Monday, July 20, 2009

Angelton, TX Horse..... Show ??

So I am looking for a vacation spot for the Barngoddess and myself to head out during the month of October 2009. Found this really neat car race that will put Nascar in the back room.

Thanks to the Oleragtop, my little bigger brother, I have been investigating a race that is run with cars that have a TOP dollar limit of 500 big ones, or 5 c notes.
Not a cent more or you are disqualified.

So Total Travel Estimates: Time: 10 hours 54 minutes Distance: 669.33 miles

This is from the Haven Lee Farm in Marionville MO. Now understand that the farm is a click from Marionville (if you don't know what a click is, ask a veteran, they'll be glad to edumacate you as to terminology), but I have an Aurora Mo address.
Go figure, wonder why the USPS is in the hole and has to keep increasing your postage rate..... I'm 7 miles from the Aurora Post Office and 1.2 from Marionville.

Our Postal Service............

Anyway. Race Weekend: 24-25, October 2009


go to this web site for more info...
get ready to laugh yourself silly as you follow the rules and regs and general info.....
I love the "fans favorite" and the "People's curse"..
Gotta beat Nascar because these people go

"left and Right" not just "turn left, turn left, stay high, stay low"


have fun and may see you there............ just got to get the Barngoddess convinced this is a horse event......... (not fibbing, as there will be horse power there)

will have to bring ear plugs so the boss won't think I have been driving the tractor without ear protection.............

love it
and this enables us to


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longrooffan said...

If you get to go to a 24 Heures of Lemons before I do, I will hate you forever. Those races, with the Judges fly by the pants rules, just make me laugh my ass off. However if you do, you had better have a couple of killer blogs about it.