Thursday, August 25, 2011

1,138 miles later, it's done

So those of you who have been aware of the circumstances, we finally made it.

Yep, the Barngoddess1 and I have made the 1,138 miles journey from the farm to the new homestead in beautiful, sunny, hurricane threatened St Augustine Beach, Florida

Yep, trip was kind of uneventful, except for the awning over the slide tearing and not being connected correctly. Thanks to the Store Manager at Camping World here in St Augustine, the slide awning is now correctly connected, the tarp replaced (as it was under warranty) and we are set up.

Email address is still the same, mailing address is still the same. Farm is being taken care of by Sharks angel and my noble assistant, so no worry there.

Trying to get a Florida Driver's license is going to be a bear, thanks to Homeland security, you now need several forms of identification, a Missouri driver's license not being one of the needed forms.

How the heck do they expect you to get a driver's license in 10 days if you have to write and get a certified - sealed imprinted - copy of your birth certificate?????

We will eventually comply, but not within ten days... just hope some of the brown clad uniformed employees of this great state (those guys who visit the Jeep for auto repairs and tires) don't visit me asking too many questions.

So our first stop was Van Buren MO on the current river, copy pics of Barngoddess1 on the river bank

We ate at a place named after one of my former coworkers.... sorry to say that the meal was terrible, not an indication of his work, just the opposite.

Brother Jim came in and dropped off the Barngoddess's Taurus, so she now has wheels.

Typical Lee fashion, we argued about the best way to get there from here..........
then found out the bad news, both of us were right....... all roads lead to the Jeep's shop......

So here is a pic of the homestead...

And that friends, is exactly how we came to be in Florida.

$456.05 for diesel fuel, 121.72 gallons, 1,138 miles.
So average price per gallon $3.75
Average miles per gallon 9.34

Not bad towing that fancy home of ours.

So celebrate life knowing that we are now in Florida, making sure that Hurrican Irene stays off the coast.

tom and viola

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