Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today is Wednesday, but it is really Thursday for this poor ole government worker. See for you that don't know better, the good ole US of A government employees get to have Friday off. Makes for a nice 3 day weekend.

So after work today, I proceed to the local Mt Vernon MO golf course for a round of relaxation. Mind you the Barngoddess called me at 3:30 and again at 4:00 and told me to stop and play nine on the way home, she wanted to take a nap and didn't want me there napping with her cause she wanted to sleep.

So I stop and take a beautiful walk through some of Mt Vernon's lovely country side. Feel like I am starting to get some of the old golf me back into my game.

The JEEP relayed to me "sic" the inaugural Haven Lee Farms golf tournament, schedualed for the week following the Fourth of July weekend is set....all comers and takers are welcome to participate...understand that my friends Auggie and the Captain will be in attendance to insure that my game will be a stroke below anyone else's...besides, I learned how to score the game from BBB....nobody knows 'customer golf' better than he does....oh, by the way, I will bring the asprin so you bring the tape....if needed, you can tape an asprin to your sore spots....

So to let everyone know, this tourney will be held in Springfield MO, most probably at the Horton Smith Golf Course, south of Sunshine on Scenic, just west of the Fed Prison. No jokes about false representation on the score card and the prison. But I still know a couple guards there.

I may practice, but I haven't been on the Horton Smith Golf Course since 1990. All players can be assured that I am not sizing up that course before the tourney.
As for today's round: Parred 3 holes.
Also, for the first time that I can remember, I was about ten paces away from an eagle on the par 5 #8 hole. A perfect drive of 210 yards, followed by a 3 wood that went 210 yards, and I was 4 paces off the green. Cup sat 4 more paces .....
I parred the hole after two putting. from 4 feet.
Jeep you don't have to worry, my putting is terrible... hell terrible isn't the word for it....... my putting has gone to Tampa and got sucked up by that tornado.

This weekend is the trip to Columbia MO for another miniature Horse show. My noble assistant (the Little Princess) will be showing 2 horses, and the Barngoddess will be driving two in competition. Me? I am the gate keeper for both days, so I just get to work the weekend away. (Pays the hotel bill though).

So see you all next week where I hope to have some pictures to post that show the Little Princess doing her thing, and the Barngoddess driving to the winners circle.

Hey Bus, Friday July 10th, afternoon looks good for golf if you want to join. We need someone to drive the beverage wagon.

Celebrate Life and drive safely this weekend.


Angel said...

I think I lost out on this fourth of July holiday weekend, because while everyone else is havin fun showin off their horses, I am stuck right here on the farm cleaning out said horses stalls. How in the heck did that work out?? Have fun for me this weekend and celebrate alot, cause when you get home I am goin on vacation!! ;)

Busplunge said...

The motor on the blue truck went south. $1492.51 for replacement and parts from O'Reilly's.
Miller's letter came today.
Thanks, Mom.

Sara said...

Please post show pics!!! :)