Friday, July 8, 2011

Another day in paradise........

The Barngoddess1, Steph and my noble assistant decided to have a

'FARM MOVING SALE' this weekend. Put up signs, ads in Craig's List.

etc etc

They are selling a lot of stuff I would have bet wouldn't sell. But then the stuff I thought would sell is still for sale.

The best of the day was late this afternoon a couple from Marionville came by to say hi...... Friends of Steph and Jaycee.

Anyway to make it short.....

here is their vehicle

a 1967 VW camper van.

So I couldn't help but inquire....

Seems was bought in Germany new by some servicemember. Later upgraded to US standards and shipped to USA.

Inside is mostly original, or made to match original.

Front windows opened up from bottom.

Just a cool old VW long roof.

Bus you might remember these from your Germany days.

Longroof is probably drooling by now.

So enjoy looking. No I forgot to get more pictures.

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Busplunge said...

Used to own a 1959 version called a Wesphalia. Had the same kind of front windows.