Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where were you?

So yesterday was the big NASCAR race at Bristol, the loudest mile in the states.
So I knew where my pal Mark Martin was, I knew where Jimmy Johnson was.......

BUT WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THE LONGROOF AND BBB??????????????????????????????????

They sure weren't at the best party going down on the East Coast!!!!!!!!!!!

Well maybe there were some wilder parties up north in "Irene" territory, but not down here in sunny silver haired florida land.

Three of the Lee boys got together, with their wives and one neice, sans the Private RN (but she was memoralized during the day, and we had a grand time.

Day started out slow for this old Horsefarmer. The body just didn't want to get up and move. So in true Gentleman Farmer fashion, I rolled out of the sack around 10:30am and headed for the coffee pot (EMPTY)... oh this isn't going to be a good day.

But the Barngoddess1 came through and we had coffee on our new deck.

Then it was off to Ormond Beach .... home of the famous Jeep and Longroof........sans the longroof who is out working somewhere.

We arrived early and the Jeep and his daughter Taylor (who just happens to be the catcher on a fast pitch womans softball team) and I went down to this really nice pasture to play catch. As they warmed up, I warmed up too, except I was sitting on the bench watching them. Pretty soon it was time for the Jeep to hit a few to Taylor out in that nice pasture, so this old man came to the field to catch the throw backs. Now the last time I played any kind of softball (other than toss catch with my Noble Assistant a couple times) was in 1984 in Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory. I must admit I didn't miss too many thrown back at me.
But then came time for Taylor to hit, and this old Horsefarmer went out into the field (mind you it was a perfect pasture gone to waste.... but that is another story), and Taylor would hit the balls. In no time short, and I mean about four or five balls coming out there into that pasture, well I realized I AIN'T NO SPRING STUD ANYMORE.

Had a great time though, it was fun to get out and run around a pasture again .... AND NOT WORRY ABOUT STEPPING IN COW PADDIES...

Then back to the Jeep's house to recouperate..... it looked like I had jumped in the pond I was that wet.

Then the Bus arrived. He had been down at BBB's house in Tampa and spent the night over at the vacant Longroof hacienda. I guess he had a heck of a time down Tampa way, cause he slept most of the day away.

But the three of us boys, with Viola and Cheryl and Taylor had a great time. Alas BBB and Longroof weren't here, but they were toasted several times. Yeah those kinds of toasts "Where the heck is........"

So a couple pics of Jeep, Horsefarmer and Bus, tkaen 8/27/11 in Ormond Beach Florida at the post Irene Hurricane Party.

And one of the Barngoddess1 and I at the famous Ormond Beach Garage.

So that's how we celebrated life yesterday. It was great to sit back and visit with the Bus and Jeep at the same time, and be able to hear what they were saying. Sometimes on the phone I can't understand a thing they are saying. But down here yesterday, didn't miss a thing........... except something about a concrete elephant being left at a hacienda (or something like that)

Celebrate Life friends and family, we sure did...........

Tom and Viola
Winter Floridians


d5thouta5 said...

had a great time...thank you so much for coming down and spending a day with here in Omond Beach....
a great time...missed LRF and BBB, but enjoyed the company of those in attendance....

longrooffan said...

sounds like a great time...sorry I wasn't able to join you all...definitely next time though...

Busplunge said...

great time ditto!