking every evening. Just a stroll around the park. Well last Friday, we decided life wasn't quite complete without our BBQ grill. So off we went and bought a gas grill.
Food always tastes better over an open fire (well I consider a grill an open fire.)

Then Saturday, we were at Wally World and the Barngoddess1 bought me a bicycle. Yep a mountain bike, with 21 gears, black in color and very rideable. She thought I wasn't walking fast enough to work up a sweat. So now every evening it is ride the bike. I am up to two miles (Wednesday evening ride), but still a little sore in the back end department, but will harden up.

So now I decided that the Barngoddess1 needed more exercise too, so guess what?

YEP, I went and got her a mountain bike too. Her's is pink though.

Here is a pic of those bikes and the grill, with yours truely .

And here's what the grill looks like with sirloin steaks on it.. Yep steaks from a cow raised on our farm.

Now I didn't get too close on that picture, don't want to get our freezer of meat stolen while we are roaming on the beach.

So we are getting there. Still make contact with the group back in Mt Vernon, they will always mean something special to us.

But when we heard it was in the 40s up there this am, well we just like the 80s too much.

So folks, we are getting there and you can bet we are celebrating life in the process.

tom and viola


Angel said...

The forties may be chilly, but man the 70 degree days are super nice.
Glad to see you both settling in to your new surroundings! Enjoy life and you time riding!
Love you both,

Angel and Little (who is no longer so little) Princess

d5thouta5 said...

hot a grill and a beach are set for the winter now....of course that fuzzy face will be gone soon....

Busplunge said...

Tom says, "We will soon be "Floridians" or "Snowbirds" or something like that."

Would "something like that" include 'old farts'?

Remember to turn off the blinker.