Saturday, July 11, 2009


For those of you who are quite up to speed (and I don't mean Nascar speed, or the movie "Speed"), my younger brother "The Jeep" and his family were back in the good ole ozarks this past week.

Now as part of his vacation, he had to bring his golf clubs and play a round or two with this old horsefarmer.
Now last Monday, the two of us hit the links at my home course in Mt Vernon MO. In all fairness to the Jeep, he is on vacation, resting away the day doing nothing. Poor me is at work slaving away keeping things in order. So immediately after work Monday, we tee off and after 18 holes, the Jeep is in the hole one stroke. The longroof blogged about that game, go to his blog and you can read it. Click on By the Numbers link to the right.

Now on Thursday, immediately after work, the Barngoddess and I jump in the big little mule and head for the Clever alfalfa field and pick up a load of 70# square bales... back the the farm and I get to unload those bales into the big barn. So now I have 180 square bales of alfalfa in the barn, ready for the hot tub, but instead the Barngoddess was looking out for my best interests and she hands me a "cold activated can" of that rockie mountain hi beverage. An hour and about 6 of those cans later I was still sitting in that lawn chair, didn't feel anypain, but the body was getting stiff.

Anyways, this ole horsefarmer takes Friday off so he can visit his favorite Dentist (Dr. Kline of Springfield MO - she has a great crew and I am comfortable with her doing my annual dental work) to have a crown put on. One of those old fillings the USN DDS people put in 30 some years ago.
So the horsefarmer goes to the Dentist and they drill and drill and cut and trim and finally get the crown correct, not too much the worse for wear on this ole man. Doc Kline and crew turn me loose and I head over and pick up the Jeep for the final round of the first Haven Lee Farm invitational golf tourney. So here I am, dentist did a number in my mouth, I am still stiff from putting all those square bales in the barn, my head hurts a little from too much rockie mountain hi, and I am on the golf course with the Jeep.
I did take a couple of those Hydrocordone pills so I could at least move....
The Jeep and I play a great game of golf.... we had enough excellent shots to bring us back for the second Haven Lee Farm invitational to be held down in blue hair land sometime in the future.
If you need to know, the Jeep beat this ole horsefarmer by 3 strokes. So when you figure in the 1st 18 and the 2nd 18, I only owe him a couple c notes.
Jeep- I'd rather owe it to you than cheat you out of it.
So now you have it. The young jeep beat this ole man.... dejavu back to 1990 when I did the same to the Gentleman Farmer when we played out on that Payne Stewart course north of town.

Jeep and family are on the road home, and I got a honey due list that is 3 miles long, so off I go to cross some of them off.

But it's playing golf with my younger brother, that allows me to



longrooffan said...


As we know thejeepjunkie is on his semi annual pilgrimage back to the the Birthplace of Speed from the Ozark Mountains.

As thejeepjunkie and family left at about 3:30am CDT, I called him about 5pm, EDT and asked him what he did today.

He promptly severed our cellular connection.

Glad you had fun.

d5thouta5 said...

Had Great time walking though a couple of excellent former cow pastures with you. Even found your Noodle twice. Big Jim was on your side as he kept up late on Thursday night putting a dent in the local Bud distributor;s inventory...That is why I offered you a Diet Coke first thing...I like my caffine cold.
Thanks again for a relaxing afternoon. Twice.